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forever-living-300x199Forever Living is a company that has been capitalizing on a miracle ingredient in the beauty and health world. This ingredient is called aloe vera and a lot of products that are super popular now use this ingredient.

A lot of consumers haven’t seen much difference in Forever Living products versus their competitors but everyone has different needs and wellness goals.

Some of their products are also needlessly expensive even though aloe vera isn’t that pricey to use. I am reviewing this company and will be giving you all the details you need to know about them.

To start off with, aloe vera is definitely a popular plant but some people have reported toxicity and bad effects of using too much of it. For example, if you’re using multiple products with aloe vera in them, this might not be the best choice for your health.

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A lot of consumers also argue that you don’t need to buy products from Forever Living to enjoy the benefits of aloe. You can also just buy a plant and harvest raw aloe as and when needed.

Additionally, there are other companies that provide you with the same products but at a more cost efficient price. The fact is that this review will deal with how their distributor experience is and not so much on the consumer side.

I have some friends who signed up to be distributors for this company and I will share their experiences so you can decide where you lie on the fence. First off, Forever Living is not a scam company but an actual MLM which was setup in 1978 by a man called Rex Maughan.

Forever Living has made a name for itself across the market with its impressive product portfolio and range of products, all of which promise to rejuvenate and help healthy lifestyles.

One issue that all distributors have had is that it’s really tough to start out in this company. Around 95% of the people who join up actually end up failing just in their first year.

And because the failure rate is so high, a lot of people have started to see this company as a scam, but it’s not. I will go into the different factors for failure further below. As of now, around 95% of distributors and associates are still struggling and cannot meet the minimum sales requirements. These are people who are working on constant recruitment and asking more and more people to join up.

One of the reasons why failure happens is because the strategies you learn at Forever Living are usually setting you up for failure. These are not savvy techniques or marketing lessons.

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Even though you get education from various teams across the company, the overall gist of it won’t be useful to you and you will end up feeling a bit lost with all the sales goals staring you in the face. This is one of the internal factors of why so many affiliates fail at Forever Living but there are others as well.

Another internal factor is personality and charisma. If you want to sell at Forever Living, you have to be willing to be a proper salesperson and really go out there. You will fail if your charisma can’t pull you through any of your sales.

The trick here is to get a proper mentor who will teach you the ways of selling. You have to put your shyness behind you when you leave the house to sell these products because of course, no one will buy from a stammering salesman.

There are also some external factors which can hamper your performance in Forever Living. These are some of the strategies and methods that your sponsor – the person who got you into Forever Living – will share with you. You must follow these if you want to succeed in the profession. The strategies are:

  • Creating a list of your family and friends and sell your opportunity to them. Who better to practice your sales expertise on besides people who have already seen you be goofy
  • Get your family and friends to do a 3 way call/meeting with your sponsor. This will work to set up trust and you will learn from your sponsor how to sell to those closest to you
  • Host parties at your home since it’s easier to sell in an environment where everyone feels comfortable and happy
  • Give away samples to attract future consumers and distributors
  • Promotional materials of the company should be given out as well to create more awareness about Forever Living

Even though Forever Living does have a lot of failure and setbacks awaiting, the right kind of person can earn if they want to. It might not be the ideal way to make money and there are definitely better ways out there.

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