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Producer Michael Net Worth

producer michael net worth
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Everything you need to know about Producer Michael net worth

Michael Blakey, also known as Producer Michael, is a well-known drummer who started his career around 1977. Today, he has a net worth of $60 million. 

  • Born in London in 1958, England, Michael Blakey studied music in Madrid and Berlin. Blakey's long life love for the film industry made Blakey visit the United States with an extensive musical background as a well-established drummer and hit producing album producer and music promoter. In West Berlin, he became head of the music production at the renowned Hansa Tonstudio. 

Through most of his career, Blakey has created and marketed music for several record labels and movie picture firms and produced songs for films like Disney's Cinderella II. Blakey was honored to demonstrate commitment and leadership in all fields of production, advertising, publicity, and all relevant areas of the entertainment business by Cambridge Who's Who. 

  • Together with renowned comedian Ron White, Blakey already has a host of artists, including Scott Baio, The Temptations, LeAnn Rimes, Maluma, Henry Rollins, Toad The Wet Sprocket, and several others, signed with OMGVIP to build the VIP Fan Experiences. He is also the head of Electra Star Management, a Hollywood-based boutique firm.

Throughout his career, he has produced three record labels as well as several sales records for gold and platinum. In 1999, Blakey co-founded 2KSounds and was one of the first Internet businesses to be incorporated in routine activities and deliver music effectively. Soon after opening up to the world in 2002, 2KSounds went into a joint endeavor with Virgin Records, and Mr. Blakey was named the President of the Record Division.

Producer Michael Net Worth

  • Producer Michael has been working for decades now. He has since then transitioned to several other roles. Michael Blakey may have begun his career as a music director. His broad portfolio led to his $60 Million net worth. In 2018, Michael Blakey's net value was projected to be $40 Million, but it was anticipated to amount to about $60 Million in the second half of 2019.

The sharp and fast growth in its net value illustrates how much hard work he does. If he manages to do so, he can definitely hit more than a million dollars in a few years' time. He has also gained money from numerous joint ventures and his YouTube channel in addition to his job as a filmmaker. There are nearly 600,000 viewers on his YouTube channel.

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