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Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes Review: No! It’s Not A Scam, But Do I Recommend It?

This Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes review is my honest take on this newsletter. I’ve tried to address your every question and every suspicion in detail.

Investing in stocks is not simple and easy. That's why a number of newsletters, courses, and programs are selling investment advice. But not everyone out there is an expert. A lot are selling snake oil. It needs caution and careful analysis to subscribe to any source.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest, unbiased, and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated either with Ian King, Automatic Fortunes, or Banyan Hill. I will g

Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes
Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes

et no benefit if you subscribe to this newsletter; it is not a paid review.

A Complete Overview Of Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes:

  • Automatic Fortunes is a subscription-based stock and investment newsletter; propagating stock advice for investors. The stock options it recommends cover a whole array of industries such as technology, 5G, artificial intelligence, solar energy, etc.
  • It analyzes the different stocks and either recommend investing in them or doesn't recommend them.
  • This newsletter offers advice on the safer side without taking much risk. The risk avoidance factor of this newsletter makes it a perfect choice for beginner and part-time investors because they have a low level of risk tolerance.
  • But keep in mind that the advice of this newsletter will not provide you ways to attract massive gains in the short term.
  • A newsletter is just a newsletter. You can have expert advice and predictions about specific stocks, but they are just that, advice and calculated guesses, nothing more. This advice can be wrong, and there's every chance that the market may take a whole new turn in the opposite direction.
  • Banyan Hill, which is a reputed financial and investment research company, publishes Automatic Fortunes. It has many experts on its panel, and it also publishes many other financial and investment newsletters.
  • The editor of this newsletter is Ian King, and Automatic Fortunes is dedicated to his financial advice and recommendations.
  • Ian King is not a new name in the industry. According to him, he has over 20 years of market experience.
  • Ian started his career with Salomon Brothers; then, he went to Citigroup. He also remained head trader at Peahi Capital.
  • He's pretty famous among the financial circles, and he frequently appeared on mainstream media, such as Fox Business, for offering financial advice.
  • With this newsletter, he offers to reveal his “four-step system for finding tipping-point trends.” By that, he means “massive developments that are set to trigger a revolution.”

The good thing about Ian King is that he does not promise you the moon, and he avoids propagating excessively risky options. He also seems a legit expert in the financial space. It is upon you to use his advice due diligently.

What Is Included In The Subscription Package?

As with the subscription package of every financial newsletter, they include other things in the package. It consists of the following goodies:

Automatic Fortunes Model Portfolio:

According to Ian, he recommends 12 new stocks every year from his “buy now” list. In this portfolio, he lets you know when to buy them, what price to buy them, and when to sell them.

Automatic Fortunes Monthly Report:

Every month you receive an 8-page monthly report with the details about a specific ‘tipping-point trend’ bundled with a recommendation. This is the meaty part of this subscription package. To raise your investment game to the next level, you have to act on this recommendation.

Weekly Webinar:

Many financial experts are doing webinars and podcasts. Ian King also publishes a weekly webinar every Thursday. It is included in the package. To stay updated about the events happening in the market and get Ian's take on, you have to listen to the webinar every week.

Trade Alerts:

Digital alerts via email are also included in the subscription package. Buying and selling stock options at specific times and prices is communicated through these trade alerts.

Sovereign Investor Daily:

By buying a subscription to Automatic Fortunes, you also get an additional daily e-letter for free. It's called Sovereign Investor Daily, and it provides you daily financial insights.

In the end, the decision rests with you; whether this subscription provides a good value to your money or not.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Subscription To Automatic Fortunes?

Automatic Fortunes is one of those newsletters that do not cost you much. It offers three subscription packages.

  • The price of a Standard Subscription is just $47. It includes only the digital version of Automatic Fortunes.
  • The price of a Deluxe Subscription is $129. It includes both digital and print subscriptions to Automatic Fortunes.
  • The price of the Platinum Subscription is $199, but it is available now for just $79. It includes a digital as well as a print version of this newsletter.

I would say that keeping in view the price of other newsletters, which I have reviewed, Automatic Fortunes is very cheap and beginner-friendly. If you're interested in stocks and want to subscribe to some financial newsletters, this would not be a bad choice.

Is Automatic Fortunes A Scam?

I have laid down all the details of this newsletter, its editor, contents, promises, publishing company, and price, etc.

  • And after carefully analyzing all the facts and details, I believe that Automatic Fortunes is NOT a scam.
  • I think you get your money’s worth of value out of this newsletter.
  • This newsletter is published by a credible and renowned financial research company.
  • The editor of the newsletter, Ian King, is a famous and legit financial expert.
  • The price of the newsletter is very reasonable. In fact, you will find very few quality financial newsletters in this price range.
  • I also never found any person complaining about being scammed by the editor or publisher of this newsletter.
  • It provides you sufficient information for investing in stocks. Another good thing is that this newsletter recommends less risky options, which means you have less risk of losing money.

All in all, it’s a good choice for getting information about investing in stocks, specifically for the newcomers and small investors.

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How Easy Is It To Make Money Using Automatic Fortunes?

  • First of all, this newsletter is more targeted at long-term gains while taking the shortest amount of risk. So, it seems hard to quickly make a good amount of money after subscribing to Automatic Fortunes.
  • Then, there are the ups and downs of the stock market. No one can forecast the future with 100% certainty; a lot is dependent on luck. It's possible that you make money by acting on a recommendation, and it's also possible that you tank your investments.
  • So, it cannot be answered in black and white that you will make money after buying a subscription to this newsletter or not.
  • But I want to warn you that most people actually lose money in stocks instead of making any. Only a tiny percentage of investors taste the fruits of its labor. That’s why I’m not in favor of investing in stocks.
  • I think that it's not a good idea to invest your hard-earned money in stocks. It can go either way. Instead, why not use this money to build a legit business?

I don't think it would be easy for you to earn good money by subscribing to this or any other financial newsletter.

Do I Recommend Subscribing To Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes?

It depends on a myriad of factors. If you're a seasoned investor and want a bit more robust stock advice, I would say that it is not made for you.

  • But if you are a newbie to the world of investment or a low-key small-time investor who wants less-risky recommendations, it is your thing.
  • I recommend testing it since it doesn't cost top dollar. The publishing house and the editor of this newsletter are well-named and well-recognized in the investing world. Their advice indeed carries some weight, which might benefit you in the long run.

But if you're after any money-making opportunity, where you can make money easily and quickly by using your skills and capabilities, I would not recommend you to subscribe to this newsletter. Why? Because then stock investing is not the right method for you. A lot depends on luck to get some traction in investment, and there's a high chance of losing money instead of making any. In that case, I will suggest something else.

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If you're only interested in investing in stocks and not in anything else, I will say go ahead and subscribe to Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes. But if you’re interested in building a lucrative career around your skills, then you should join Local Marketing Vault right now.




2 thoughts on “Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes Review: No! It’s Not A Scam, But Do I Recommend It?”

  1. Ian king is a horrid stock picker. He rode up the covid wave but anything else he picks is down 50% (for the past year) do not subscribe to his offering. You will loose money on his stocks (for sure ).


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