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Scout And Cellar Review: Why To Stay Away From It Even When It’s Not A Pyramid Scheme?

This Scout and Cellar review covers a whole bunch of questions you have about this wine company. You may be wondering whether it’s an MLM, or a pyramid scheme? Is it legit or not? What’s its compensation plan? You have to join it or not? And more …

Scout and Cellar
Scout and Cellar

You see, every business knows that customers are the lifeline of their business. So, they always try to woo more and more customers into their system. For that purpose, they use different methods; multi-level marketing is one of them. But many companies out there, in the disguise of MLMs, are actually pyramid schemes.

Because pyramid schemes are illegal, they try to hide this. Even MLMs earned a bad name because most people regard them as pyramid schemes.

There are two differences between an MLM and a pyramid scheme. One, an MLM also sells products along with recruiting downline distributors, but a pyramid company's 99% emphasis is on recruiting new members. Second, MLMs are legal while pyramid schemes are not.

Another discouraging fact is that 99% of people who join MLMs as distributors actually lose money instead of earning any.

Probably you would ask why all this fuss about MLMs and pyramid schemes? Well, because Scout and Cellar is an MLM company. Yes!

They run a distribut0r program, and you can join them. But is this a wise decision? And you have to do it or not? I will try to answer these questions in this review.

So stick with me …

But before going forward, let me tell you why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing Scout And Cellar Review?

  • I'm reviewing Scout and Cellar just because they have a distributor program where people can come, pay the entry fee, sell their products, or reel in other members into the system and earn commissions for them.
  • If they have not adopted this multi-marketing method to grow their business, I would not have reviewed them.
  • That's because I created this platform to collect the best money-making opportunities from all over the internet and present them to my readers in the real light and either recommend or don't recommend them.
  • A lot of companies online are just scamming people. They launch various money-making schemes just to make money only for them and not for the target audience. I expose them so that people won’t become prey to these scams.
  • As they say, not all shiny things are gold. Not all opportunities are good. In this review, we will take Scout and Cellar under the scope to surface out the money-making potential.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% unbiased and professional opinion. I'm not associated with Scout and Cellar in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this company as a distributor or not. Also, I'm not a distributor of Scout and Cellar.

I have taken my time to conduct deep research about Scout and Cellar for this review. And I think you will not regret spending your time reading it.

Ok, so much for beating around the bush. Let's roll…

An Overview Of The Scout And Cellar:

  • Scout and Cellar is a wine-producing company operating from Texas. It was founded in 2017 by Sarah Shadonix.
  • Other than selling wine, it is also a multi-level marketing company. It encourages recruiting for the purpose of increasing sales.
  • Scout and Cellar calls its distributors independent consultants. If you join this company as a newly inducted recruit and sell their wines and also recruit other people under you, you would become their Wine Consultant.
  • As with all other MLMs, entry is not free. You have to buy your membership.
  • After joining, you can make money in two ways. Selling products of Scout and Cellar and recruiting downline distributors under you. If you think you can do that, you stand a chance to make some money by joining this MLM. Otherwise, you would lose money which is quite common with the people who join MLMs.
  • Beware that according to FTC laws, you can't recruit more than five people under you.

It would be wise that you should evaluate your chances of success before joining Scout and Cellar as a consultant.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Scout And Cellar?

  • In order to join this company as a wine consultant, you have to buy their Business Basics Kit (BBK).
  • This kit includes advertising materials, must-have products, and four bottles of wine.
  • They will charge you $249 for the kit. They will also give you access to a portal called The Cellar. You will be charged an extra $99 yearly for this website.
  • You have to sign an agreement and also accept their policies to become a consultant.

After that, your journey with this company starts. How much money do you make depends on how much wine you can sell and how many people you can recruit.

How Much Do Scout And Cellar Consultants Earn? – Scout And Cellar Compensation Plan:

At Scout and Cellar, there are three ranks for distributors:

  • Basic Consultant: You will become a basic consultant when you buy the kit, pay the money and sign the agreement.
  • Second Consultant: It is the next rank after basic consultant. You have to bring $200 in personal sales and $500 in downline sales to become a second consultant.
  • Executive Consultant: It is the highest rank in consultants. It requires $300 in personal sales and $800 in downline sales.

You are assigned tasks you have to complete to keep your status as a consultant. Tasks become more challenging as you climb the higher ranks.

Although they didn't reveal details about their compensation plan on the website, some details are gathered from sources.

  • You earn a 12% commission in selling products worth $500 or less.
  • You earn a 15% commission in selling products worth $1500 or less (but more than $500).
  • You earn a 20% commission in selling products worth $3000 or less (but more than $1500).
  • You earn a 25% commission in selling products worth over $3000. Hardly anyone can do that.

They also provide bonuses for extraordinary performance.

They have a lot of products to choose from.

Is Scout And Cellar A Pyramid Scheme?

  • When you hear the name of an MLM, the first thought that enters your mind is that it would be a pyramid scheme.
  • I have spent a lot of time researching Scout and Cellar.
  • One thing which I can say with a lot of surety that it’s NOT a pyramid scheme.
  • They have real products. And they have a lot of them. The primary purpose of this company and its consultant program is to sell a lot of wine. Your tasks as a consultant are mostly revolving around selling products.
  • On the other hand, a pyramid company puts all its focus on recruitment.

So, Scout and Cellar is not a pyramid scheme. It's just an MLM company.

Is Scout And Cellar Legit?

  • The short answer is YES! It's a legit wine company and not a scam.
  • Its founder is a known person; they are not scamming people. They can't be regarded as a scam just because they have adopted the multi-level marketing method to sell their products and grow their business.

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Can You Make Money With Scout And Cellar?

That is the question which you should ask before asking any other thing. The straight answer is NO!

  • Although you can say that it depends on this and that, the truth is that 99% of people who join MLMs in the hope of making money actually lose the money instead of making it.
  • This 2011 report of the Federal Trade Commission is very damning about the MLM business model. It says 100% MLMs are recruitment driven and 99% of recruits lose money. The majority of commissions go to a tiny percentage of top-of-the-pyramid promoters.
  • I don't think Scout and Cellar is any different in the case of making money for the recruits.

The chances that you will make money after joining this company are dismal. Why spend so much time and money in an endeavor which has no chance of yielding positive results.

Do I Recommend Joining Scout And Cellar?

No and No! I can't in my right mind recommend you to join any MLM to make money.

  • But a notable disadvantage of joining this company is that they don't provide any training for their recruits.
  • Suppose you’re new in sales, how you would convince people to buy products from you and not from stores or online.
  • On the other hand, it would be hard for you to recruit people other than your friends and family members.

I do not recommend it simply because I have never seen many people making good money out of MLM programs. Also, the risk of losing money and wasting time is high.

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