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Bossless Forever Review 2022 – Legitimate Online Business Opportunity or A Fool’s Paradise?

Honest Bossless Forever Review From Experienced Online Marketer

bossless forever review 2022

Boneless Forever is an online training course for lead generation. It is a program that teaches you the art of making money online from local businesses. In this article, I will review the program to determine its authenticity, money-making potential, and whether it is fruitful to invest in this business or not.


  • This review is my professional and unbiased opinion about Bossless Forever. I don’t have any affiliation with this program and its founder Amiee Ball. I am writing this review with the sole purpose of helping my readers stay away from fraudulent programs. I will not receive any profit if you decide to invest in this program.

What Is Bossless Forever?

  • It is an online course that teaches the basics of local lead generation and how to earn money by providing leads to local business owners. The course also teaches the skill of starting a digital marketing agency.

When you visit the website, you will be greeted by an inspiring quote that is given by the program’s founder Aimee Ball. It says:

The 3-Step Process I Used To Go Bossless Forever By Helping Small Businesses Advertise and Get More Customers

  • After this, you will be asked to join a free webinar in which Aimee talks about her journey of getting success with digital marketing in a short span of time. She also sheds light on the basics of this program and what to expect from it.

If you scroll down, you will find the contents of the course. Each course content is accompanied by an explanatory video of its own.

How To Make Money Through Boseless Forever Training Program?

  • Boseless Forever will train you in generating more leads for a certain business or multiple businesses of the same niche. Share these leads with the businesses so they can get more clients and expand their business. In return, the business will pay you for connecting them to potential clients.

In the below paragraphs, we have described the 5 crucial steps of making money through Bossless Forever Training Program in detail:

What Are The Steps Involved in Making Money Using This Program?

Step 1: Niche Selection

  • Aimee believes that selecting a profitable, need-based business is the first step in establishing a successful digital marketing firm. Some examples of need-based businesses are carpet cleaning services, pest management services, or limo hiring services. In all these businesses, clients call in to hire the service.

Step 2: Conduct Thorough Due Diligence

  • Aimee emphasizes carrying out extensive due diligence before taking any business on board. To decide whether a business is competent and sensitive to customers’ needs, pretend to be a prospective client, call them and ask some important questions about their services. Gauge their competency by how they interact with you.

Step 3: Traffic And Lead Generation

  • According to Aimee, the technical part of running a digital lead generation company has been outsourced to a website builder company called Weebly.com. They will build your website, giving you time to concentrate on traffic and lead and generation.

Step 4: Prospective Clients

  • To land prospective businesses, Aimee adopts a proactive approach and delivers leads to businesses a week before approaching them. This makes a lasting impression on businesses and they usually hire you instantly.

Step 5: Monetize Business Owners

  • After providing the business with actionable leads, it is time to finalize your contract with them. Aimee believes that charging your client a flat monthly fee instead of charging them X dollars per lead will ensure a more steady stream of income for you.

How Much Does Bossless Forever Cost?

  • Throughout the webinar, Aimee does not reveal the cost of their program. The rationale she gives is that she is always upgrading the training curriculum and the fee varies accordingly. She also emphasizes that if the cost of the course worries you then this course is not for you. Hence, not disclosing the cost is her way of judging the eligibility of each candidate.

Frankly, I find this a little worrisome and unusual. It is not wise to join a program before knowing what you are getting into.

Is Bossless Forever A Scam?

  • After analyzing the program in detail, I have come to the conclusion that Bossless Forever is not a scam rather it is an authentic online money-making program. Lead generation and online traffic generation are legitimate sources of making money online and Bossless Forever capitalizes on that.

However, I would say that this program is not for everyone. The top reason is that the cost of the program can be too high for most people.

  • Drawing from my own experience, let me recommend a tried and tested way of making money online that requires less effort and hassle and has done wonders for me.

My Recommendation

  • I have been using Pay Per Click (PPC) and local lead generation for quite some while now. They have enabled me to enhance my earnings considerably.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

My Experience

  • When I started my journey to make money online, I encountered multiple scams and lost quite some money. However, all of that changed when I learned about local lead generation. Let me share my experience with you:
  • I have 15 years of affiliate and online marketing experience, and I make a 4-5 figure monthly income via local lead generation.
  • I help local businesses in my area get more traffic and sales on their websites. This is local lead generation. I generate leads and earn my commission.
  • I use PPC and Facebook Ads for creating targeted adverts, and fine-tune each campaign so that it gets the most clicks.
    More clicks mean more traffic, which results in more opportunities for conversions to sales.
  • This might seem simple, but if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience you won’t get far with it. This is why I recommend taking a PPC course with Local Marketing Vault.

Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault is a specialized training program that enables you to be a PPC expert within a few weeks.

  • They teach you using a hands-on practical approach, so you learn by actually doing it.
  • They have a 5500+ members community on Facebook that offers advice, critique, and guidance. You’ll always have the support you need and will never feel left out.
  • They give you pre-designed sales funnels that you can customize and use.
  • They teach you all about targeted advertising, keyword research, and using analytics to your campaign’s advantage.

Local Marketing Vault is by far the best online course I have come across, that offers unmatched skills and unrivaled support. Even after you complete the course, you still feel as if you are an integral part of the Local Marketing Vault community. If you want to have a legit monthly income without any strings attached then Local Marketing Vault is the right program for you.

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