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How Do Google Ads Work? Understanding the Basics

how do google ads work

Ads by Google are very popular amongst online businesses and entrepreneurs. But how do Google Ads work for new businesses? Let's have a look.

PPC or Pay Per Click is the newly introduced marketing strategy to expand your business. It helps you find new customers and clients for your products and services. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click online advertising platform that exposes your business to the world. People around the globe can have a look at your products and services with just one click.

Specific keywords are used to target an audience and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. Businesses pay to get their advertisements ranked at the top of search results pages.

What is Google AdWords?

  • Through Google AdWords, advertisers pay Google to target users based on their keyword search, the country, and device type, and deliver their ads to users who are interested in their products or services.

What are Google Ad Networks?

This allows businesses to target users on two main networks – the search, and the display network. Advertisers bid on the relevant keywords. This gives them a chance to display their advertisements to users who enter those keywords as a part of a search query. The paid search results are usually displayed on the top.

  • The display network works in a slightly different way. It offers advertisers a chance to display their banner advertisements on the websites that are on the Google network.

What is Ad Rank?

Google Ad rank provides you with a chance to bid in the AdWords system to secure a specific ad position. The better, the ad rank, the more the chances of your ad being displayed in Google search results. High-quality ads and well-performing AdWords campaigns are offered discounts. They are rewarded by Google with discounted per-click costs and higher ad ranking positions.

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How to use AdWords?

  • First of all, you need to decide your account goals. What is the purpose of your account?  Is it for brand building or other purposes? Next, you need to be clear on who your audience is? It means what type of customers you are looking for. Then conduct a keyword search followed by structuring your AdWords account. 

Once you have decided on your keywords and have listed them, you can place your ads in search results by bidding on the keywords. 

  • The next thing you have to do is to create a copy of your ad. Make sure you include relevant keywords, a catchy headline, and finally a clear call-to-action and extensions. You need to design a mobile-friendly page since most people find cell phones as the best options for searches.

Furthermore, place a google analytics code on the website for conversion tracking. Last but not the least, routine optimization and A/B testing all your copies and landing pages is the key to a successful campaign.

How Does Google AdWords Charge?

  • Depending on what you are advertising, Google AdWords will charge. You are only charged when a customer clicks on your ad. Also, the AdWords system is a live auction system, therefore, the click prices are determined by the amount of competition and how much the advertisers are willing to pay.

Google AdWords can derive heavy traffic to your ad if it is properly used. 

Do Google Ads Work?

Google AdWords works best for all types of businesses and is an affordable form of advertising.

Google AdWords is the best option for you if you want to derive as much traffic as possible to your ad. It will help in expanding your business. Local Vault Marketing is the best course for learning PPC so what are you waiting for? Join the course today!

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