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Peter Pru Net Worth

peter pru net worth
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Everything you need to know about Peter Pru net worth

A 28-year-old YouTuber and entrepreneur have a story worth bearing in mind. As of 2020, Peter Peru's net worth is about 4 Million Dollars. Want to know how he got this far? Read on to find out yourself. 

  • Peter Pru has established, evolved, and extended many online companies with 6-7 figures across multiple industries. He has earned several 2-Comma Club awards from Clickfunnels to gain over $1,000,000 in funnel revenue. He is the founder of Empire Builders Ecommerce, where he shares his techniques to create profitable e-commerce enterprises. He is also the founder of Untapped Focus, the first organic solution for entrepreneurs.

When he was a freshman in college, Peter's been busy and built himself a $50k a month Amazon business, which was doing very well. A little too well that it got his competitors falsely accused him only to bring him down. He was banned from Amazon and lost everything. Peter worked it all out a year later, but there was nothing he could do to revive it, and he was left with forty thousand dollars of unsold product sitting in an Amazon warehouse.

  • Peter doesn't let his failure keep him down and stood right up this time with a goal far more significant than before. He studied e-commerce inside out and gained as much knowledge as possible, and opened a startup selling fishing supplies. He used all the tricks in the book and made enough to donate $1million to charity and won a 2-Comma Club 2-Heart Award.

Along his journey, he also started making videos on youtube, giving people bits of advice and tips to create their own e-commerce. This was his side project, but then it started to get a lot of popularity, and he decided to become an online mentor. To guide his viewers to complete ecommerce success, he founded Empire Builders Ecommerce, where he shared his deepest secrets and excellent tips. 

  • He also expanded his brand to Untapped Focus, the first natural supplement for entrepreneurs that promises to provide them with the energy to build their side hustle into something that they have never imagined. Their company's key point is that they use all-natural ingredients with no carbs and sugar. He started this setup during the rise in the demand for supplementary organic drinks. 

With his proactive thinking and determined will, he was able to become exceptionally good with e-commerce, and now he is among one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

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