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Genesis Investing System Review: Early-Stage Investment Heaven Or A Scam!

This review is the ultimate resource if you want to know everything about Genesis Investing System in a straightforward way. Please give it a read; you won't regret it.

Genesis Investing System
Genesis Investing System

Disclaimer: This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. I'm not affiliated or associated either with Crowdability.com or Mathew Milner. I will get no benefit if you buy a membership plan or don't give a hoot.

Let’s jump on the review …

An Overview Of The Genesis Investing System:

  • Genesis Investing System is a product of Crowdability.com. Actually, it is an early-stage investing method, which they have developed.
  • The premise of this system is that people should start investing in private companies before they go public. In this way, they will make a truckload of money. By giving examples of the companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon, they try to prove that the people who invested in these companies made millions when these companies went public.
  • These examples are very enticing for an investor, who can wait for a little for massive gains. But what if the companies who invested do not take off. What if they do not gain traction, go bankrupt, turn out to be scams, or go down because of any damn reason? Will you lose all your money?
  • Here comes the Genesis Investing System that educates you on how to choose the right companies for investing and makes recommendations.
  • In this program, you can expect suggestions about startups and not-so-known companies. It is entirely your choice whether to take the risk and accept any of their recommendations.
  • If I were in your place, I would also be interested to know about their affiliation with any of these companies, if there's any in the first place. I would also like to know if they make money from these companies by recommending them. It is the most important part; ignore it at your own peril.
  • Mathew Milner and Wayne Mulligan founded Crowdability.com in 2013. Specifically, Mathew Milner is the founder, heart, and soul of Genesis Investing System.
  • Matt is an experienced investor and financial expert. A graduate of Cornell University, sales and marketing was his starting career. He’s a co-founder of Edgeworth Economics and worked in numerous businesses such as The Mogul, Hearst Digital, Answerology, etc.

Investing in companies that have not gone public yet is not a new concept. But it is to the credit of the founders of this program that they created a product around this idea.

What Is The Genesis Investing System?

It's a three-step investing process named as A.S.E. Process. It is the abbreviation for Allocate, Screen, and Evaluate.

The first step is called Allocate. In this step, they tell you about how much money you should allocate for early-stage investments. They recommend some companies for investing and suggest how much money to put in each one. They promise that you will massively reduce risk and increase potential gains by following this step.

The second step is called Screen. In this step, you will screen out the riskiest options. This step is crucial because if you have invested in a company with the highest risk of going down, you will lose your investment. This part is all about separating the good options from the bad ones.

The final step in this process is called Evaluate. In this step, you will deeply evaluate the investment options you have chosen in the second step. You will go deep in your digging. You will analyze the companies with different perspectives and through every angle. It is the most crucial step because, in this step, you finally decide your investing options.

Following instruments are included in the subscription package:

The Early-Stage Playbook:

It's an online course, and it's the main course of the meal. You'll learn about the Genesis Investing System and how to practically apply the system to build a portfolio of early-stage investments. Mathew teaches you risk reduction strategies and other techniques.

Following bonuses are also included in the package:

“Mutual Fund” for Startups:

It’s the fancy name of a report. In this report, Mathew listed 49 Pre-IPO companies for early-stage investment. According to him, these are low-risk companies, best for investing.

Private Bond Opportunities:

If you're interested in buying private bonds, this report will help you. He says that the gains of private bonds are higher than the public bonds. But there's also more risk involved.

The 60-Minute Venture Investor:

When you buy the Early-Stage Book, you will also receive this report for free. It contains a checklist for deciding which company is the best choice for investing.

Shark Tank Reports:

These are two special reports. According to Mathew, you will learn about behind the scene activities of two genesis investments through these reports. In each report, Mathew analyzes and evaluates each real-world investment. These reports teach you how to apply the lessons of the Genesis Investing System in the real world.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy The Genesis Investing System?

I would say that the price of this system is more on the cheaper side.

  • There are three membership levels to choose from; silver, gold, and platinum.
  • The one-time-only price of silver level membership is only $39.
  • The one-time-only price of gold level membership is only $79.
  • The one-time-only price of platinum level membership is the same $79.
  • It is pertinent to mention that gold and platinum levels contain more reports and other things. For details, please visit the website.
  • They provide a one month full money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the contents of the playbook or Genesis Investing System, you can take your money back within one month of buying a membership.

I would say that their membership packages are pretty affordable, and if you're interested in investing in private companies, it might be a helpful source.

Is Genesis Investing System A Scam?

The straight answer is NO! Genesis Investing System is not a scam.

  • I have never come across anything or any aggrieved person that may call this system a scam.
  • The founder of this product is a well-known, experienced, and well-respected expert.
  • The idea of crowdfunding has legitimate weight. A lot of companies have done this. The genius of Mathew is that he created an educational product around it.
  • Keep in mind that Crowdability.com is not a broker. Many people take a false impression that this website is a broker. It's just an educational forum. But they also recommend private companies for investing.
  • Even though this system is not a scam, if you're investing in a company that is not listed publicly, you're taking a lot of risk. It's more like gambling. If the company you're investing in takes off and goes public successfully in the near future, you can make a hell of money, but if it goes down or remains the same, there's a high chance of losing your investment.

The price of this system is also very affordable. The decision rests with you to choose the right option.

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How Easy Is It To Make Money With This System?

  • Well, you’ve read the whole review. The entire scenario is before you.
  • Keeping in view the complete details, I will say that any investment's success depends on first choosing the right company and then a lot of external factors.
  • Making money using this system will not be an easy and simple affair. You have to wait for a long time to yield any benefits. And it's also possible that your entire investment would go down the drain.
  • I believe that the risk of losing money is even more than investing in the stock market.

If you're for quick gains, then it is not your cup of tea. The hardest part is that your success in such investments is a lot dependent on the performance of other persons.

Do I recommend it?

If you’re the type of person who regularly invests in stocks and you can tolerate the risk and wait for a long time for gains, then I don’t see any harm in trying it out.

  • But if you're a newbie to the investment world, and want to make a quick buck or can't wait for a long time, then I don't recommend it to you. It's better to either invest in the stocks of public companies or simply do some other profitable thing to make money, such as lead generation.
  • I also don't recommend it if your risk tolerance level is very low because it's possible that things don't turn out in an expected way. In that case, you have to bear the losses.

One good thing is that the price of this system is very low. If you're interested, you can try it out. Also, you can evaluate all the options before taking the plunge.

Is There Any Other Legit And More Predictable Way Of Making Money?

If you're not entirely sold out to stocks, there's actually an excellent way of making money available to you. You just require a little effort and a minimal investment.

  • I would not be bragging if I would say that I'm making 4-5 figures monthly income out of lead generation for the local businesses. And believe me, it's the best, easiest, and most effective way of making hard cash.
  • If you're reading the first time about lead generation, it's the practice of acquiring highly targeted and qualified leads for local businesses and earning good commission for that.
  • You see, there's cutthroat competition among the local businesses. They are always hungry for new customers and want to attract as many leads as possible. When you provide them what they need, they not only pay you some top dollar, but you actually become the lifeline of their business.
  • I run Facebook ads for generating leads. They are still the most effective and affordable way of acquiring leads despite recent changes.

If you don't know how to create successful Facebook ads and how to push your leads down the funnel, then that would be a problem. But you get proper training for that from the Local Marketing Vault.

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

It's a program that offers the most advanced training for creating successful Facebook ads and sales funnels for lead generation.

  • You learn how to determine the right target audience, how to target leads, how to write copy for ads, how to select the right image, and a lot of other things necessary for a higher conversion rate.
  • It also comes with pre-made sales funnels. They provide a great solution to the headache of creating funnels for your clients. You can implement them as they are or modify them according to your needs.
  • It is not required to be an experienced marketer to make it using the training of this program; even beginners make 4-5 figures monthly income after completing the training.
  • A private Facebook group of over 5500 marketers is waiting for you with open arms with an insane amount of practical value.

I don't think that Genesis Investing System is for motivated and committed people. It's just like fishing … waiting, waiting, and waiting. Don't wait; take control of your life, and join Local Marketing Vault.



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