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Ina Garten Quotes

Ina Garten born in 1948 is a famous American author and host of the Food Network Program called “Barefoot Contessa”. Her interest in cooking developed when her mother in law bought her a subscription for cookbooks.

She began her career through her gourmet food store and now has published several cookbooks and popular food program as well. 

“It is essential to get bored before you figure out what excites you.  Fear is a ‘pond’ and you have to jump into the pond even though you’re scared.  Working through fear is a good thing.  You want that nervous energy in your work.”

“If it’s not scary, everyone else would do it.”

“Success is part luck, and part working really hard.  To manage to keep on top of everything, work really hard, and enjoy yourself.  It’s really not so complicated.”

“Little gestures go a long way.”

“I love to take something ordinary and make it really special.”

“My desire to cook comes from taking care of people.  I love the process of giving people something that they enjoy, so I think that’s really what makes me happy.”

 “One of the great gifts that you can give people is to cook for them.  Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to those you love.”

“The most important thing for having a party is that the hostess is having fun.”

“I time everything.  I’m a scientist at heart.”

“You can be miserable before you have a cookie, and you can be miserable after you eat a cookie, but you can’t be miserable while you are eating a cookie.  Most of life’s problems can be solved with a good cookie.”

“Telling people why a marriage works might be simple; actually living that and choosing that day in and day out isn’t always so easy.”

“You can teach people about cheese, but you can’t teach them to be happy.”

“When I thought my professional career was over, it hadn’t even started yet.”

“It’s really quite overwhelming, and that just encourages me to do it more.”

 “All my life I dreamed of an apartment in Paris where I could cook and now I have one, on the Left Bank.”

“I get up every day, do the best that I can do, and go home and have a good time.”

“Don’t worry so much.  It’ll be all right.  It’ll all turn out okay.”

“Be thankful for what you have you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

“Stay safe and have a very good time, and don’t forget the cocktails.”

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