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Raphael Vargas Net Worth

Raphael vargas net worth
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Everything you need to know about Raphael Vargas net worth

Raphael Vargas is the Chief Executive Officer at Ace Equity Pros. The 25 year old has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Go through the article to find out about his inspiring journey and how he managed to raise his fortune at such a young age

  • At the age of 21, he started investing and set a seven-figure property company at the age of 24. In the last three years, his company has purchased and sold more than $35 million of property. He is based in Washington, DC. He has generated millions in revenues, operating in three key markets: DC, Baltimore, and Tampa, Florida. Currently, he owns $15 million worth of property. 

He is an entrepreneur by trade. At the age of 21, he invested in the property for the first time. However, he was robbed and hit rock bottom. The person defrauded him through fake paperwork and documentation and robbed him of the $3000 investment he made. It was all he had at that time. Raphael Vargas said it taught him to choose the right individuals to learn from in coaching. 

  • So far, he has helped pay off his father's house, allowed his mother to retire, and takes care of his mentally disabled brother. Raphael Vargas has a mission that he lives by. He wants to help people create their own businesses. He wants to create market leaders, and for this mission, he has trained hundreds of developers about taking advantage of entrepreneurship without capital from scratch. In an interview with Joe Fairless, he said, 

“It’s crazy to see people in America not striving for success and actually obtaining it… Because this is America, this is the land of the free. We literally have every opportunity to be successful here – financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically”.

  • Raphael Vargas also works in Amazon dropshipping. He targets the top products on Amazon and provides drop-shipping service to customers. While the Amazon team has to do most of the work, Raphael earns thousands of dollars as passive income each month. 

Raphael Vargas net worth

Based on Raphael's sources and statements in some interviews, we can estimate his net worth to be around $5 million. Of course, this does not include taxes, corporate costs, charities, and the luxurious lifestyle of Raphael Vargas.

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