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5 Latest PPC Trends You Cannot Ignore

latest ppc trends in 2020

Whether you are a marketer or an agency, being aware of the latest PPC trends is essential. Let’s go over some major trends that you can adapt to improve your PPC campaigns.

PPC is a Rapidly Emerging System 

Competition in the PPC world is growing day by day. If you are marketing a business online, you need a solid PPC advertising plan. Mainly because this particular type of marketing requires constant attention to detail.

You cannot just sit around and wait for search engines to do the magic. You will have to do a lot of research every now and then to plan a good  PPC campaign in accordance with the latest trends.

As brand new PPC techniques emerge every day, it is becoming quite challenging to pick the right ones. Of course, a high Return on Investment (ROI) is the end result of investing in good PPC techniques.

Latest PPC Trends

Whether you are an agency or an advertiser, PPC can help you crawl up to the top if done correctly. Your goal is not only to stay on the front rows but to convert each visitor into a lead. 

Here are some popular PPC trends of 2020 that we handpicked for you to improve your overall PPC marketing game.

PPC Automation

  • No doubt automation is becoming the heart and soul of top online businesses. PPC automation plays a key role in improving your campaign’s performance. Many online agencies and companies are investing tons on this latest PPC trend.

As a result, PPC automation progressed a lot in the past years. Set up an accurate and reliable automation technique to lower those repetitive tasks that slow you down. 

Evolution of Smart Bidding

  • The automated bidding system, also known as Smart Bidding, is a machine learning controlled system. It uses machine learning technology to help marketers optimize conversion and improve their ads’ performance.

In the year 2020 and onwards, this smart bidding system will become more prevalent. Smart bidding offers you larger and better consumer research in many unexpected ways, giving it a slight edge over other campaign optimization techniques. 

Adapting Artificial Intelligence

This economic impact also includes a huge chunk in the PPC system. AI helps marketers and agencies create a good result-driven PPC campaign. AI allows marketers to recognize the behavior of their targeted audience to create more accurate and improved PPC ad campaigns.

Rise of Voice Search

  • Voice search is yet another trend we cannot ignore. You must hear about these smart homes and PA speakers like Google Home, Alexa, or Siri. An estimated 50% of all online searches are voice recognized, this shows how much potential it holds for businesses to target.

Although paid voice search is not yet mainstream, the way technology is changing it will surely become a practice one must adopt in the near future.

Using Alternative PPC Platforms

  • Google and Facebook are undoubtedly the most dominant and powerful PPC platforms. When it comes to PPC, every marketer prioritizes these two platforms to invest their time and money. 

However, nowadays, marketers are also spending on other platforms with respect to their niches. This can be useful if you are not generating great results with only google and Facebook.  

Final Thoughts

  • If you want to stay put in the PPC world and aim to be on top, keep an eye on the latest PPC trends. These will help you create a good result-driven PPC campaign.

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