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How To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign For The First Time?

how to launch a successful ppc campaign for any business

Here is the best advice on how to launch a successful PPC campaign for any business

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great way to market your business online for business and marketer. Other strategies may take a long time to show results, but a good PPC campaign can get you leads, traffic, and customers real soon. 

According to Unbounce, searches with high commercial intent get around 65% of clicks for their paid ads. Similarly, PPC visitors probably make 50% more purchases than organic visitors. But when starting, how exactly to launch your first PPC campaign is discussed step by step below. 

Analyze Your Customers 

  • To start a PPC campaign, you have to do substantial research on your customers to decide what strategy would remain perfect for your business. There is no shortcut to a productive business campaign, and before doing anything else, you have to analyze the demands and requirements of your customers. 

If you are successful in discovering how your customers search for the products online, you would be able to find and choose the right keywords and use them in your campaign that will help to improve the conversion rate. According to online marketers professionals, if you are not able to choose the right keyword, you can waste a lot of your money without getting sure of your customer's conversion. 

Using Keyword Tools

  • Once you get an idea of your potential customers, it becomes easy for you to sort out from the keywords list by using the right keyword search tool. Keyword tools help marketers to authenticate the use of their keywords for their online business. The best tool is the one that uses plugin interfaces directly with Google and you the search volume, average CPC, and competitive data score for each keyword. It will also suggest alternatives you may prefer to use.  

It is also recommended to do some competitor keyword research. You should know what keywords your business/product competitors are ranking so that you can use them in your campaign. 

Organize Your PPC Keywords 

  • Once you gather all the right information about the appropriate keywords, you should organize them into groups of keywords that you may see related to each other. If the keyword groups became more reliable and important, comparing the success of these keywords will become easier. Customize the keywords of the target audiences and generate additional advertisements for each audience.

According to pay per click marketing professionals, the translation of customers' search purpose as they are converted from wider to the relevant long-tailed should be taken into consideration when you create groupings. The best way to achieve success is by developing a campaign and continually improving the conversions. You have to continuously collect the data to track the success of ad categories. Add new keywords and delete the ineffective ones to keep the funnel streamlined.

Keyword List Should be Finalized on Your Budget

  • You can not run a PPC campaign on an unplanned budget. You will need to remove keywords out of your budget or price range and then finalize them to start up your campaign. A maximum CPC can be set for each given keyword to avoid getting out of the budget. Calculate your CPC using this simple formula based on your conversion rate, revenue per customer, and estimated profit margin from your ad. 

Profit per customer x (1 – profit margin as a decimal) x (web conversion rate as a percentage) = Maximum CPC


Whether you need to start your first PPC campaign or you need to refresh an ongoing one, reach out to Local Marketing Vault, know your potential customers and get your PPC campaign running successfully.  

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