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Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Review: Is It Legit or Just Another Scam?

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If you’d like to find out if Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero can actually help you make money online and achieve an absolutely free lifestyle where you are untethered to a physical work environment, then you want to read my review to the end.

In my Commission Hero review, I will explain what the course is about, the brain behind it, the cost, its pros and cons and then answer the one million dollar question: can you really make money with it?

The reason anyone, including you, may contemplate signing up for a make-money-online course like Bobby’s is probably because the course creator promises that their course will help you achieve your financial goals. They often prove this by showing your screenshots of their earnings, and encouraging testimonies of their successful students.

He promises to show you how you can make $1,000 or more per day even with zero experience. That sounds like a sort of grand claim. But we’ll find out towards the end of this review if you can take Robby for his word or not.

What Exactly Is Commission Hero About?

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing course recently launched on ClickBank. The course is built around using a 3-step system to train students how they can make $1000 or more each day from the comfort of their home with a website, email list or a product.

The 3-step system involves:

  • Finding the right product to promote using ClickBank
  • Creating a converting landing page using ClickFunnels
  • Creating Facebook ads to promote those offers and earn a commission

Robby emphasizes choosing products from affiliate programs that pay commissions in the 50% or higher range. That way, you can skyrocket your earning and become a 7-figure earner in no time.

This looks quite simple. Isn’t it? But the question is, does it work? I’m going to answer this question soon. Before diving deeper, I think you might like to know a few things about the course creator – Robby Blanchard.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

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Roby Blanchard is that guy who is rated as the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the world on ClickBank’s Leaderboard. You might not really know what this really means if you’re not familiar with ClickBank, ClickBank is a vast marketplace where affiliate marketers and vendors or product creators associate to form a joint venture.

The top ranking actors in this community – whether a product creator or an affiliate marketer – are 6-7 figure earners. So, being the #1 ClickBank Affiliate means that he makes millions of dollars promoting other people’s products online.

But unlike many top affiliates, he didn’t start out in the make-money-online industry.

Robby started out in the fitness industry. He opened his gym (which he still runs) after bagging his MBA from Fitchburg State College. He promoted his business using Facebook ads.

Robby owns a company called Blanchard Media that boasts clients such as Fit Body Bootcamp, Jason Capital International and Paleo Secret. The company offers many services ranging from speaking engagement and ad campaign management to private consulting and coaching.

He is able to achieve results for his business and his clients’ by using Facebook ads. Today, he's ClickBank's top affiliate. He claims to share his secret of success with you in his course – Commission Hero.

Having read about his success, I understand it can be tempting to believe that buying his course will put you on the track of becoming a 6-7 figure earner. Or make $1,000 daily like Robby.

Well, anything is possible but beyond what course creators claim they earn, you want to find out if you can also make a substantial income by replicating their strategy or principle. Sadly, not every course or training has that capacity. Thus, it’s important for you to look carefully before you leap.

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Commission Hero: An Overview

The course provides you with instructions that guide you to set up a sales funnel where you send traffic from paid ads to.

The course is divided into the following parts/modules:

Getting Started

  • Here, you’ll learn what affiliate marketing is, and how it works. The tutor walks you through the process of setting up your ad accounts, ClickFunnels and MaxWeb.

Choosing the Right Offers

  • One of the factors that determine your success in affiliate marketing business is your ability to choose the right offers (products). Here, Robby teaches you how to find the right offers on ClickBank, MaxWeb and A4D.

Finding your ad image

  • Here, you’ll learn what an image should contain to attract your target audience. He shares tips on how to hire the right designer on Fiverr.

Setting up a Landing Page

  • You have to register for ClickFunnels before hitting the ground running. The instructor teaches you how to set up your affiliate links, domain and your PHP landing page.

Setting up Facebook

  • Here, you’ll learn how to set up your Business Manager (where you manage your ads) and Fan Page. He’ll also learn how to set up your Facebook campaign and ad sets all the way down to when your ad is finally published.

Setting up Facebook Pixel

  • Facebook pixel is used for tracking ads or ads performance analytics. For example, the pixel gives you insights into how people engage with your ads. That way, you can use the data collected to make some needed adjustments and even retarget.

Robby claims you’ll learn how to install Facebook Pixel and place it in your ClickBank account.

Tracking your Campaigns

  • This module is focused on teaching you to track your ad performance. For example, you’ll learn how to do this by installing tracking links.


  • This is simply about scaling your campaigns – ensuring that there’s a worthwhile return on investment (ROI).

Ninja Tactics

The tactics Robby teaches include how to reach out to other affiliates, spy on competitor’s ads, and deal with account shutdowns.


Being the closing module, students are walked through additional nuggets including:

  • Million dollar landing page swipes (ClickFunnels)
  • Million Dollar landing page swipes (PHP)
  • Mindset
  • Images
  • Contacts

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Is Commission Hero A Scam?

  • I wouldn’t call Commission Hero a scam. If anything, there are people who claimed to have achieved results by applying Robby’s strategy.
  • Unlike some other programs out there that will be silent about the fact that you’d need more money (sometimes running into thousands) for additional courses, tools, and payment on traffic to make the business work, Robby lets you understand you’ll be needing money for promotion.

Remember, this course is about how to use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to the products you’re promoting. Facebook advertising costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on how wide your targeting is.

The downside is, you may end up wasting your money running ads that don’t convert if you are not really conversant with how Facebook advertising works.

But the story won’t be complete without talking about other groups of people who hold an opposing view about the course’s credibility. For example, there are people who feel this course isn’t worth the hype

Some also complained about having their Facebook accounts banned after running one or two ads.

Here’s another heads up you can’t afford to overload. It takes deep understanding of how Facebook works to prevent account ban not to talk of running successful ads. You should know your onions before venturing into it to avoid reeling in regrets.

So What Is The Cost Of Commission Hero?

  • To get full access to the course, you’re going to pay $997 (one payment) or a two-payment option of $597, billed 30 days apart.

What are the other expenses involved?

  • To achieve results with this course, there are other things you’ll need to spend money on. For example, you have to spend on Facebook ads. Facebook ads, deciding on several factors can cost between hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • While you can use organic traffic (SEO), the results are usually slow and you may not make money on time. Meanwhile, the fact that you’re spending on paid advertising doesn’t guarantee automatic results. Understanding how the platform works is very central to your success.

Apart from the money you’d be spending on promotion, you also need to subscribe to ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is software where you create and manage your landing pages. Monthly subscription for ClickFunnels goes for $97. However, Robby also mentions some less expensive (which are also less effective) options you can opt for in case $97 is a little steep for you.

Also, you’ll need nice images for promotional purposes. To get this done, Robby recommends a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr. No freelancer works for free on Fiverr.

Last but not the least, you’ll be spending on email lists. Email list captures all your needs for the purpose of future targeting. An email autoresponder will cost you $20-100 or even more per month.

While deciding, you should factor all these costs, together with the steep learning curve.

Do I Recommend this Course?

Nope, I don’t recommend it.

Personally, I admire Robby Blanchard for his success, but I think his course is overhyped. I believe the reason anyone would want to invest their hard-earned money on a course is because they anticipate a return. But I doubt if Commission Hero can truly help you make $1,000 daily as Robby promises.

It appears the key factor in affiliate marketing is promotion. Robby only teaches his students how to promote their offers using Facebook ads. Yet, there are many former students that have reported cases of banned Facebook accounts. This is probably indicative of lack of sufficient knowledge of how the platform works.

I wouldn’t advise you to spend money on a course that doesn’t seem to have a blueprint that you can easily customize or replicate to create your own success.

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Commission Hero Review: What Are The Pros And Cons?

Here are the some significant positives and negatives of the course:


  • The course is created by a top ClickBank Affiliate with a track record of success in online marketing
  • Robby doesn’t upsell you after making the payment, although you’ll be spending on other tools and platforms.
  • Robby teaches you how to create campaigns in any niche


  • I think the course is a little pricey when you factor all the additional costs you’ll be incurring.
  • Somehow, the course omitted training on email building which is an essential component of an online work of this nature.
  • His training on Facebook is too shallow. You’re unlikely going to succeed with Facebook ads if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of how the platform works.

Based on the foregoing, I don’t recommend Commission Hero. Why? Because it doesn’t seem to offer a fail-proof strategy or blueprint that can help you make money come rain come shine.

Is there any better and easier option out there?

Yes, I know a better business model that can help you make money online.

I found out about this amazing opportunity after trying several opportunities without lasting or substantial results. For years now, I make 4-5 figures monthly by helping local businesses or companies to generate leads to grow their business and improve their bottom line.

While many people complain about how hard it is to get results with Facebook ads, I run successful ads almost every day which translates into bigger income for me and my clients. I learned the tricks and strategy via a program called the Local Marketing Vault (LMV).

What is the Local Marketing Vault?

  • The Local Marketing Vault is a program that shows you how to conveniently generate qualified leads for local businesses using an easy to replicate funnels and Facebook Ads. With LMV, you can easily make 4-5 figures monthly by helping businesses to get leads.
  • Wondering how profitable lead generation is?

Local businesses are always looking to get new customers to expand their customer base and make more profit. That makes your service as a lead generation expert a vital one in the process.

Lead generation business allows you to earn consistent income monthly for as long as your clients are willing and ready to pay.

The Local Marketing Vault provides you the needed training, and shows you the right tools to easily generate qualified leads using Facebook ads. The program gives you access to pre-built tested funnels to make your task of getting leads much easier.

You should check out the Local Marketing Vault if you’re really serious about making easy money online. You can read what people who’ve succeeded with the program are saying HERE.

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