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Simple Trick To Transcribe Video For YouTube Content

Hey so, you have a great video with some really good content and you need to transcribe it for YouTube! You upload the video to YouTube and of course we all know that you want to add content to the YouTube video right? You didn't know that? Well now you do, so when you upload a new video to YouTube you def want to get some text in the description area. At least 200 words… of course I get lazy and don't do it all the time, but if you really want the best results then DO IT!

Ok so as I was researching some ways to do this… some are not available anymore, and others just take more time, I decided to just listen to the video in the headphones and then talk into my phone so it records it as text into my notes app. Then I emailed that to myself and pasted into YouTube. Of course I cleaned it up a bit, but bamm there ya go! 500ish words of text in the video and the world is a happy place.

Watch the video where I explain it a bit better. Hope it helps and gets you thinking! You have any cool tools or software that does this?

Transcribe Video For YouTube

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