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Find Facebook Ad Coupons

facebook-ad-couponOK… so I was creating some new Facebook ad accounts and noticed they had Facebook Coupon as a payment option. So of course I searched online for some codes, but it seems like they are pretty non existent these days. Most sites that had them listed of course do not work.

It seems some hosting companies have them if you have a specific plan etc…

Which got me to thinking!

In my GMAIL account that uses 27gb of space and has 10,000 unread messages there has to be one in there from some hosting company I have used that is offering some Facebook coupon code right?

So basically I got lucky and you might too!

Here is what I did:

I just searched for “Facebook coupon” in quotes and bamm sure enough I saw a message from 2012 to one of my FB pages I had created offering a coupon for $50…. and YES it worked! Wow!

It only worked 1 time though….

So that got me thinking more… there has to be some more in here…. so I looked in the previous email and searched some text that was included in it.

So then I searched for “get $50 in free” in quotes and bamm found another one.

…and yes it worked!

Now I used this on 2 different ad accounts, but I think you could potentially double up.

So I hope this gets you thinking outside the box on how to find some Facebook coupon codes.

O.K gotta go, I have $100 of facebooks money to play with.

Comment below and let me know if this works for you!

Oh…. and by the way this will also work for other sites too… I saw a lot of offers for twitter ads and linkedin etc… but I have not tested them out.!


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