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Dan Henry: An Unbiased Review Of His Funnels And Ads For Entrepreneurs Course

dan henry facbeook adsYou’ve probably read about how Facebook advertising could help you generate leads, and scale your business or clients’.  Facebook ads work and can be a great way to generate qualified leads for your business or clients'.  If you’re considering giving Facebook ads a shot, then you should spare some time to read this article.

In this review article, you will learn more about Dan Henry’s fast-selling course Funnels and Ads for Entrepreneurs. The course was formerly known as Facebook Ads for Entrepreneur (FAFE). It’s a course designed to teach you how to generate leads for business owners using Facebook Ads. The scope of the course also covers a training on sales and how you can close clients over the phone.

Here, I’m going to give you a comprehensive overview of the course. This review is particularly a must-read if you are contemplating using Facebook Ads to generate leads, boost return on investment and attract more buyers for your clients’ products.

  1. Are Facebook ads the best and most effective way to generate leads in 2020?
  2. Does the method work for all niches?
  3. How sustainable and consistent are Facebook ads in generating highly qualified leads?
  4. You will find answers to these questions and many more in this review. Just keep reading.

Why Should You Read This Review?

If you’re looking for a reliable and sustainable way to make money online by simply generating leads for your clients, then this is a review you can’t afford not to read. For one, you will have a full understanding of what Dan Henry’s course entails. The review highlights the pros and cons of the course. More importantly, I will give my candid opinion on what works and what doesn’t work, having been in the business of helping clients to generate leads for some years now.

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In the end, you should be able to decide if the course can truly help you to generate more qualified leads with consistent positive ROI.

But just before then, let’s get to know who Dan Henry is.

Meet Dan Henry

  • dan-henry-forbes
    Source Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JDkFW4gqyGQ/maxresdefault.jpg

    Dan Henry is one of a few online business coaches who has been able to build a solid reputation. A former pizza delivery guy turned a digital marketing guru, Dan made $200k within a few months of his journey into online business.

Dan Henry prides himself on his in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads. And he has become a popular figure online since he ventured into the business of creating courses for aspiring digital entrepreneurs. His course, Funnels and Ads for Entrepreneurs, being reviewed in this post, is one of those courses. The course promises to teach you effective ways to utilize Facebook Ads for your business.

Is This Course Legit?

  • With the online space becoming more saturated each day with scammers, it’s not out of place if you’re curious and want to know if this course is legit or not.
  • From all indications, Dan Henry appears to have built an enduring reputation over time. On several occasions, he’d put up impressive appearances on network TV talking about how he’s succeeded in building a 7-figure business.

Besides, a critical evaluation of his course reveals that it’s a well-developed course with a curriculum that delivers on its promises. Also, there seems to exist a ton of positive reviews about his course. So, from the foregoing, it’s safe to conclude that the product is legit.

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Although you are free to make your opinion on this. However, I’m going to provide you with sufficient information that will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in the Facebook Ads course.

Module by Module Review Of Dan Henry’s Funnels and Ads for Entrepreneurs 

The course is divided into 5 modules, starting from Modules 0 – 4. Here’s the highlight of each module.

Module 0: The Nutshell

This is an introductory part to the entire course. Dan Henry breaks this module down into the following subtitles:

  •       Webinar replay
  •       Will I succeed?
  •       The Value Scale
  •       Facebook Ads in a nutshell
  •       Example of Ad Funnels

Module 1: The ins and the outs of How to Create Bait

This module subdivides into the following:

  •       The purpose of bait
  •       The definition of value and desire
  •       Types of bait and how to sell it
  •       Customer research: how to figure out what your bait should be
  •       How to run a simple customer research ad
  •       How to create a great bait headline
  •       Bait examples
  •       How does bait work if you are …
  •       The badass bait checklist
  •       How to create a simple cheat sheet

 Module 2: the ins and outs of building funnels

This module extensively treats the need for funnels and how you can use them for your business or your clients’.

  •       Intro and how to choose the right funnel for you
  •       How to build a cheat sheet funnel
  •       How to build a discount funnel
  •       How to build a value video funnel
  •       How to build a value video funnel for coaching
  •       How to build a webinar funnel
  •       How to install your pixel
  •       How to create a custom conversion

Module 3: The ins and outs of the Ads

Here’s where he explores the practicality of setting up ads.

  •       How to choose the best ad type for you
  •       Copy and dialogue strategy
  •       How to create ads
  •       Retargeting ads and copy strategy
  •       Examples of retargeting
  •       Creating a retargeting campaign from scratch
  •       How to target your dream customer
  •       How to get even more ideas for retargeting
  •       How to manage ads with the split test equation
  •       How to scale a winning ad

Module 4: The Agency

This is the last module. And it covers the following aspects of agency management.

  •       How to choose the right clients
  •       3 Easy ways to get clients
  •       How to explain Facebook ads for clients
  •       How to manage multiple clients easily
  •       Simple client proposal

What Are The Pros Of The Course?

First, the content of the course has high production value. It’s clear that Dan Henry did a great job in coming up with professionally shot videos that make the course enjoyable to watch. After all, no one likes to watch a course with terrible video quality or poor audio.

Second, the curriculum of the course is quite thorough and comprehensive. The modules are also properly arranged, making it easy for students to follow through without hassle. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional digital marketer, you won’t have any challenge navigating the course. The course transitions from one module to another in a seemingly logical manner.

Third, Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs has a great private Facebook group. Although many marketing courses offer something similar. But what you usually see is a micro marketing platform where members advertise affiliate marketing opportunities to you. This is entirely different from that. The atmosphere of the group is good. And you’re going to find people that are genuinely helpful.

Should You Buy Dan’ Funnels and Ads For Entrepreneurs?

In all honesty, Dan Henry’s marketing course is a decent course but I Don’t recommend it.

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  1. First, I consider it a little over-bloated and complex, and it is easy to get lost in the sea of information. And you end up not taking action or using the course.
  2. Secondly, you might have a hard time implementing the lessons in the course as they aren't really duplicateble. << is that a word LOL!
  3. Frankly, making money doesn’t have to be this complicated and arduous, there are simple methods to good money that don’t require much work.

Do Funnels and Facebook Ads Work?

  • The straightforward answer is, yes, they do.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with over 2 billion active users. These users represent a cross section of human demographics including teens, adults and aged people. This makes it a viable platform for businesses to reach their target audience.

Facebook stores data such as location, age, interest, and other information about its users. The platform can also determine user online behaviors through the kind of posts or pages they like, share, or comment on. This mighty pool of data makes Facebook a powerful marketing option. Advertisers can target their potential customers using parameters such as age, location, gender, level of education, and so on.

However, please note that running profitable Facebook ads isn’t as easy as many marketers and courses say. It can be frustrating if you don’t have a proven system to work with. You might end up giving all your money to Mark, without getting any decent results.

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This is why I want to introduce you to a system I have been using for a few years now, and has given tremendous success with little effort.

It is a system that shows you the exact steps to follow to run a successful lead generation business, where you can conveniently make 4-5 figures monthly.

The Local Marketing Vault teaches how to use Funnels and Facebook Ads to generate qualified leads for businesses.

You are going to be helping businesses make money, so they won’t have any problems paying you a monthly retainer to keep sending them leads.

The LMV Process Is Very Simple!

The Local Marketing Vault is ideal for both newbies and experienced digital marketers. In short, it’s the best solution for anyone looking to generate more leads either for their own business or their clients’.

With LMV, you don’t have to worry over losing clients as you have pre-made funnels that guarantee a ceaseless in-flow of leads. This means that your clients won’t have other options than to continue to use your service. Because the moment they stop paying, you can begin to channel your leads to their competitors.

Contrary to other Facebook Ads courses, LMV works for any niche you can think of. The strategies you will learn in the program will help you bypass the common challenges associated with Facebook ads.

Unlike some other Facebook Ads courses that are sold at high prices, LMV is quite affordable. This minimizes cost as you don’t have to incur high upfront investment cost.

In addition to high-quality course material and amazing tools for easy lead generation you will get. The program connects you with thousands of other smart and successful marketers who are ever willing to put you through. Having access to such a great tribe of helpful mates makes it easier for you to jumpstart your business on a strong footing.

You can learn more about the kind of results other people like you are getting with LMV, and how they are making a killing with an easy-to-implement system, click here to learn more.

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