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Social Traffic Blueprint Review – Legit Money Making Program or A Swindle?

social traffic blueprint review

Social Traffic Blueprint Review – Should you trust this course or consider it a scam?

Social Traffic Blueprint is a beginner’s guide that teaches the skill of traffic generation on social media, with a special emphasis on Facebook Ads. From finding clients to closing deals with them, this course covers it all. In this article, I will evaluate the Social Traffic Blueprint on the basis of its legitimacy, working mechanism, and money-making potential, to help my readers decide whether this course is suitable for them or not.


  • This review is my professional and unbiased opinion about Social Traffic Blueprint. I neither have any affiliation with this program nor with Jon Penberthy, who is the founder of this course. I am writing this review with the sole purpose of helping my readers stay away from fraudulent programs. I will not receive any profit if you decide to invest in this program.

What is Social Traffic Blueprint Review?

  • This course is a primary how-to guide that teaches some basic and advanced knowledge on traffic generation through social media with a special focus on Facebook Ads. By using the guidance shared in this course, beginners can increase their business sales easily.

Some of the key features of the Social Traffic Blueprint course are as follows:

  • By registering for this course, you will also become a part of Jon Penberthy’s affiliate program.
  • You will be enrolled in weekly training programs where you will learn the basics of maximizing web traffic.
  • You will become a part of the digital marketers’ community. You can learn from the experiences and best practices of fellow members.
  • By registering for this course, you will also gain access to exclusive bonus models and coaching sessions.

What Is The Cost Associated With This Course?

  • Social Traffic Blueprint is not an inexpensive course. The cost of the whole program is a whopping $11,000. However, if you choose to pay upfront, you can register for $997.

Course Outline of Social Traffic Blueprint

This course consists of 5 modules and a few bonus modules for which you have to pay an extra fee. The breakdown of the modules is as follows.

  • Module 1: Foundation Fortunes (Value $997)
  • Module 2: Facebook ad factory (Value $997)
  • Module 3: Let the Ads Roll (Value $997)
  • Module 4: The Hidden Treasure (Value $997)
  • Module 5: Scaling For Domination (Value $997)

Bonus Modules

Bonus Module 1: Expert Interview Vault

  • This module is priced at $2,000. This module features multiple industry experts who have found considerable success in the niche of traffic generation through social media. In this module, you will be given access to the knowledge and best practices of these industry veterans.

Bonus Module 2: Private FB Mastermind Group

  • This module is priced at $1,000. By purchasing this bonus module, members will get access to the Social Traffic Blueprint FB mastermind group. In this group, you will encounter multiple like-minded entrepreneurs and can learn a great deal from their insight and experiences with digital marketing.

Bonus Module 3: Weekly Q&A Coaching

  • This module is priced at $997. Through this module, you can access weekly Q&A and coaching sessions provided by Jon & Jubril. These veterans will resolve all your queries and help you navigate the tricky path of social media ads.

What is The Money-Making Potential of This Course, If Any?

  • After carefully analyzing the working mechanism and profitability of this course for users, I have come to the conclusion that this course presents some decent value and you have a shot at earning a decent income through this program.

The Social Traffic Blueprint is ideal for newbies. They can get a lot of guidance on the fundamentals of paid advertising, particularly Facebook Ads. This guide will help them get started. The best thing about this course is that it provides its users with some solid guidance and offers proven techniques that can improve your marketing strategies. The founders will share their first-hand experience on how they achieved success, what worked for them and what did not.

  • As for the money-making potential of this course is concerned, it really depends on your individual effort. How many hours of grueling work are you willing to put in.

Is Social Traffic Blueprint A Scam?

  • One thing is for sure, Jon Penberthy’s Social Traffic Blueprint is a legitimate online course. It is definitely not a scam. However, does that mean that you should invest your hard-earned money and time in it?

The thing about this course is that the content it provides is quite basic and limited in its scope. The course offers a handsome amount of membership fee but does not offer the same value for money.

My Recommendation

  • Bear in mind that Social Traffic Blueprint is not the only way to build a successful, profitable business online. There are much better, more reliable, and more efficient ways of making money online. I have been using Pay Per Click (PPC) and local lead generation for quite some while now. They have enabled me to enhance my earnings considerably.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

My Experience

When I started my journey to make money online, I too encountered multiple scams and lost quite some money. However, all of that changed when I learned about local lead generation. Let me share my experience with you:

  • I have 15 years of affiliate and online marketing experience, and I make a 4-5 figure monthly income via local lead generation.
  • I help local businesses in my area get more traffic and sales on their websites. This is local lead generation. I generate leads and earn my commission.
  • I use PPC and Facebook Ads for creating targeted adverts, and fine-tune each campaign so that it gets the most clicks.
  • More clicks mean more traffic, which results in more opportunities for conversions to sales.
  • This might seem simple, but if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience you won’t get far with it.
  • This is why I recommend taking a PPC course with Local Marketing Vault.

Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault is a specialized training program that enables you to be a PPC expert within a few weeks.

  • They teach you using a hands-on practical approach, so you learn by actually doing it.
  • They have a 5500+ members community on Facebook that offers advice, critique, and guidance. You’ll always have the support you need and will never feel left out.
  • They give you pre-designed sales funnels that you can customize and use.
  • They teach you all about targeted advertising, keyword research, and using analytics to your campaign’s advantage.

Local Marketing Vault is by far the best online course I have come across, that offers unmatched skills and unrivaled support. Even after you complete the course, you still feel as if you are an integral part of the Local Marketing Vault community. If you want to have a legit monthly income without any strings attached then Local Marketing Vault is the right program for you.

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