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Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

This Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities review answers every question and suspicion of yours about this newsletter. In the end, I will also make recommendations, based on my years of experience, skills, knowledge, and research, whether to pursue stock investing or not. So, stay with me …

Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities
Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities

If you have just recently developed an interest in stock trading than you’re not the only victim. Lockdowns because of Covid-19 and staying at home have pushed a lot of people towards stocks. Activity in stock market has dramatically increased in 2020 according to this report.

For sure having more activity is good for the market but the question that begs the answer is whether it’s productive or profitable for you or not? Will you make any money out of it? And for that how much you have to wait? Or is there any risk of losing money? All these questions are amply answered below.

This rise in demand has also given birth to many scams. The sole purpose of them is to make money out of people’s desire to learn and do stock trading. We will see whether Investment Opportunities is one of them.

But first I’ve to tell you why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Investment Opportunities Review?

  • Honestly the sole purpose of this website is to provide the best money-making opportunities to my readers and also to warn and alert them about scams. So, this review is part of this purpose.
  • If I find out that it’s a worthwhile opportunity then I will wholeheartedly suggest you buy Investment Opportunities but I would forbid you in case it seems otherwise.

Disclaimer: I’m not reviewing Investment Opportunities to promote their business or to criticize unfairly. This review is my honest and professional opinion. By no means, I'm associated or affiliated with them in any way. I will get no benefit if you buy the subscription or don’t give a hoot about it.

I’ve spent much time to dig out the facts and under the carpet details to present you with the true picture. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Without further ado, let’s jump on the review …

A Synopsis Of Investment Opportunities:

  • Investment Opportunities is a newsletter by Matt McCall, offering investment and stock advice to the subscribers.
  • Matt McCall is a well-recognized stock investor and financial expert having years of experience. As stockbroker, he worked at Charles Schwab. He’s also the founder of Point B Publishing, Penn Financial Group, and CrowdVest.
  • He frequently offers financial advice at CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, etc.
  • Moreover, he’s resident financial expert with the daily show Making Money with Charles Payne at Fox Business.
  • He’s not limited just to TV screens; he has a vibrant social media presence and following on Twitter and YouTube.
  • This all means he’s been considered as a legit expert in the financial and investing field. Matt has over 19 years of experience in this industry and he knows all the ins and outs of this trade.
  • I think you can trust him, he’s not a scammer.
  • Now come to the Investment Opportunities. This newsletter is published by InvestorPlace and Matt is the editor of it. InvestorPlace is a famous independent financial research company, publishing many newsletters and offering many financial services.
  • Investment Opportunities newsletter offers monthly advice related to stocks, investing, and finance and also makes recommendations for the subscribers.
  • Most of the investing and stock recommendations of this newsletter are about tech and AI. But they also provide recommendations about real estate, gold, commodities, etc.

What’s Included In The Subscription Of Investment Opportunities?

There’s not just a monthly newsletter, the following goodies are also included in the subscription package:

Monthly Investment Opportunities Newsletter:

You will receive 12 monthly Investment Opportunities newsletters after subscribing. It’s the main course. It will provide you stock news, investing recommendations, expert views and more.

Stock Alerts:

They will also send you stock alerts via email.

Special Reports:

They will share with you special reports about new tech and international business trends for more gains.

Investment Opportunities Owner’s Manual:

In this short manual you will know about how Matt approaches the business opportunities. The way he finds them and makes profit of them. You will learn the best way of picking, buying, and selling stocks.

That’s all included in your subscription package. If you’ve just started investing in stock market or want to dip your toes, that’s more than enough to steer you in the right direction.

However, you have to take every stock recommendation and prediction with a grain of salt, since no one can make the stock predictions with 100% certainty. Yes, it’s a risky business.

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe Investment Opportunities?

One good thing you can take out of all this is that Investment Opportunities does not cost much.

  • The price of the yearly subscription package is just $99.
  • In this fraction of an amount you can pick the experts brain about stock and investment.
  • They also provide 30-days money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the information provided via newsletter and reports, you can get your money back. That’s some good marketing.
  • But you have to be prepare for the upsells also as this newsletter is just tip of the ice berg. You’re hot and they can’t leave hot leads without selling something more robust and more profitable.

This newsletter is best for beginners and for people who want less-risky stock recommendations. But if you’re a seasoned investor or an old dog and want something more robust and adventurous then this newsletter is not for you.

Investment Opportunities: Legit Or Just Another Scam:

Having doubts about anything related to stocks is pretty normal, considering the number of scams one can face in stock and investment industry.

  • But I can say without any doubt that Investment Opportunities newsletter is NOT a scam.
  • It’s a genuine, valuable, trusted stock and financial advice provider.
  • Matt McCall is a well-known and legit financial expert.
  • I also didn’t find people, online or offline, who would say that they are scammed into buying this newsletter.

You can say all hell about stock market or financial experts. You can question the usefulness and effectiveness of the advice provide by this newsletter. But you can’t say that it’s a scam, because it’s not.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It To Make Money By Subscribing Investment Opportunities?

No matter how much I want to say it’s easy, actually it’s not. You see, what you get by subscribing to Investment Opportunities? Some information and some advice.

  • That information may proof beneficial to you and you may make a hell of money in the long run but it can also proof wrong and by acting on it you can lose a boatload of money.
  • This info and advice can go both side and a lot is dependent on luck. People make money and people lose money that’s how the stock world works. If you’re a beginner or a small investor, you can’t take risk of losing substantial amount of money because you wouldn’t recover from it.

The crux is that if you’re after easy money and a quick return without taking the risk of losing your hard-earned cash then trading stocks is not for you and Investment Opportunities has no use to you.

Do I recommend subscribing Investment Opportunities Newsletter?

It depends. If you’re so adamant to invest in stocks, or your wife have forced you, or you have banged your head somewhere and also have some money to blow but are enough clear-headed to play the long game then I would suggest you to go ahead and buy the subscription of this newsletter. It’s just $99, it will not break your bank.

  • But it’s not the subscription of Investment Opportunities that I am against; it’s the idea of investing in stocks.
  • Just look around and try to see that how many small-timers got success in making money by trading stocks. The percentage will be very low. On the other hand, you will see that a lot of people actually have lost money in stocks.

That’s why I don’t recommend you to go down this road. I would suggest you to shed this idea of investing your hard-earned money in stocks. Instead, try to do some other less risky and more useful thing to make money, try to learn some profitable skill such as lead generation.

An Easier, Surer, And More ‘Active’ Way To Make Good Money:

If you’re willing to shed your stock addiction, I can show you a better, easier, and faster way of making good money without waiting for good luck to happen.

  • I’m currently making 4-5 figures monthly income by generating leads for the local businesses and in my 15-year career as a digital marketer and entrepreneur I never come across a more effective way to make money online.
  • I use Facebook ads to attract the target audience. You run Facebook ads, push leads into the funnel, you make money for the local businesses and earn yourself a decent commission. No one loses, everyone gains, and everyone is happy.
  • If you become expert at generating leads you become backbone of any business. No one can afford to lose you because you’re bringing in new customers.

I know if you’re not already familiar with lead generation, it sounds intimidating to you. You don’t know anything about running successful Facebook ads and never heard about sales funnels in your life. I was like that some years ago. But then I put myself into learning this thing. By a sheer stroke of luck I signed up for Local Marketing Vault and it opened my eyes to the exciting world of local lead generation.

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

If you want to learn local lead generation from A-Z and want to acquire practical skills, not just theory, then look no further. Local Marketing Vault is just right for you.

It’s a complete training program for learning Facebook ads and sales funnels for the purpose of lead generation.

  • You don’t need to be an experienced marketer or a pro to get the benefit of this training; even beginners are making 4-5 figure monthly income after taking this program.
  • It will also provide you with many pre-made sales funnels. You can implement them to your client’s business as they are or you can modify them according to your need for getting maximum results. Whether your client is a lawyer, a plumber, or a dentist, a pre-made funnel is there for you in the program.
  • Local Marketing Vault also provides you with an opportunity to become a member of an exclusive Facebook community of over 5500 digital marketers. You can’t imagine the amount of value you can get out of this hyper-active group.

Can you seriously imagine your future in stocks? Can you wait for years to get a good return on your investment? Because I highly doubt that. Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities newsletter is good but it’s not effective for making money and it’s not for you.

Earning legit, consistent, and good money is your right. Don’t wait for it to happen. Join the Local Marketing Vault right now!

1 thought on “Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. I joined Matt McCall and Steve Sjuggerud o July 7, 2020 and wish to cancel before I’m charged for another year. However, I truly enjoyed Matt McCall’s Stock information and will miss it tremendously.


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