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Frank Kern Net Worth

frank kern net worth
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Everything you need to know about Frank Kern Net Worth

Frank Kern is an internet marketer and a copyright expert. He is the creator of Behavioral Dynamic Response which is an automated marketing method that speeds your sales cycle by customizing your marketing messages based on the prospect's behavior. He is the most sought-after Direct Response internet marketing consultant. He has an estimated net worth of $33 million as of 2021. Here are some facts about his life and road to  success  

 Early Life and Career

  • Frank was born on August 30th, 1973 in America which makes him an American national. He went to Syracuse University however he never completed his education and soon started working on his career as a salesman selling door to door for credit card processing systems. 
  • Later he got the idea to sell those credit card machines online. He did his research and found an internet marketing course online which cost about $275. This course taught him how to make money online and faster and yes he did make money from it. This was a course on responsive advertising and copywriting and he studied it obsessively. 
  • For the next 6 years, he tested out everything that he had learned and there were failures in it too. 
  • His big breakthrough came from placing online ads to sell pet training manuals to parrot and dog owners. Once he crossed $100,000 sales in a month he started showing others his progress. 
  • Currently, he has established himself as a successful marketing guru with clients from all across the world.   

Internet Marketing 

Arguably he is one of the most successful people in the business. His goal is to help other internet marketers and entrepreneurs who are striving to start their own businesses while using ads that can generate a lot of profit. He has coined the phrase “Behavioral Dynamic Response” which means sending prospects and following up based on the marketing. Frank considers this the holy grail of marketing. 

  • He is currently living in San Diego with his wife and his kids. He has kept his private life away from the limelight. He hasn't really been vocal about his private life either.  
  • One of his lessons is that words are weapons. He knows how to write and whoever reads his sales letters surely doesn't forget what he has written and wants to write the same way. 
  • People have made millions of dollars from the lessons they have learned from Frank. 
  • He mentions in his blog posts and on his social media platforms that “Demonstrate you can help someone by actually helping them” As basic as it sounds he is actually right, everyone actually forgets to do this, they get involved with tactics and tech stuff. 
  • His 30th Online anniversary is coming up, so many tech gurus have come and gone in the past few decades. Being slow and steady isn't always the goal, some of these millionaires go by really really fast but they stick to their businesses like glue. 
  • He does all sorts of stuff, from launching products teamed up with all the top names, but his core business has always been solving problems for other business owners. He's adapted to the algorithms and new platforms of coming and going, along with legal trials but he is highly sought and paid like a king. 

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