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Nav Net Worth

nav net worth
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Everything you need to know about Nav Net Worth

Navraj Sign Goraya who is professionally known by his stage name Nav is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer who belongs from Toronto, Ontario. He didn't start as a singer but the foundation of his career was actually producing. He co-produced Drake's song in 2015. He slowly gained fame in 2016 after his own song “Myself” went viral. Nav is currently signed with two-second labels one of which is The Weeknd’s label called XO Records. Nav has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2021. 

 Early Life and Career

  • Navraj Singh was born on 3rd November 1989 in Toronto, Ontario He was raised by his parents in Rexdale. His family hails from the northern state of Punjab in India and practices the religion of Sikhism. 
  • His mother and father used to work day and night. His mother was a computer manufacturer whereas his father was involved in forklifts. 
  • He never really thought about music as a child but started becoming interested in it when his mother got him a boombox when he was in third grade. 
  • Goraya had a history of music in his family. His uncle was a singer in Punjab and he was the first person who took him to the studio from where he started making mashups for local Toronto Artists. He slowly became popular on Soundcloud. 
  • Nav was bullied throughout high school because of his ethnicity and his religion. Due to which he started getting bad grades and eventually he had to graduate a year later.
  • After graduating from high school he got enrolled in the Metalworks school in 2010 where he got a diploma in Audio production and engineering.  

Music career 

Nav started his career by co-producing a diss track for Drake called “Back to Back”. This track was directed by Meek Mill. In early September he released his own track on SoundCloud that gained lots of followers and it currently has more than 10 million streams on SoundCloud. His next song “Myself” was one of the most famous songs that he ever created. This is the song that raised him to fame. 

  • His first song Myself was not very known and famous among people but as soon as makeup mogul Kylie Jenner posted a story of herself lip-syncing to the lyrics people started going crazy over the song and it eventually became very famous. 
  • The youtube views for the song smashed records and streamed up to hundreds of millions of views in no time. 
  • He started gaining fame after this due to which he got a chance to sing with Travis Scott on his song Yosemite. When the song was originally released you could hardly hear the verse that he sang but later the song was re-released which proved that it was all a mixing mistake. 
  • He doesn't have a lot of musical influences but growing up he was a big fan of Nas.  He aspired to be someone like him when he grew up. 
  • His parents don't get his music at all but they have been supportive of him and his career since the start. According to them, if he is healthy and happy then there is nothing that can bring him down. One of Nav’s goals is that he does not want people to misinterpret his Indian family or anyone of his descent.  
  •  Nav has faced a lot of criticism too for using the N-word in his songs which is a racial slur and shouldn't be used. Where he came from people used it a lot so he did not have an idea of what it was but after facing a lot of criticism he stopped using it. 

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