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Paid Traffic Mastery

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There are many different ways to increase traffic as a business owner online. While different tactics work for different situations, many turn to paid traffic. To get the most out of this investment, understanding pay per click ads are essential.

Paid Traffic Mastery has a strong reputation online as one of the best beginner guides for people diving into PPC ads. Taught by Molly Pittman, she explains several different strategies that work for campaigns. Is it one of the best values out there? After going through the course thoroughly, here's an in-depth look at what a customer should expect, and if it lives up to all the great reviews.

Who is Molly Pittman?

  • The name Molly Pittman might not ring a bell for a lot of people at first, but chances are most, have heard about her company. As a VP of Marketing for DigitalMarketer, she has helped the company evolve into a leader in providing digital marketing training and certifications. She was able to move up within the company the old fashioned way, starting as an intern and slowly moving up to her current position.
  • Within the industry of marketing, she is considered one of the most sought after media buyers right now. Spending millions of dollars on marketing is a huge task to take on, but her focus has always been on a positive return on Investment. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more, she has no problem making things work.

For the first time, she's teaching all of her knowledge in this Paid Traffic Mastery course. This allows people to use these tips to take things to another level.

Looking at the pricing

  • Some people might initially balk at the price tag, which is a one-time payment of $495. With no real payment options, it's looked at as a pretty big investment for people to make at one time. That's one of the main reasons why people search for plenty of reviews before clicking on the button to send payment in the first place.
  • If there is one silver lining, is that Pittman does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Some people will take a closer look at the course and realize that it might not be exactly what they need. Others simply might not end up thinking it's worth the cost. Having at least a little bit of insurance eases the pain of the initial investment.

The sticker price might be a bit of a shocker, but it's about the average when looking at competitive courses as well. Considering she offers quite a bit with her course, those looking specifically for help with pay per click ads will benefit.

Breaking down the curriculum

  • For a course to be worth the effort, it needs to be pretty challenging from beginning to end. Pittman tweaked the curriculum a bit before ultimately deciding on seven modules. They don't necessarily need to be followed in order, especially if a person has some experience already in the field.

Getting started

  • The first module goes over a lot of the basics, explaining expectations with the course as well. It's certainly not the most glamorous module, but it is always nice to understand what makes this course great, and how it can benefit anyone looking for knowledge on PPC ads.
  • Going through the buying process is a struggle for some people, but she shows it doesn't have to be. A successful traffic system will pay off in the end, and she goes through the steps on how to get there.

Overall, this module is pretty good, but it's not the main reason why people purchase this course. It sets the table for a lot of the juicier information down the road.

Core Concepts

  • For traffic to work, organization is the key. Pittman is very high on splitting up traffic into three groups and going from there.
  • The first group is cold traffic, which includes people who have never heard of a particular business in their life. This is where a lot of new companies start, so cold traffic does make a lot of sense. A PPC ad works to bring in cold traffic and turn that into warm and even hot traffic later on.
  • Warm traffic includes those who have some familiarity and maybe even some interest in a business. They have selected to be on the email list, and although they haven't purchased anything, there is at least some chance.
  • Finally, hot traffic is where businesses find their buyers. They are very interested in a business, and it's about keeping them locked in as well. They are the core audience that every marketer is looking for, and hopefully, that number grows and grows.

Businesses have traffic that falls into all three of these groups from time to time. Since these groups require different things at certain times, buyers need to understand how to deal with problems when they show up. Pittman does a great job of explaining tips on how to fix a lot of different issues that come up. She even touches on some more rare issues, which is always nice.

Crafting your campaign assets

  • leads cost ppcPittman talks about just how vital every ideal customer is for a business. It's fine to have advertisements targeted to a very specific group, because that usually leads to a high conversion rate. With a high conversion rate, there is a lower cost per click.

To come up with the qualities of an ideal customer, module three talks a lot about figuring out who these people are, and what they do. Don't be afraid to explore a bit and get as specific as possible. Even if that whittles down the ideal customer to only a few in the beginning, it's worth it in the end.

Facebook Deep Dive

  • Not everyone knows this going in, but Facebook is an excellent option for paid traffic. It's the method of choice for Pittman right now, and she focuses entirely on the social network platform in this module. For a lot of people taking this course, this is their first time running a Facebook campaign. Those who have done a few in the past might be able to skip around some, but it's still worth going through everything.

Every type of advertising costs money, so Pittman does a great job explaining effective and affordable ways to use Facebook. There is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, and it might take a few ads to figure out the best way to advertise to an audience. Think of every new ad that isn't entirely successful and build off that.

Troubleshooting, Optimizing

  • In an ideal world, the very first ad campaign would work perfectly. However, Pittman didn't have that happen, so she doesn't expect that for anyone taking the course. Adaptability is huge in the digital marketing field, as things are always evolving. Focusing on troubleshooting and optimizing can be one of the most valuable modules in this entire course.
  • Knowing all the terminology is huge, because there are now more stats than ever to come through to help with success. The only way the stats are going to help is if a person knows how to use them. Explaining some of the more broad terms of cost per click and cost per view are good, but she gets into more specifics than that to help as well.

After piecing some solid campaigns together, there is a horizontal and vertical scaling strategy to explore. Horizontal scaling is about increasing the size of an audience, while vertical scaling is increasing add budget. Both work well in their own right, and helps to define an audience as well.

Google Ads

  • Facebook might be a favorite of Pittman, but she is still very high on Google as well. This is where she brings in Mike Rhodes, who put together “The Ultimate Guide to Adwords” in the past. His information is fairly basic, but he does go into a few details on some critical strategies.

Anyone interested in learning about ad extensions, re-targeting, automated vs manual bidding, and more can learn a lot from Rhodes in this module. It's nice to hear from someone who uses Google quite a bit, and has noted success doing so.

YouTube Ads

  • The final module is taught by another guest, as Tom Breeze steps in to break down YouTube. As the CEO of Viewability, he runs a very successful video advertising agency. Video advertising is very different in a lot of ways from other options out there, so those will need to go down that road can learn a lot from Breeze.

Looking to put together the first ad? Breeze walks through the entire process. There's a lot to learn with YouTube, and he does an excellent job of making everything feel short and concise. YouTube might not be for everyone, but it's still worth exploring.

Do all the modules work well together?

  • There's a lot of information in this entire course, which one should expect for something that costs just under $500. The modules don't need to be looked at in order, but it flows very well so that people don't feel overwhelmed. That's always nice to have in any course. It helps to hear from a few different experts instead of Pittman all the time.

Who is Paid Traffic Mastery designed for?

  • paid-traffic-mastery-certificate
    Original Image: https://www.digitalmarketer.com/lp/training/paid-traffic-mastery/images/cert-with-badge.png

    The people who get the most out of Pittman's course is any person just starting with paid traffic. She does a great job of making this perfect for people who have little to no knowledge whatsoever on paper click ads.

Since that is the case, people who do know a bit might be bored at times. There still enough information in there that is useful, but there might be a few repetitive parts.

Final verdict: is Paid Traffic Mastery  worth the price tag?

  • Digital marketing is fairly simple from the outside, but complex to master. Instead of picking up small pieces of information here and there, Pittman has designed a course that has everything in one spot. That's why it's worth it for so many people to invest in this guide. Not only is it valuable initially, but referencing it later on helps a lot too.

Pittman shies away from any outrageous claims or promises. For many people, that's a welcomed approach. It's ultimately up to individuals to execute properly. All the tools to be successful are in the course, but there is still the process of putting it all together.

The teaching is very high-quality from every instructor. It's not repetitive at all, and at no point does it feel like things drag on. This makes it perfect for those who wants straightforward instruction, and then start the process themselves to see how things work. For the price, it's a sound investment.

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