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Mary Kay LogoIf you’re in the MLM game, you’ve definitely heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics. This is the 5th largest MLM in the entire world and they’ve been around for over 50 years.

They’re also included in the billion dollar club and their annual revenue for 2016 was around $3.5 billion! They’re not small fry and they’re showing everyone how the MLM model really works provided everyone has a committed team of salespeople.

The MLM giant also has an army of around 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants on board. A lot of women have become personal millionaires by selling their products and this company only competes with the big leagues like Avon or Amway.

If you sign up as a consultant, you mean serious business because there are a lot of perks you get with the job.

Let’s talk about how you actually become a Mary Kay consultant. You don’t start off with a massive stash of beauty samples and products. You can’t become rich instantly.

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This is not a quick rich scheme and you have to be patient with the payout if you want to become truly successful. First off, you have to buy a $100 starter kit. This doesn’t sound like much and it’s true.

Mary Kay Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with all the info you could need to start off. It’s pretty self explanatory. Next, you have to understand that all consultants need to hit a minimum quota to stay active and be considered in the game.

This is around $200 worth of products that you need to be selling every 3 months. Compared to some other stricter MLMs, this one doesn’t seem to have a minimum quota that’s too terrible. I’ll go into the compensation plan a little later after I’ve talked more about their products and what you can expect to sell.

Mary Kay does cosmetics, obviously and they’re known to do them well. But what makes their cosmetics better than others in the market? The beauty industry has become super saturated with makeup nowadays and it’s hard to establish a good foothold.

One of the bigger problems with MK products is that they are not tested on animals. This is a big deal nowadays and one that can easily shrink an active customer base. MK do spend a lot of time researching and developing new beauty products but it’s not clear how they’re going down with customers.

Some of their stuff counts as classic customer favorites, but others are newer and untested. Asides from cosmetics, MK also make skincare stuff and men’s products as well.

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Some of their best loved products are Lash Love Mascara, the TimeWise cleanser and their special eyeliner. They also have the Mineral Powder Foundation which sells out a lot as soon as a new batch comes in.

Their skin line called Clear Proof has recently been doing really well also. Their products are great and the best thing about them is that they are also reasonably priced. The average housewife who spends on these wouldn’t have to break the bank buying these.

Many of their top products are priced around $12-18 and that’s it!

Once you sign up to MK, you get the title of an Independent Beauty Consultant. You become the quintessential Pink Lady and if you keep doing well, you can move up to becoming an Independent Sales Director and National Sales Director.

The catch here is that while you wait to actually get to these top ranks, you won’t be making a lot of money. Of course the top positions offer a lot more but you have to keep selling and selling to get there. However, it gets harder to move to the top when you have so many people directly above you, in your upline.

Regardless, once you sign up with the sign up kit, you get some basic materials. These are: a business announcement eCard, a custom color look and 40% discount on a proper business kit. This kit is essential if you’re serious about this business.

You also get 50% off of any MK products you purchase online. This means that you can buy products for half off and then sell them for full price. This is some serious profit potential.

This is basically a 50% commission rate on personal sales and is quite a competitive rate when you look at other MLMs in the industry. When you start moving up in ranks, you start earning more and more. This means 4% on the sales in your downline and you can go as high as 13% commission on sales from your team.

Hey, if you hit $100,000 per year in sales, you can even get the famous pink Mary Kay caddy! That’s a shiny useful toy that most ladies love to have.

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