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Dana White Net Worth

dana white net worth
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Everything you need to know about Dana White net worth

Dana White has a highly lucrative career as UFC President, with an estimated $500 million in net worth along with an estimated 20 million dollars in salary; his story is worth sharing. Read on to find out more about Dana White. 

  • Dana White is a 51-year-old US sports organizer and businessman. Dana Frederick White Jr. was born in Manchester, Connecticut, on July 28, 1969. Much of his mother and grandparents brought up Dana and his sister Kelly. In Las Vegas and Maine, he spent his childhood traveling back and forth. When he was a child, he used to spent most of his extra time in sports, particularly boxing, and was a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. He graduated from Maine's Hermon High School, in 1987.

While White did not graduate, he went to the University of Massachusetts. He opened a boxing initiative for children in the middle of town when he was here. White also became an aerobic coach to make a living at this period.

  • Finally, he moved to Las Vegas and founded Dana White Corporation in 1992. In 1992. He started to manage Chuck Lidell and Tito Ortiz during this time. White began to extend his horizon into other fighting styles, including MMA and Muay Thai, which later established the UFC.

While White was involved in UFC disputes while handling fighters, he pointed out that his company is going broke after reviewing the accounts of Semaphore Entertainment Group, the UFC parent company. White confronted his classroom friend, Lorenzo Fertitta, to make a bid after discovering the news.

  • Lorenzo soon saw the benefit and arranged the purchasing of the UFC. White was still part of the company, and soon White was named president. In the years following the UFC's acquisition, White and his team took the company into an international sensation, which was previously seen as primitive and unconstitutional.

He has helped to make this sport more popular and into a billion-dollar industry under his leadership. White has married Anne to his wife Since 1996. The two of them meet in the 8th grade.

The two sons of this couple, Aidan and Dana III, and a daughter named Savanná. White prefers keeping his private family life a secret. Dana White represents what pure will, good friends, and right decisions can take you. He was proactive, intelligent, and determined to bring ring fighting to the next level of entertainment.

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