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Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Course


You’re here because you’re thinking about investing in Kevin David aka That Lifestyle Ninja’s Amazon FBA course. I’m glad you’re here because the course is one you have to invest in and that’s why I decided to try it out and give you a complete breakdown. Keep reading to find out whether or not this is worth your money and time!

About Kevin David

kevin-david-networthKevin is a successful entrepreneur who’s made a killing through the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Ads. He discovered the Amazon FBA opportunity when he was putting in long hours at Facebook. He played his cards right and was soon able to start selling his own products on Amazon.

He now has a net worth of over $5 million and invites other people to learn from him. This is just one of the many online courses available for budding entrepreneurs, or even seasoned ones like me.

What The Course Covers

Kevin’s course covers private labeling on Amazon and is useful both for beginners and more experienced sellers. The course covers a vast range of topics, which I will break down below. You will find tips and tricks about Business Licenses, Product Selection, Finding Supplies, Scaling Your Brand and Pay-Per-Click Ads. As far as comprehensive courses go, this one offers a ton of information. Let me guide you through it and show you the pros and cons of signing up for it.

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Here’s what you can expect to receive once you have paid for lifetime access:

  • Useful knowledge about locating high-quality suppliers
  • Information on Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices
  • Essential confidence for when you’re selecting your products
  • Basic and advanced strategies that will enable you to increase your rankings organically
  • The ability to increase your Topline Revenue by clever brand integration and addition

There are 8 modules offered in the course. Let’s take a look at these now.

Module #1: The Foundation: Business Licensing and Initial Product Selection

  • Here you will find tools like the ITRACK 999 Cart Method and Jungle Scout. You will also learn how to obtain an LLC quickly, as well increase your sales with innovative methods. Kevin offers a complete walkthrough of the Product Selection Process as well.

Module #2: Product Codes, Suppliers and Placing the First Order

  • Here you will learn the difference between UPCs and FNSKUs, which is key knowledge in product selection. You will also learn how to pick the best supplier and how to set up your warehouse for your first-ever shipment. Kevin covers technical details and teaches you how to use the necessary software.

Module #3: Setting a Price, Registering Your Brand and Listing Formats

This module has three further parts and they all have to do with pricing and branding. Here you will learn how to add Product Upsells to your checkout page, avoid making silly mistakes, remove listing hijackers and boost your listing with cleverly worded copy. It’s essential for anyone who is passionate about marketing their brand and product the right way.

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Module #4: Product Launch

  • Kevin teaches you how to price your product in a way that attracts customers, for e.g., the vital difference between $19.99 and $20. You will also learn how to nestle your product among the Top 100 Best Sellers list, as well as stand out from competing brands and products.

Module #5: Review Time!

  • Once you’ve launched your product, you’ll need to learn how to get relevant reviews that help your sales. Kevin teaches you the difference between verified and unverified reviews, and how to use greetings convincing customers to review your product.

Module #6: All About AMS and PPC

  • This is the heaviest bit in the whole course. Here you will learn all about AMS and the benefits of using a credit card for PPC. Kevin also gives useful tips about optimizing your campaign and how to make it work for your brand.

Module #7: Influencer Marketing and Facebook Targeting

  • This is a fun module, as it dives deep into how to pick the perfect influencers to market your product. You will also find out how to track your KPIs and learn costing info about influencer marketing.

Module #8: How To Bulletproof Your Business

  • In this module, Kevin teaches you some excellent tricks about how to safeguard your business against fake reviews, trolls, and missing funds. You will also learn how to attract writers to your blog and protect your brand from hijackers!

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Final Thoughts on Kevin’s Course

Now that you’ve read through everything Kevin’s course offers, you will want to know whether or not to invest in it.

Here’s what I love about the course in general:

  • Not only is Kevin a veritable guru when it comes to the FBA business model, but he also has a significant fan following on most social media platforms. He’s clearly doing something right
  • His course takes a deep dive into both technical and functional aspects and really is a one-stop-shop if you need to set up a brand and multiply your sales in a short amount of time
  • The course delivers on its promise. I bought it to learn more about PPC campaigns, something which Kevin is an expert in, and I have already earned back my initial investment three times over!

Now here are the things I wish would be tweaked slightly:

  • The course was released in 2019 and needs to be slightly updated, keeping the current digital trends in mind. However, it is still adaptable and has relevant information for current businesses
  • The cost of entry can be a little high, especially if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur. However, as with everything worth investing in, it pays you back tenfold of what you put in it

The Bottomline

  • At the end of the day, it’s really up to you to decide whether you want to invest in the course or not. All I’m going to say is that, whether you’re an experienced seller or a novice at this, Kevin’s course will teach you relevant and useful information. It will give you a serious head start and will distinguish you from your competition.

Just do your research and go into it with the intention of learning, and you will find that it’s worthwhile.

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