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FBA Sales Accelerator: Is Ryan Rigney’s Course Legit Or Another Scam?

You’re on this page probably because you came across FBA Sales Accelerator and you want to find out if it’s the right course that can help you make money selling on Amazon. If this sounds like you, then you want to read my FBA Sales Accelerator review to the end.

In this review, I’m going to show you how FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) works as well as provide you with adequate information about Ryan Rigney’s FBA Sales Accelerator that will guide you to make the right decision about the course.

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What is FBA Sales Accelerator About?

  • FBA Sales Accelerator is the umbrella name for Ryan’s coaching on Amazon FBA which has a course titled FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery.
  • FBA Sales Accelerator is a training program that’s designed to teach you how to sell on Amazon and make profit. Essentially, the course focuses on key areas that are crucial to building a successful brand for yourself on the world’s largest ecommerce site.
  • Ryan claims that his course will provide you with the needed training to drive traffic to your Amazon listing via PPC campaigns and optimize your Amazon product listing for increased mobile conversion. You will also learn how to multiply your topline revenue through branding, among other things.

The training also comes with a tool called Boost Rooster. Boost Rooster is a campaign management tool that enables you to integrate advertising platforms such as Facebook and ManyChat.

If you’re new to FBA business, this might not make much meaning to you. So, I’m going to give a brief breakdown of how FBA business works to give you a better understanding of what Ryan is offering you.

What is Amazon FBA?

  • Amazon FBA is a service offered by Amazon where they provide storage, packaging and shipping assistance on behalf of sellers. To become an Amazon seller, you need to register as a seller on Amazon and have an inventory of products with them. Usually, people collaborate with factories in China and other places to manufacture their products
  • Once your products are ready, you will send them to Amazon for storage and packaging. Amazon has about 100 warehouses across the United States. You will inform them about the products you’re sending, and they will let you know which of the warehouses to shop your products to.

Amazon sorts and stores your products, and adds them to their inventory. When a customer buys your product, Amazon handles the entire transactions and ships the products to the customer’s address.

Every fortnight (2 weeks), Amazon sums up all your sales, deducts your seller fees and transfers your profits directly into your bank account.

Sounds cool, right?

  • Don’t be deceived, Amazon FBA business isn’t an easy undertaking. You have to put in a lot of resources and hard work to achieve success. In addition, you might need to learn from those who are already making a killing in the business to fasttrack your success.

That is why people like Ryan have created FBA courses to show you how to launch your business and rake in profits.

Now that you understand how Amazon FBA works, let’s dive deep into the course review proper.

But before that, I would like you to meet Ryan Rigney.

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Who Is Ryan Rigney?

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    Ryan is a trained lawyer who came across the opportunity of making money online via FBA while in law school. Ryan began selling on Amazon in 2015 and was able to scale his business soon enough.

Currently working as a corporate lawyer, Ryan is able to sustain his business by hiring a team of Philippine-based virtual assistants who help in the daily running of the business. He has been featured on a number of media outlets including Helium 10, Zon Guru, and Actualize Freedom.

What Does FBA Sales Accelerator Contain?

  • The course resources are presented both in written and video format. There is video content of over 14 hours with loads of written content for you to consume and digest.

Module-by-Module Overview of FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery  

Module 1: Branding

  • Branding is an important aspect you don’t want to overlook if you want to build a profitable and sustainable Amazon FBA business. In this module, Ryan talks about the importance of selecting valuable products that solve specific problems such as consumable products that get repeat buyers.
  • He warned against choosing seasonal products. In addition to Amazon, Ryan offers insights about promoting your products on other ecommerce stores such as Shopify and social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Ryan believes that selling products with low but consistent income is better than going for one-season wonder products.

Module 2: Optimizing Your Pages for Amazon and Google

  • Here, you will learn how to increase the ranking and visibility of your pages on Amazon and Google. This is achieved by using the right keywords that people use when searching for the kind of products you sell. Ryan recommends using Amazon Sponsored Ads “autocampaign” to do the research for you.
  • The module is also designed to teach you the mindset behind keyword efficiency, the most effective tools to use for keyword research and where to start if you’re a new Amazon Seller.

To get relevant keywords, you can choose between paid tools or free tools. Ryan recommends using Helium 10 which costs $97 per month.

So basically, the topics in this module can be summarized as follows:

  • Title optimization
  • Amazon Predicted search
  • Helium 10’s Frankenstein
  • Using Autocampaign regularly
  • The frequency of keyword usage

Module 3: Facebook Ads

  • This module is divided into three parts. The first part gives an overview of Facebook ads, and how you can run ads to promote your business. In this module, you will learn how to name your ad campaign and ad set, choosing the right creative, and how to make the most of your ad sets.
  • The second part is dedicated to explaining Facebook pixel. Facebook is the code attached to your ads which enables you to analyze the browsing behavior of people that interact with the ad for the purpose of retargeting them.

The third part shows you how to boost your conversion rate by generating like and comments on Facebook. Ryan shares his tactics for increasing conversion rate such as using social proof, and the creation of lookalike audiences.

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Module 4: Amazon PPC

  • Amazon operates like typical search engines where Amazon sellers compete for top spot. Ryan explains how you can make the most of this advertising option. This module is divided into 3 parts.
  • The first part teaches you the strategy to structure your campaigns for increased ranking and visibility.

The second teaches you how to do keyword research, filtering and focusing. Here, he recommends a number of tools that can help boost traffic to your page.

The third part is dedicated to how you can set up your campaigns. Here, you will learn some practical strategies for effective labelling and bidding.

Module 5: Review

  • Reviews are an important way to make potential customers trust your business. Think of the last time you made a purchase on an ecommerce site the impact of reviews on your decision.
  • Ryan divides this module into 3 parts. The first part talks extensively on how to get your first review.
  • Many sellers get reviews in ways that go against Amazon’s terms of service. Ryan explains his strategy for getting reviews which is mainly by leveraging Facebook ads, ManyChat and a tool called Boost Rooster. Boost Rooster costs $49 per month for the pro subscription or $99 for the alpha plan.

The second part is on how to get more reviews. Here, he recommends using Google ads, and bidding on non-competitive, long-tail keywords.

The third part is where Ryan talks about how he uses YouTube influencers to earn credibility for his products in order to gain customers’ trust.

Module 6: Increasing Traffic and Marketing your Product

  • This module is divided into 3 main parts.

The first part talks about how to generate and maintain organic traffic to your product listing. The second part focuses on foundational email marketing in the 21st Century. The last part teaches you how to automate your email marketing to increase sales.

Module 7: Dynamic Retargeting

  • Here, Ryan talks about the different ways to retarget potential customers and then elaborates more on dynamic retargeting ads. In case you’re wondering what this is… Dynamic retargeting ads are Facebook ads that appear to people who have seen them before and the content of the ads changes depending on if viewers have bought the product or the item they bought.

This approach is popular among Amazon sellers and it’s found to be one of the most effective ad retargeting tactics.

So How much does the FBA Sales Accelerator course cost?

  • FBA Traffic and Funnel Mastery cost $497 plus other expenses you will incur on running Facebook and Google ads. Also, Ryan recommends his strategy for ranking and generating reviews which is via a number of paid tools such as Boost Rooster with a minimum subscription of $49 per month.

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FBA Sales Accelerator: Is it Legit or just another scam?

  • Well, I wouldn’t say the course is a scam. After all, there are people who claimed the course helped them in one way or the other. Meanwhile, there are also many people who believe the course isn't worth the hype.
  • Instead of joining in the debate, I would rather address a more serious question which is, can the course help you make money?
  • If you’re looking to make a living by working online, then I’m not going to recommend Amazon FBA business.
  • For one, investing in this type of business is similar to playing a long game which may not yield the desired result on time.

Additionally, this business is not meant for you if you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to throw around.

  • To become a seller on Amazon, you must have at least a product that you sell. This means that you need to spend money on inventory.
  • Depending on what you’re selling, you will be needing a reasonable amount of capital to start the business, and immediate sales is not guaranteed. The experience could be more frustrating if you chose a wrong product.
  • Amazon is highly competitive with over 2 million sellers on the platform worldwide. You’re going to be competing with many long-standing businesses that have gathered thousands of reviews over the years.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Ryan created his course about three years ago. I doubt if some of his tactics are still relevant in 2020.

For example, Ryan recommends using PPC campaigns to drive traffic to an Amazon listing page emphasizing more on Facebook ads. It is obvious that this course does not cover the updates on Facebook advertising platform. Thus, following Ryan’s training on Facebook ads may not produce as much results as it did 3 years ago.

Do I Recommend This course?

  • Nope, I don’t recommend this course as the right training to prepare you to become a successful online entrepreneur. Amazon FBA is extremely competitive and it might take a long time before you start making sales. Also, the business requires a lot of upfront investment.

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Is There An Easier Alternative To Make Money Out There?

Yes, there’s a better and easier way to make consistent, long-term income online without spending on inventory. I got to know about this opportunity after spending thousands of dollars on a number of courses and seminars that promised to help me become rich but which either failed to deliver their promises or worked for just a short length of time.

Now, I make 4-5 figures monthly by helping local businesses and companies to generate leads via Facebook or Google advertising. I got to know about this business through a program called the Local Marketing Vault (LMV).

What Is The Local Marketing Vault?

LMV is a training program that shows you how to successful Facebook ads to generate qualified leads to local businesses who pay you on every lead generated. The program makes it so easy for anyone, regardless of your experience, age or educational background to run successful campaigns by providing members with more than 30 pre-made funnels.

With the Local Marketing Vault, you can easily make 4 figures every month as a starter. Interestingly, you can start with the program today and land your first business deal tomorrow. What you need to get results is use the program’s strategy which is implemented by simply copying and pasting what’s already working.

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