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How to Generate Leads Using PPC? Triple Your Traffic

how to generate leads using ppc

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In marketing terms, lead generation is the process of subtly attracting potential clients who would, later on, be converted into loyal customers. Deploying an effective lead generation strategy would help the business flourish. 

Lead generation through PPC is performed through the following ways: 

Finding the right audience

  • As Pay-per-click is essentially an online auction system, we see that the right audience directed towards our ad campaign is more beneficial. The worldwide web is a huge pool of opportunities, but few of these opportunities ever end up in a transaction. Most of the time, when our products or services are viewed, a fraction of them turn into actual sales. 

Thus, it is advised to identify and categorize your audience. By grouping audiences with similar buying patterns, you will save yourself a lot of time and money and generate leads.

  • To find the right audience for your niche, you must first identify the gaps and see which demographic subset fits best with that problem. Conduct surveys using research papers, market analysis, and online behavior common on social media.

Besides this, you must also choose the right platform to interact with your audience. As website usage varies by region, age group, gender, and so on, you will be surprised to find a similar advert performing poorly on some websites while thriving on others. 

Keyword Research

  • Keyword research is the backbone of any ad campaign. The right selection of keywords will make or break your bid to the most optimum spot on any search engine. It is advisable to use a keyword research tool to find the right collection of keywords. 

Potential buyers will discover your business with the help of keyword clusters. Your keywords should be industry-related and must align with your brand. The few most important takeaways for keywords are:

  • Closely monitor your competitor's keyword usage and keep your keywords similar to them.
  • Avoid negative keywords that will demote your campaign.
  • Use long-tail keywords so that your business pops up more often in searches.

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Customer Behaviour Tracking

  • Historical findings and data based on our interactions with potential customers can tell us a lot about where our strategy is heading: fail or win?

To make your next campaign a huge success, you can observe behaviors from all the previous campaigns you have done. If you are a newbie, you can consider your competitor's campaign as a case study (though all information may not be readily available due to trade secrets). By tracking your campaign, you will see better results. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • UTM Tracking Codes are special characters to be added at the end of your URL. This way, each content and keyword(s) is associated with a separate site. This will help you rectify your content plan or narrow down keywords that boost your ad's performance and standing.

Alternatively, you can track which PPC ad is directing customers to your business by using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). Customers who call to inquire about your business can be easily linked with the URL they clicked on before contacting you. 

Reevaluating Your Metrics:

  • Once in a while, but regularly, it is always good to test out your ad campaign. Often, a small tweak can go a long way. It is prudent to introduce new aspects to your advertisement strategy and let go of metrics that are no longer contributing to your business. 

As the internet marketplace is an ever-evolving dynamic space, it is best to recheck the images you have stocked, the keywords in use, your post scheduling, and your marketing offer to see which of these are positively or negatively affecting your position amongst your competitors.

It's important to know that the above strategies have to be curated according to your business model. Lead generation businesses operate in a selective mode, while eCommerce sites work to direct as many clicks as possible. At The Local Marketing Vault, we teach neat tricks and tips to maximize your business's reach and potential.

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