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How Much Does PPC Cost in 2021?

ppc cost in 2021

Learn how much does PPC cost in 2021 from expert digital marketers

A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is a form of targeted advertising that helps internet users get connected to a business through the use of ads placed on different websites and search engines. The advertiser pays a fee only when the user clicks on the ad. This pricing strategy does sound tempting. Many businesses pay thousands of dollars just to run their PPC campaigns, and to gain the most customers. Read more below and find out about the cost of running a PPC campaign in 2021

Cost of Achieving Business Goals

  • Before starting a PPC campaign, the business needs to identify what goals it wants to be fulfilled. Perhaps, the business has several goals in mind. It must select a few and link them together so that it can devise an effective strategy and an efficient PPC campaign.

The most common goals businesses describe are to increase organic traffic, convert visits to sales, and increase brand awareness in the market. In order to use Google Ads to direct one visit to your website and to convert it into a potential customer, it costs approximately 100$. If the business needs 10 such monthly visits then the total cost will come to around 1,000$.   

Cost of Utilizing Different Channels

  • When running a PPC campaign, businesses use a variety of channels to promote their ads and to make sure they get the maximum reach. This helps to ensure their website witnesses a steady growth in organic traffic. These days, the most popular channels being used are Google Ads and Bing Ads. Both of these providers offer several options in their ads such as an image carousel, a video, a few lines of text and a phone number, or even some subpages’ links of their landing page.

Other channels that businesses use include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Quora. Each of these platforms offers a unique algorithm to customize the PPC campaign so that the most relevant users are targeted every time. It is suggested to keep at least 1,000$ a month aside for marketing and management of each channel. 

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Cost of Using Different Languages

  • Based on analytics data, many businesses realize that their website is really popular in a specific region. This presents itself as an amazing opportunity to run a PPC campaign in that region's language. In order to run a PPC campaign in a different language, it is highly recommended to treat it as a separate project. Likewise, its budget should also be separate from the main campaign. The ads should be based on analytics data research, thus making them feel most relevant to their intended target market. 

Based on an estimated budget of 1,000$ per channel for the main PPC campaign, the business should either break it down to two campaigns of 500$ each or two campaigns of 1,000$ each. It all depends on the expected CTR, traffic growth forecasts, and marketing strategies for the business. 

Cost of Hiring A PPC Agency

  • Most businesses hire specialist PPC agencies, to create, manage, and optimize their PPC campaigns. These agencies have teams that do everything from analyzing a business, creating relevant content, managing PPC campaigns, analyzing data, allocating budgets, and optimizing keywords and KPIs. 

If the business hires a full-time agency, they can be expected to pay around 3,500$ to 5,500$ per month. However, if the business wants to run the PPC campaign by themselves, they need at least 3 full-time employees to manage each aspect of the PPC campaign effectively. If the business selects the second option, they can be expected to pay 1,600 $ to 2,500 $ depending on their set goals and budget allocations.

Some businesses have to try multiple strategies before realizing what works and what doesn’t work for them. If a business is not using up its allocated budget quickly, then it shows that its PPC strategy is a miss.  

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