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Ranking A Website Page In Live Time – Still Ranks From 2018

Hey everyone! Digging something out of the archives that I forgot I had actually made back in 2018!  Basically I show you how to rank a page in live time! Pretty awesome.

Crazy thing is the page still ranks and I have not touched it since I made it!

Here are the keywords it ranks for:

  • kegenix review 2018     “#1”
  • kegenix review 2019     “#4”
  • kegenix review               “bottom page 1”

So basically in the video below I show 6 things  you need to rank your web page. If you were to follow this plan for each and every website page you should be getting some nice quality traffic in no time!

  1. Killer Content
  2. Create YouTube Video
  3. FB Post… boost for $5-10 if you want… I reccomend.
  4. Interlink from some other posts if possible
  5. Google Fetch… not really call that anymore “URL Inspection” in Search Console…video to come!
  6. Explore a few places online to grab a link, niche forums, niche comment link, etc…

Again I explain it all in detail in the video below! In the end make content that is going to actually help people and it is going to win out in the end!

Live Ranking A Website Page

Be Sure To Select 1080P To See Clearly

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