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The 5 Quickest ways teachers can make extra money

Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money – Fast

quickest ways teachers can make extra moneyYou are getting some free time everyday but it is being wasted, so you have decided to use it more productively. What better way to do it than monetize your current set of skills? Teachers can make extra money with many jobs and activities. The following five options are the best for teachers because half your job is already done in the form of your teacher training and teaching skills.

1. Private Tuition

Teaching comes naturally to the teachers so no wonder it is the first option to make extra money. Look for private tuition jobs through offline and online classifieds and ad sections. You can connect with local students looking for a tutor on your own through references. Tell everyone in your networks you are offering private tuition.

This option also covers online tuition. You only need a computer with a high resolution web camera and a headphone. Buy extra data balance for your internet connection because you will be teaching through the online video medium that takes up more data. Take into account this financial requirement when assessing how much to charge your online students. Your online tutor job search becomes easier if you take help of online tutor platforms that connect teachers and students.

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2. Sell Online Courses

Unlike the tutor option, here you do not have to be present every day at a given time. You can prepare the online course in your free time. It is important to first study a few courses related to your target topics and learn how to prepare your course material for online posting. Take help of platforms that offer online courses. Learn what makes a course popular among its target students. Do not forget to market your online courses through social media and other channels.

3. Work as a Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants far exceeds the supply. So much so that businesses and professionals have to hire foreign VAs. While the hiring cost is lower with foreign VAs, the experience, results and service quality are not same as with a local VA. Many activities are better handled by a local person. Local professionals receive better pay because they meet most of the criteria that local businesses need in their virtual assistants. Similar to online tutoring, here too you need a computer with a good quality web camera and fast and reliable internet connection.

4. Help Students with Test Preparation

Most students struggle with test preparation. They need personal attention from a qualified teacher to help them prepare for their tests. Most tests are critical to passing the exams, getting admission, and having a good academic record. For these reasons, students are ready to pay a premium for academic help from qualified teachers. You can connect with such students through references received from your academic circle or online platforms.

5. Freelancing

This option is preferred now by millions of people around the world. Some freelancers are full-time into freelancing. You can freelance in various ways. First assess your qualifications, training and skills. You should also have an aptitude for the selected trade, profession, service or business. If you are good in writing, you can work as a freelance content writer. Freelancers are hired by local businesses to overcome the current staff shortage and save costs. Some businesses need freelance staff during their peak business hours to handle the increased workload.

Teachers can make extra money with all these options. Assess your skills and aptitude before selecting a particular money making option for teachers.

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