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A Critical Reading of Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher’s “The Levity Effect”

The Levity Effect

I finished reading Gostick and Christopher’s ‘The Levity Effect’ and I have a lot of thoughts on it!

While it's written with more traditional businesses in mind, it made me millions on the internet regardless. So whether you have a modest office with hundreds of employees, or it's just you and a laptop, this book will change your life, or at least your mindset!

Keep reading to find out this book’s good-as-gold ideas.

  1. When good times are sprinkled into the working day, people (employees, independent contractors, affiliates, partners, etc.) want to be a part of, commit fully to, and give your company more energy.
  2. They'll want to hustle much more when they’ve laughed properly. Those who laugh and enjoy themselves are more productive, more inspiring, more entertaining and more confident.
  3. Consequently, as CEOs, leaders and managers learn to use levity, their teams get more done during the day, come up with better ideas, communicate better, stay longer with the company and help generate more income. It works out for everyone!
  4. People say “laughter is the best medicine,” and rightly so.  A good laugh on the belly has observable benefits on the heart, blood sugar, immune system, stress hormones and more.  Even the anticipation of a humorous event sets off a series of positive biological effects that can result in more meaningful work.
  5. To laugh a lot means to lighten up. It's the ability to joke sometimes in serious situations and find the humor that can make a dull working day very entertaining and light.
  6. People listen better when they laugh. A bit of fun will go a long way for top presenters who are speaking to a tough audience. With well-timed humour, texts are more memorable. The audience gets more energy and lower their guard! Not only that but they build emotional connections with the presenter.
  7. There's creativity where there's comedy. The inclusion of fun and laughter helps people relax in the work environment and feel comfortable and secure. They work better, think better, and are confident enough to share their most innovative thoughts without being afraid of humiliation when it does.
  8. Use levity likewise outside the office. This will improve your relationships with your loved one, will enhance mental health, it will get rid of negative feelings, it will bring passion, and and it will make you feel great. Look for the bright side always, and try to be more carefree.
  9. Have faith, and use common sense to deal with your day. Have you ever been doing a job where you were having too much fun? (Didn't think so.) It's not about being immature and not taking work seriously. It's about being in a good mood so that you can give your best to business.
  10. You needn't be funny. The target is a lightness of manner. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, but laughter is generally infectious. Concentrate on being fun, not funny, and you will reap the benefits of levity without being an automated robot.

I hope this review helped you and I hope you go and pick it up right away!

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