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Bill Gates Net Worth

bill gates net worth
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Everything you need to know about Bill Gates Net Worth

William Henry Gates who is known as Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He held the position of chairman and co-chairman while at Microsoft. He was also the largest shareholder of the company. Bill Gates is considered one of the best entrepreneurs in the world. He has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million as of 2021. 

Early Life and Career

  • Bill Gates was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He co-founded Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen. It was the largest personal computer software company. His father was a prominent lawyer. His parents wanted him to pursue law from a very young age. 
  • He was thirteen years old when he wrote his first software program. After he developed a passion for software he worked on it and while doing all of this he remained in contact with his childhood friend Paul Allen and later met him at Honeywell in 1974. He dropped out of Harvard the same year and his parents supported his decision seeing how much he was passionate about starting his own company. 


  • Gates along with his partner Allen contacted the Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System (MITS) to inform them that they had been working on a basic interpreter for the platform. 
  • When in reality they had been working on nothing, they hadn't even written the code for it. They just wanted to gauge the interest of MITS. The President of MITS agreed to meet them for a demonstration and within a few weeks, they prepared the interpreter. 
  • When they met the president it was a success and that resulted in a deal with the MITS. MITS  wanted Gates and Allen to distribute the interpreter to them. Meanwhile, they hired Allen and Gates took a leave of absence from Harvard to work alongside Allen at MITS. 

IBM Personal Computer 

  • IBM being the leading supplier of the computer community contacted them in JULY 1980 concerning Microsoft for their upcoming personal computer the IBM PC. 
  • They proposed that Microsoft write the basic interpreter for the personal computer. 
  • However, their discussions with Digital research were not successful and they did not meet a licensing agreement. 


  • Bill Gates launched the retail version of Microsoft Windows on November 20th, 1985 in an attempt to fend off his competitor Apple Macintosh. The latest release of this version is Windows 10. 

Personal Life 

  • Bill Gates married his life partner Melinda French on a Hawaiin Island on January 1st, 1994. 
  • They met in 1987 after Malinda began working at Microsoft. They have three children together Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe. Their family has a family residence in an earth-shattering mansion on the side of a hill overlooking Lake Washington in Medina, California. The whole mansion is reported to be worth US$ 1.063 million. 
  • On May 3rd, 2021, Bill and Melinda decided that they were gonna get divorced after 27 years of marriage and after 34 years as a couple. They also stated that they will be working together for charitable efforts. 

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