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Referral Pay Review: Is It A Scam? Ummm YES!

referral pay scamThe purpose of this Referral Pay review is to bring truth to the surface so that you can better decide for yourself whether to go for it and make a ton of money if it’s legit or to stay away from this to save yourself from getting scammed if it’s a fraud?

Referral Pay is a website where you sign in, they give you a link, and you spread that link through social media and refer your friends and other people to sign in at Referral Pay. You make money first for signing in and then for referring. Zzzzzzzz……

They claim that you'll make $500 on the very first day of your signing in at Referral Pay. Sounds too good to me! Isn’t it?

Without revealing my final verdict about this program, I can say that they’re banking on the human desire of making a truckload of money easily and quickly! You see there’s not much effort required to make money in this program.

You've seen, heard or came to know about these types of schemes already. Your amygdala is warning you. That's why you're here to learn more about Referral Pay before taking the ride.

I will go through and test the veracity of each one of their claims before recommending or disapproving it.

Stay with me!

Why I’m Writing Referral Pay Review?

  • I’m doing digital marketing since 2006. I know all the ups and downs, the ins and outs of this field. During my learning period, I tried so many schemes and programs of this type. I've been victim to so many of money-making scams that I know all of the tactics they used.
  • I want to help people who are new to online earning to make better decisions and choose only those programs and courses which are valid and provide real value. I want to give the best online advice through these reviews so that you wouldn't make those mistakes which I had made and wasted money, time, and efforts.

These reviews are my honest and unbiased professional opinions. I will not make any money by recommending or not recommending any program to you. Same is the case in Referral pay review.

I deeply tested their procedure and their claims, pros and cons of their program and precisely what they are after?

Referral Pay: The Complete Overview:

  • It claims to be an influencer marketing platform.
  • You would sign up to set a free account at their website. You would be instantly given $25 for creating the account, but you can't cash them out without performing a certain number of tasks and meeting minimum thresholds.
  • After signing up, a unique referral link would be shared with you whom you have to post on social media and woe your friends, followers and other people to click on the link, go to Referral Pay website and create an account.
  • It says, “You will be paid $2 for every person that clicks your link and an extra $10 when they join the Referral Pay.”
  • Other than sharing link and referring people, there are also $30 tasks such as answering the questions of a survey.
  • If you positively review the Referral Pay on YouTube, you can earn an extra $50.
  • They will provide you with expertly-designed promotional banners to get more and more clicks.
  • Your main job is to promote Referral Pay as much as possible.
  • They claim that you can earn $500 on the very first day of your signup.

Now, if you're like most people you would think that what benefit will Referral Pay will get out of all this referral system, they're not selling anything to the people you refer. They do not advertise anything. The people you refer also have to create an account, post the link at social media and refer other people to Referral Pay. They don't have to buy anything from Referral Pay, and they don't have to sell anything for Referral Pay. Even then you and they are being paid handsomely. You can see dollars are continuously coming into your account.

Are you curious?

Stay with me! All questions of yours would be answered in this review.

How Much Does Referral Pay Cost?

  • Creating an account at Referral Pay is free.
  • Also, it doesn't cost money to get the link from Referral Pay and provide services of an influencer.
  • However, you have to share your personal details such as your full name, postal address, phone number, email address, PayPal, Western Union or Cash App account details etc.
  • It also costs effort and time to perform the tasks and lure the people into clicking at the link and joining Referral Pay.
  • It seems so easy to earn money with this program that you almost fall for it because you think there’s nothing to lose.

Please beware of the catch which I will reveal at the end. Remember, if you're not paying for anything online, then you become the product.

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Why Is Referral Pay Paying All This Money?

  • Have you ever been paid for creating an account at a legit platform?
  • Referral Pay is not selling any product or service; they’re not advertising any products or services of any other company.
  • So why they are paying vast sums of money for getting leads.
  • Their one lead is worth $42.
  • Also, they're not getting any money from their lead; instead, Referral Pay will pay them.

You're rightly confused about why they are paying huge you huge sums for money to you and your referrals?

Actually, Referral Pay Is Not Going To Pay You Any Money:

Here comes the juicy part:

  • Referral Pay is not going to pay you a cent.
  • All that money which is accumulating in your account is just eyewash.
  • In actual, they would not pay you any money. Numbers showing in your account are just numbers.
  • All those dollars you get via sign up, clicks, referrals, and performing tasks will never cash out.
  • On the pretext of one or the other excuse such as fraud stats, they are not going to pay you any mullah.

It’s the classic sign of a scam that a scam pays you with nothing for your investments or services.

Fake Testimonials:

  • scamYou will see some testimonials of people fully satisfied and pumped up assure you that they're making a sizable amount of money through Referral Pay.
  • The problem with these testimonials is that they do not seem real. I have so long been in this game that I can sense that a testimonial is real or fake.
  • But for the inexperienced eye, there are some hints to notice. Such as there are no photos of persons testifying, not even stock photos. Also, no business, website or social media links of these persons are provided.
  • You can assume that these are not real people.
  • Payment proves they provided are also untrustworthy.

Fake testimonials are a classic sign of a scam website. Because real people can’t get any benefits from these scams, hence no real testimonial.

They Didn’t Work With These Famous Brands:

  • You would see logos of big brands such as Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's, McDonald's etc. at the website of Referral Pay implying that these brands trust Referral Pay and involved with it in any capacity.
  • They never revealed what services they performed for these big brands and never given any proof of that work.
  • We simply can’t believe that Referral Pay was involved with these world-famous brands in any way.
  • They put these logos of top brands at their site to create and increase their trust in the visitor's mind.
  • They are telling lies, and they have never worked with these trusted names.

When Was Referral Pay Created?

  • In the About section of their site, they said that Referral Pay was founded in 2015 and providing services since 2015.
  • But if you check the website at Whois Lookup, you’ll found that the domain of Referral Pay was registered in 2019.
  • They are telling lies for such a small thing also.
  • They want to create trust by showing that they are experienced, providing services for five years, and they're not going anywhere. Scam websites have this thing that they change domains quickly and frequently, by showing that they're in business for five years they want to cover up this thing.

Now there are tools available where you can find the stats of a website, it required little effort, but it can protect you from becoming the victims of scams.

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Who Created Referral Pay?

  • When any person creates a brand, he tells the people proudly about it. You know founders of all the famous and legit brands such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can see and learn about me also at this website and my social media handles.
  • Then why the founders of Referral Pay are hiding. You can never know who created this website or scheme. There are no names, pictures or any details of founders available at the website.
  • It's a big question mark on the legitimacy of this scheme. Scam websites, usually, don't reveal the names of the founders or even if they show they're usually fake.

You can't trust a company about which you know nothing. You don't remember any credentials of the people work at Referral Pay. It's a big danger sign.

Revealed – The Hidden Secret Of Referral Pay:

I can hear the big question banging your head … why they're doing this entire thing? Even if they're a scam, they are not extracting any money from referrals?

  • The thing is they’re not scamming you to squeeze dollars out of you. But they’re using you as a product.
  • The primary purpose of Referral Pay is to steal your identity. On the pretext of setting an account, they get your real name, phone number, home address, email address etc. You also have to provide these details when you answer the questions of surveys.
  • After gathering your personal data, they would sell to other companies and scammers, and soon you would see a barrage of marketing emails in your inbox. You would wonder that you never signed up for these services, from where they got your data?
  • They will call you with your real name, and you get tired deleting these spam emails.

They would be no ‘unsubscribe' button in most of these emails. So, the purpose of the Referral Pay is to gather the data of as many real persons as possible and then sell it to buyers.

Referral Pay: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  • According to my in-depth research, you would never find any person to whom this website paid any money.
  • They never revealed their actual purpose behind all this exercise.
  • The testimonials of the people at Referral Pay are entirely fake.
  • They hid every detail about the founders.
  • Accusing you of fraud stats when you approach them for cashing out dollars in your account.
  • The real purpose of the whole this exercise is to steal your data and sell it.

So, in my opinion, Referral Pay is a complete scam. They're after your personal information, and they're not going to pay you any money.

I don’t recommend Referral Pay. Stay miles away from it!

Big Question: Is There A Legit And Easier Way To Make Money?

  • Actually, yes, there is! I'm moving into digital marketing space since 2006. I have seen lots of summers and winters in this field. The easiest and most potent way to earn money online in 2020 is lead generation.
  • Lead generation means helping local businesses to get more and more customers.
  • Lead generation will remain relevant forever as competition is getting hard among the local businesses.
  • Can you believe I earn 4-5 figures monthly by providing services of lead generation?
  • The way of getting leads is running Facebook ads. But anyone can do that. Isn’t it? Actually no!

Anyone can run Facebook ads, but not everyone can run successful Facebook ads which yield customers and provide high ROI.

But you can learn it with Local Marketing Vault.

What is Local Marketing Vault?

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  • By taking this program, you can also join a Facebook community of over 5500 digital marketers.

So if you’re taking online earning series and not just a side hustle then right now check out the Local Marketing Vault.

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