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Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist Review: Read This Before Declaring It A Scam!

This is the ultimate review of Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter published by Banyan Hill.

Real Wealth Strategist
Real Wealth Strategist

I have tried my best to address every possible query of yours. In this review, you will find whether it's a scam? Does it offer good value for your money? To whom is it best suited? And what does it cost? So, stay with me …

Disclaimer: I'm not associated, affiliated, or in any way profited by Real Wealth Strategist, its publishing company, or its author. This review is my personal and professional opinion and my honest take on this newsletter for the good of my readers.

Without further ado, let’s jump on the review …

A Bird’s-Eye View Of Real Wealth Strategist:

  • Real Wealth Strategist is a monthly investment and financial newsletter. It offers explicit advice and makes recommendations about investment in natural resources such as metals, gold, oil, mining, etc. So, if you're interested in investing money in these things, subscribing to this newsletter might help you evaluate and determine various stock options.
  • Banyan Hill, a well-known financial research and publishing institution, publishes this newsletter. Agora Financial, a publishing giant, is the parent company of Banyan Hill. These credible names behind this newsletter make it more legit.
  • The StockGumShoe rating of Real Wealth Strategist is not so good. It regards it as a “monthly ‘entry level’ natural resources advisory.” With 270 votes, the overall rating of this newsletter is just 3-stars, which I think is not good enough.
  • The author, as well as editor of this advisory, is Matt Badiali. He’s a well-known financial analyst. Before this newsletter, he edited the Resource Report for Stansberry Research. He started his career as a Geologist in 1996. But it came to him that he’s more comfortable in finance and switched the career in 2005 and joined Stansberry Research. He left this company in 2017 and joined Banyan Hill. He's also the founder and CEO of Mangrove Investor Media.
  • I find him a well-respected and credible financial expert. He has appeared several times on national and local media outlets such as Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, i24News, etc., offering advice about stocks and finance. He regularly uses Facebook and posts family pictures, a thing that most financial experts don't do. It makes him more legit—another green flag.
  • Perhaps his background in Geology made him choose natural resources for offering investment advice through this newsletter. If you're not particularly interested in investing in natural resources, then this newsletter carries little value for you.
  • Remember that it's an entry-level newsletter, so it is perfect for budding investors with a low-risk appetite. But you should also not expect massive gains instantly. You have to wait for a reasonable time to expect a good return.

Beware that, as with all the other financial newsletters, it does not guarantee positive results. You can use it as a reference but don't entirely rely on it for investment decisions. As with all the stock investment decisions, the risk of losing money exists. A good thing about this newsletter is that it mainly suggests less risky options.

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe To This Newsletter?

  • To subscribe to this newsletter, you have to choose one of the three membership levels, i.e., standard, premium, and deluxe.
  • Standard membership costs just $47.
  • You have to pay $79 for gold level and $129 for deluxe level membership.
  • The contents of the packages include instant access to the website, monthly newsletter, portfolio with buy and sell tables, weekly podcasts, trade alerts, previous newsletters, and Golden Rolodex interviews access, etc.

Admittedly, the price of this newsletter is affordable because it is more targeted for the new and beginning investors and traders. It does not hurt much if you pay a meager amount like this to get the expert opinion.

Real Wealth Strategist: Legit Or Just Another Scam?

When I have to decide about the legitimacy of a program, course, app, or scheme, I usually pay attention to following things along with using my professional expertise and sense:

  • First, I read users' reviews. What they are saying, and is there any merit in their opinions. I have read reviews about Real Wealth Strategist but never found anything that suggests that it's a scam. Most of the negative reviews are about not making money using the advice of this newsletter and not about getting scammed.
  • Secondly, I look into the man behind the brand. Is he a real person? Whether he's well-known or unknown? Is he famous or infamous? What’s his history? The author/editor of this newsletter, Matt Badiali, is a real person; he's a well-known financial analyst with more than 15 years of experience working in finance in reputed institutions. He is also frequently featured on national media to offer his opinion about matters related to investment and finance. I do not doubt that he's a legit person.
  • I also gather information about the company selling the product. Banyan Hill is a credible and famous financial research publishing company. It’s 100% legit.
  • Then comes the product. Is the product genuine? Does it offer good value in return for money or not? Real Wealth Strategist is a newsletter offering financial advice and investment recommendations. I would say that it provides what it promises, i.e., advice. The decision to follow that advice is your prerogative, and you can't blame the newsletter for unfavorable outcomes.

Keeping in view the above arguments, I would say that Real Wealth Strategist is NOT a scam. It does not mean that you follow its advice blindly. Due care and caution are crucial in financial matters.

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How Easy Is It To Make Money Using This Newsletter?

  • Suppose you invest in gold, and tomorrow the market takes a bullish trend and gold stocks go through the roof, it means you will make good money in just one day. But that is the one in a million cases.
  • I was trying to say that you can't really predict the future of the market. A lot is dependent on luck. In stocks, you have equal chances of gaining or losing money, no matter what newsletter you subscribe to.
  • Because of this unpredictable nature of the market, I don’t recommend investing in stocks. I abhor giving my life in the hands of luck and accept a passive role.
  • Real Wealth Strategist is an entry-level newsletter. It avoids risky options like a plaque. That’s why if you’re looking for easy and quick money, then this is not your thing because it lingers towards long-term investment.
  • Many persons have this false assumption that making money in stocks is easy and a passive affair. Actually, it’s not like that.

Maybe you get lucky, but otherwise, making money using this newsletter is anything but easy.

Do I Recommend It?

It depends on a lot of factors.

  • If you're so adamant in the investing scene that you don't want to think about doing any other thing for making money. But you're new to this world and want to play with caution; then I would say that give this newsletter a fair chance. Beware, though; it's just for referral purposes, and don't base your investment decisions merely on the advice of a newsletter.
  • It offers advice only about investing in natural resources. So, if you're not interested in investing in these natural resources, you should not buy a subscription to this newsletter.
  • Also, if you're an experienced investor and can take more significant risks for massive gains, in that case, this newsletter has little value for you. You need a bit more robust and advanced advice, which this newsletter can't provide.
  • Here I want to reveal that I’m not in favor of investing your hard-earned money in stocks. I’m in favor of using this money for learning a valuable skill and starting your own business.

If you're not entirely sold out to the idea of investing in stocks, and want to know any other surer and legit way of making money, then I have something for you.

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  • It also boasts of an exclusive Facebook community of over 5500 marketers. The members are super-helpful in solving the problems, and they also share new strategies and techniques in the group, making it insanely valuable.

I don't think Real Wealth Strategist would cut it and provide you that kind of money that you always dream of. For that purpose, you have to build a career, a business. And for creating a damn good and lucrative career, you have to join Local Marketing Vault.

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