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American Superpower Checks Review: A Scam Or A Great Earning Opportunity?

What are the American Superpower Checks, exactly? And why so much fuss about it? Are you really going to earn stacks of dollars monthly because of these or is it just another scam to squeeze some money out of you and to trick you into subscribing for a newsletter?

American Superpower Checks
American Superpower Checks

We’re going to answer these and all of your other questions in this American Superpower Checks review. By reading this article in its entirety, you will get the real picture, and then the decision is yours.

So the Angel Publishing claims that the US government set aside $270 billion to maintain its dominance in the international energy market and American Superpower Checks are the result of this reserved money.

According to their claim, you will get 24 checks of $1818 or more per year. And for that purpose, you have to sign up with their program.

Beware! Because of this deceiving marketing, you might get the feeling that it's a govt. scheme and you would get these checks from the US govt, which is not true. It's a scheme of Angel publishing, and there is no guarantee that you will actually earn any money.

Before diving deep, let me tell you why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This American Superpower Checks Review?

  • The biggest reason for writing this review is to help my readers to avail the best earning opportunities and to save them from becoming the victims of scams.
  • For that cause, I write reviews about the courses, programs, schemes, websites, apps and dig out the truth hidden behind clever marketing and dream selling.
  • I have 15 years' experience in digital marketing. I knew nothing when I started this journey. Now, I'm a successful digital marketer and lead generation expert; earning thousands of dollars monthly by generating leads for the local businesses.
  • During this journey, I took a fair share of scams. I have poured thousands of dollars down the drain and treaded waters for years. It was not an easy journey, to say the least. Why? Because I don't have good advice on my disposal.
  • That’s what I’m providing to you. Please pay heed if you don’t want to lose your money or want to profit from the most lucrative legit earning opportunities.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest, unbiased, and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with Angel Publishing, the creator of American Superpower Checks, in any way. I will get no benefit if you subscribe to this scheme or not. My only purpose is to guide you to make a prudent choice and save you from scams.

This is not the only money-making investing scheme you get online. There are many, and not all are legit. They all make tall claims and promise you a buttload of money for just a small amount of investment. It seems the American Superpower Checks scheme is one of them.

Let's start the review.

A Complete Overview Of American Superpower Checks Scheme:

  • American Superpower Checks is a scheme created by Angel Publishing.
  • They promise that by joining this program, you will get $1,818 or more amounts of 24 checks every year.
  • They pretended that this money is coming from the amount of $270 billion, which the US govt. has reserved for dominating the international energy market.
  • To join this scheme, you have to subscribe to the Energy Investor newsletter. This newsletter is the creation of Keith Kohl, who is touted as an expert in the energy business by the Angel Publishing. Though you can't find anything online, that can confirm his expertise.
  • Energy Investor provides news, research reports, guidance for investing in the energy sector. It also recommends energy companies and new tech for investing purposes.
  • Angel Publishing claims that by subscribing to the Energy Investor, you're going to join the six agencies which are made responsible by the US govt. to share their profits with you and these agencies are helping to ‘restore America’s energy greatness.’


“Today, you can sign up to SIX different agencies mandated to share a cut of their spending with folks like you. And throughout the year, you’ll get as many as 24 separate payouts under this program.

In a moment, you’ll receive instant access to “American Superpower Checks: Collect Consistent Paydays of $1,818 or More” (valued at $99).”


  • Subscription is not free.

Now you may by wondering how you will get this money just by subscribing to a newsletter. These claims about the US govt. and energy market may be accurate but why will the government pay you for becoming a subscriber of Energy Investor. And who are these agencies?

Remember that they didn’t reveal the names of these six agencies that are going to pay you thousands of dollars monthly in the form of American Superpower Checks.

The Truth About American Superpower Check … Revealed:

  • The reality of this program is hidden under the layers of clever marketing. You have to read between the lines to get the clear picture.
  • The truth is that you’re not going to receive any check just for joining Energy Investor.
  • Actually, it’s a dividend-based scheme. And after subscribing for the newsletter issues by Angel Publishing, you have to buy the stocks of any of these six agencies.
  • So, in reality, you have to invest your money in the energy sector according to the recommendations of Energy Investor, and in the event of earning any profits, you will be paid in the form of American Superpower Checks.

So, Angel Publishing is actually tricking people first for selling subscriptions and then for getting investments for energy companies.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join American Superpower Checks Scheme?

  • Joining this scheme is not free. First, you have to pay $99 to get the report about American Superpower Checks. It also covers your one year’s membership in Energy Investor.
  • They also encourage you to buy the two-year subscription at $179 with some additional goodies.
  • This fee of $99 is only for getting the report about American Superpower Checks and subscription of Energy Investor. You’re not going to get thousands of promised dollars every month in this fee.
  • For that purpose, you have to invest extra money in the energy market by buying the stock options according to the recommendations of this newsletter.

Honestly, they should tell you clearly and up front that you will only get money if you invest in energy stocks and earn any profits on these stocks. But, they are trying to deceive people by tricking into buying their subscription. This sort of marketing is pathetic.

American Superpower Checks: Scam Or Legit?

  • First and foremost, you should know that it's not a government scheme. It has been perpetuated by Angel Publishing. They crafted their marketing in the sense that it gives an impression of a govt. scheme.
  • They try to cash this impression by getting the feeling of legitimacy associated with a govt. scheme.
  • They try to pretend that just by buying the subscription of Energy Investor, you will become eligible to receive thousands of dollars through American Super Checks.
  • After selling the subscription, they also encourage you to invest in the stocks of some companies.

Angel Publishing is a legit company, and I also don't deny the usefulness of Energy Investor for the people interested in investing in the energy sector. But keeping in view the above arguments I'm 100% sure that their scheme of American Superpower Checks is a scam.

For selling the subscription of their newsletter and also selling the stocks of specific energy companies, they're trying to deceive people. There's nothing wrong in investing in energy stocks, but they should not trick you into doing. This shady marketing which is based on lies, should be discouraged. If people want to subscribe to any newsletter or to invest in any sector, they should do it under their own free will.

Are You Going To Get Any Money by Joining the American Superpower Checks Scheme?

  • The bad news is that you’re not going to get any money with this scheme.
  • There is a greater possibility to lose money instead of getting any.
  • If you're already interested in investing in the energy business and have ample funds, then maybe the newsletter has some use for you. Otherwise, it's pure trickery to sell the subscription, nothing else.
  • Making money from stocks takes years, a lot of investment and effort. It’s not like you will get thousands of dollars of checks every month out of it.

So, there’s no truth in their claim that after joining the scheme you start making money instantly and get 24 checks of $1,808 or more every year.

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Do I Recommend American Superpower Checks Scheme?

  • Nope! Because it’s a scam. They are making lies, just for increasing the number of subscribers for their newsletter and also selling the stocks of some energy companies.
  • They are falsely giving the impression of a govt. scheme.
  • Even if you’re interested in investing in stocks of energy companies, do not take the advice of Angel Publishing and do not join this scheme, because they eroded their credibility by creating a scam.
  • I do not recommend pouring any money in this scheme.

Now that we have established that this scheme is a scam you might be thinking of other ways to make money. Because you’re pumped up to do something, to make a kill, to earn a truckload of mullah. You do not want just to sit around and live a miserable life.

You are probably wondering, are there any legit opportunities available to earn a good income that does not require working your ass off? The good news is that you can still make good money easily by following my advice.

Is There An Easy And Legit Way To Earn A Consistent Amount Of Money?

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

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  • They broke down the training in easily understandable and digestible small steps, and you easily learn even if you're not a pro marketer or a tech geek.
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