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Profit Point Autonomy Review: Daily $500 Earning Scam  

Profit Point Autonomy ScamHave you ever imagined yourself earning $500 a day without the daily 9-5 grind? Do you want to become the ultimate guru in the online earning space? Then you might want to join Profit Point Autonomy.

The Profit Point Autonomy claims that it can turn you into a master of online earning, enabling you to cash in $500 daily. But how much of that is actually the truth? I've tried and tested the program and here is my review on PPA (Profit Point Autonomy). Keep on reading to learn whether the claims are true and whether there is a  better course out there that offers more.

Profit Point Autonomy is a program where you are provided with a push-button app after signing up. By pushing this button, an affiliate marketing website will be created automatically for you to use, and you will start to earn $500 or more without much effort. It claims to automate your earnings.

It seems a bit impossible, doesn't it?

You see, here's the ugly truth, most scams advertise that you make a lot of money easily by investing very little. They know that if you are asked to put in the effort to get results, you would not buy their product or service. They take the benefit of this psyche of people.

Why Am I Writing This Profit Point Autonomy Review?

  • To save you from becoming the victim of a scam. I’m in the online marketing field since 2006. In starting, I had wasted thousands of dollars, countless hours, and a lot of effort to learn digital and affiliate marketing by becoming prey to these scams.

I owe it to myself to expose as many scams as possible and save as many people I can from becoming victims of these scams.

They not only deceive you and deprive you of your hard-earned money, but as a result, you'll also end up losing your confidence, your self-belief, and your faith in online earning. After becoming the victim of a scam, you would naturally regard online and affiliate marketing as dubious ways to earn money.

Disclaimer: These reviews you read at this site are based on my honest and 100% unbiased opinions. I do not take any money for recommending or downgrading a course. I call a spade a spade and do not hesitate to declare a program a scam if, in fact, it is a scam!

I did in-depth research about Profit Point Autonomy to know their procedure, operations, founders, and testimonials. I wanted to personally test their claims, which play a significant role in convincing people to join a program such as this.

So without further ado, let’s jump at the overview of this money-churning program.

 A Complete Overview Of The Profit Point Autonomy:

  • Profit point autonomy claims to be an affiliate marketing program.
  • First, you have to provide your email ID on the Profit Point Autonomy’s website. After that, you have to pay $47 to get access to the money-making app.
  • After paying $47, they give you access to a push-button, whereby just pressing the button, you will create a new affiliate marketing website, and that website will make you $500 or more per day on autopilot.
  • But in reality, you are not given any access to a money-making website; instead, only some very basic and generic information about affiliate marketing is provided.
  • They claim that only the first very lucky 300 people can join Profit Point Autonomy. That sounds a lot like a marketing gimmick in order to create a false sense of urgency and scarcity.
  • After getting your email ID and $47, they will quickly try to upsell you more expensive offers. If you accepted any of their offers, you will find yourself going deep and deep into this rabbit hole. You will not be able to get out of this easily because the creators make everything sound very convincing.

This is the whole process of Profit Point Autonomy.

It reminds me of Website ATM, another scam that I have reviewed recently. Check it before joining this program because there is a stark resemblance between the two which can’t be avoided.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

Similarities Between Profit Point Autonomy and Website ATM:

  • Affiliate Program: Like this program, Website ATM is also based on affiliate marketing.
  • Founder: The founder of Website ATM is also a little known accountant as PPA.
  • Joining Fee: Website ATM also requires a $47 fee for joining the program, and the same case is with Profit Point Autonomy.
  • Upsells: Website ATM also offers you upsells in the same way.
  • Push-Button: Just like PPA, Website ATM also provides you with a push-button app.
  • Creating New Website: As in Profit Point Autonomy, you can also create a new affiliate website with a button's push.
  • $500 Daily: Website ATM also claims that you will start to make $500 daily from the very first day after creating the website.

These similarities create a strong suspicion that it is the same program. The people behind Website ATM changed the domain or simultaneously ran the same types of multiple websites.

Let’s check how much it will cost you.

How Much Does Profit Point Autonomy Cost?

  • It would cost you $47 to join Profit Point Autonomy.
  • But quickly after joining the program, you have to deal with an army of upsells which would run into $100s.
  • You are prompted to buy the upsells because the basic information about affiliate marketing shared with you does not prove enough to help you earn $500 daily.
  • You also have to share your email ID with them.

Beware that you will not be able to take a refund of your paid fees.

What Will You Learn With This Program?

  • They claim that this program is based on affiliate marketing. After signing up for the program, they will share with you very basic information about affiliate marketing.
  • You can get that information on YouTube or the internet for free. Why do you have to pay them for this basic information, which is useless in earning money online?
  • You simply can’t earn $500 daily using basic and generic information about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is real. I'm earning a 4-5 figure monthly income with it. But you require a lot of effort and skills to make that kind of money with it. It's not a walk in the park. There exist no such affiliate programs on the internet that guarantee this big amount of daily earnings for beginners.

Who Founded This Program?

  • fake founderAll scams have one thing in common: they don't reveal the names and other details of their founders or creators.
  • On the website, you will find a video with a presenter named “Mason Brown,” he will tell you about money making with push-button websites.
  • Unfortunately, this video rarely talks about who the founder is and what his real achievements are.
  • They have also not mentioned anything about the founder of this program on their website.

So we don’t know who created this program. We don’t know anything about the team behind it, which makes this program quite dubious.

What About Testimonials – Are They Real?

  • The people giving testimonial seems to be bots and not real users.
  • Hiring agencies to post fake reviews or to use stock photos of people for fake testimonials is a usual way of the scams to create trust. And this is exactly what PPA is doing.

These testimonials are not trustworthy. Please don't believe them even for a moment.

What About Money Back Guarantee?

  • To lure you in and take the risk at their side, they provide 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • That means if you don’t make any money after investing in their program, they will return all of your invested money. It’s a way to convince people that they have nothing to lose, and by investing in their program if you would not make any money, you also wouldn’t lose any money.
  • Actually, it’s hogwash. You're never really given your money back once it ends up in their bank account.

In my research, I was able to come across a number of people complaining that they couldn't get their money back.

There are no contact details of the founders or team members on the website, so you can't actually reach anyone to get your money back.

Would You Actually Make $500 Daily?

  • The straight answer is NO!
  • Can you really expect to make approx 15k dollars a month by just pushing a button and then simply waiting for the dollars to come into your account automatically?
  • Do actually believe that an affiliate website can make money on its own from the very first day without the addition of relevant content, SEO, and other strategies, and without partnering with an affiliate program?
  • As I have mentioned above, their testimonials are fake, and in reality, no one is making any money out of this program.
  • You will not be able to get your invested money back, and their 60-day money-back guarantee is a complete lie.

The bad news is that this program is not an affiliate marketing program, and you would not be successful in making any money using this system.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

Is Profit Point Autonomy Legit Or A Scam?

is profit point autonomy a scam?

  • I'm in affiliate marketing for over a decade, and I know that making $500 daily is not possible even for most experienced marketers. So, the claim that you will make $500 or more per day from the very first day of signing up is a hard one to swallow.
  • There is no such thing in this industry that can enable you to make a ton of money without putting any effort and just by investing $47 and pushing a button. You have to put a countless number of hours and sleepless-nights in learning and working to earn a sizable legit income online.
  • Their testimonials are fake. I've not come across a single person who was able to earn any money through using this program. Instead, a lot of people who signed up for the program want to get their money back, but they can't.
  • You wouldn't make any money in this program because that's not how affiliate marketing works.

In light of the facts mentioned above and test results, my honest opinion is that it's a complete and naked scam. There is no truth in any of their claims.

Do I Recommend Profit Point Autonomy?

  • Nope! I do not recommend Profit Point Autonomy to anyone. As I mentioned above, all of their claims are white lies, and it's a straight-up scam.
  • They are after your money and your contact details to sell to other scam marketers.

Because of these scams, many people think that affiliate marketing is nothing but a way to deceive people. Actually, it's not. It's a way of marketing where you sell other people's products or services or generate leads for them and get your legit commission. But for that, you require real knowledge and skills in marketing.

What Is The Easiest And Legit Way To Make Money Online?

  • lmv-newlogoAs you know, I'm in this industry since 2006. According to my experience, the easier and 100% legit way to make money online is lead generation for local businesses.
  • More and more leads or customers are the need of every local business. More leads mean more business, and more business means more profit. Without getting consistent leads, a business cannot survive and thrive.

I used Facebook ads to generate leads. It's not easy to craft a successful Facebook ad campaign to get leads. You need to know about the target audience, buyer personas, segmentation, copywriting, and many other things to generate leads through Facebook ads. The best way to learn this most profitable skill is by Local Market Vault.

Generate Consistent Leads With Local Marketing Vault:

  • Local Marketing Vault is the result-oriented Facebook ad, and sales funnel training program. This program will train you to generate quality leads for local businesses. You can make up to 4-5 figure monthly income with the skills learned through this program.
  • This program not only teaches you crafting successful Facebook ads and making customized sales funnels for your client's business, but you will be able to learn different skills such as copywriting, affiliate marketing, selling yourself, online earning, etc.
  • You don’t have to have years of experience and a college degree to get massive results with Local Marketing Vault. You will see real people who are making staggering amounts of money using skills taught in this program.
  • By joining the Local Marketing Vault, you will be eligible to join a Facebook community of over 5000 digital marketers. You will learn the secrets of online marketing, and you can share your marketing related problems and get instant solutions in this group.

If you’re truly honest with your career and want to make it in the arena of online earning, then …

… don’t sit back and join Local Marketing Vault … RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Very informative and straightforward review of a online business opportunity. Thank you very much! You saved me some money and aggravation.


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