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Farmasi Review: Is Farmasi A Pyramid Scheme?

This Farmasi Review reveals all you want to know about this company, its downline recruiting program, compensation plan, and more. It also answers the most important question (or suspicion), is Farmasi a pyramid scheme?


Farmasi is a beauty and personal care cosmetic company founded in Turkey in 2003. It has a long list of products and is currently operating in 24 countries in the world. You will be surprised to know that Farmasi does not use traditional ways of selling products where a company sells its products to retail stores or online and consumers buy these products either online or from retail stores. Instead, Farmasi is a direct sales company.

What is a direct sales company?

A company that uses salespersons to sell its products directly to consumers, door to door, or online and takes retail stores or intermediaries out of the supply chain is called a direct sales company. That company pays commissions to salespersons for selling the products.

Farmasi also relies on salespersons or distributors to sell its products, and they have devised a compensation plan for the distributers.

But the story does not end here.

People suspect it to be a pyramid scheme not because of its direct sales method but because it also encourages its distributors to recruit downline salespersons under them and pays commissions for that. As a distributor, you're incentivized to build your team and recruit as many people as you can.

So, Farmasi is a direct sales as well as an MLM company. It’s a unique type of combination.

But you want to know what’s in it for you. Isn’t it? You want to know the money-making potential of this company. Well, if door-to-door selling is your thing, or you can sell products online, then it may profit you, otherwise not. But you have to read the complete review for more clarity.

Before going further, let me tell you why I am writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Farmasi Review?

  • I love to help people; that's why I have dedicated this platform to offer credible, trusted, genuine, and non-affiliated opinions about money-making opportunities, courses, programs, schemes, companies, websites, and apps.
  • I have fifteen years of experience in online marketing. When you stay that long in an industry, you know all the ins and outs of that industry. You know what's good, what’s bad, and what’s damn ugly. What works, and what doesn’t. Then your opinion matters.
  • I'm now earning 4-5 figures monthly income easily, but that was not always the case. I have wasted a lot of money and time pursuing schemes and programs that turned out to be scams and pipe dreams. I wish you to stay away from these money-sucking things. In that spirit, I created this platform and now writing this Farmasi review.

Disclaimer: This review is my unbiased and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with Farmasi in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this company, sell its products, or don’t give a darn. I just want to help you to choose prudently what is best for you.

Farmasi is running a big operation. I have spent hours digging out the details and facts; they try to hide under clever marketing to provide you the whole picture.

Without further ado, let’s roll…

An Overview Of The Farmasi MLM Company:

  • Dr. Cevdet Tuna is the founder of Farmasi. He was born in 1923 in Edirne, Turkey, and he founded Farmasi in 2003.
  • Farmasi is a beauty and personal care cosmetics company. It has a long line of products, from skincare to makeup and personal care to bathroom cleaners and fragrances. They claim to use only natural ingredients in their products.
  • You would not find any Farmasi product in stores because Farmasi is a direct sales company and aims to become the number 1 direct cosmetic selling company in the world.
  • Through a very easy process, you can become a seller with this company and sell the products door-to-door or online.
  • You can earn money with Farmasi in two ways; selling its products and building a downline, and recruiting people under you. A third way of earning is by promoting the Farmasi products through your own website.
  • You can visit their website and see whether Farmasi is operating in your country or not.
  • The current situation of Covid made it hard to sell products door-to-door.

If you’re a beginner in sales and want to join Farmasi, one thing you should know is that they don't provide any training for selling their products door-to-door. Without training or experience, you would not be able to sell a good number of products to people, excluding your friends and near relatives.

If you think it will be easy to sell their products or to recruit downline, you're entirely wrong. Not having in retail stores and target audience’s unawareness about their products makes their products harder to sell.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Farmasi?

Joining Farmasi is very easy and cheap. After reviewing many MLMs, I learned that Farmai has the lowest joining cost.

  • You can join Farmasi for just $19.99. Yes! It's that cheap because the whole business model of Farmasi is dependent on salespersons. More number of salespersons is equal to more sales, which results in more profits.
  • This fee is just for one time, and they would not require you to pay a monthly fee to keep your status.
  • When you signup with them, you also have to purchase a starter products kit. The kit includes products and advertising material.
  • Farmasi is not like the other MLMs who try to make money out of joining fees. That's because they genuinely want you to become their salesperson and make money for them and for yourself.

But the actual cost you pay is the time and effort you put into selling the products and building the downline after joining them. And you should ask yourself, can you do it. Is it worth it? And is there any possibility of making good money?

Farmasi Compensation Plan:

Every MLM provides a compensation plan for its distributors, so does Farmasi. It has a pretty easy-to-understand and straightforward compensation plan.

Traditionally, every MLM presents two ways of making money; selling products and recruiting downline, but in Farmasi, you can earn money in the following seven ways:

  • Commissions on personal sales: You can earn commissions by selling yourself door-to-door or online the products of Farmasi. You will make a surprising 50% commission on every product you sell. Sounds great. But you should know what exactly it means. It means the Farmasi will provide you products in half of the stipulated price. Let's say the price of a product is $10, the company will provide you at $5, and then you can sell it at $10 and make a 50% commission. It's clever marketing because they intentionally fixed the price at double to give the illusion of paying commissions.
  • Commissions on online sales: They provide the same 50% commission if you sell their products online.
  • Welcome program: When you start with them, they include you in a welcome program for the first four months. They give some free incentives during these four months.
  • Group Commission: When your downline makes sales, you receive a group commission for those sales.
  • Leadership Bonus: When you or any of your downline recruits achieve a higher rank, you receive a leadership bonus.
  • Team building Program: When you sponsor three or more active recruits, you earn $40 for yourself and become eligible to join the customer acquisition program. For getting the status of an active recruit, one has to sell $200 worth of products in the stipulated period.
  • Group Bonus: You receive a bonus when your downline sells extra products.

It’s a comprehensive compensation plan. They keep you up on your toes and want you to sell more and more products.

Is Farmasi A Pyramid Scheme?

The straight answer is NO. There are many reasons to say that Farmasi is not a pyramid scheme. Following are some of them:

  • As you know, 99% focus of a pyramid scheme is usually on recruiting and not selling products. Even they recruit for the purpose of more recruiting. But that's not the case with Farmasi. Its primary goal is to sell more and more products; even they recruit new salespersons keeping this primary purpose in view.
  • Pyramid companies don't spend much money on research and development and creating products, but Farmasi does that.
  • Pyramid companies charge high fees for joining them and keeping the status or rank, but Farmasi doesn't do that.
  • Pyramid companies usually don't have the capacity to operate worldwide, but Farmasi operates in 24 countries.

So, I think, Farmasi is an MLM company and not a pyramid scheme.

Farmasi: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Farmasi is not a scam. It is a legit MLM cosmetic company operating all around the world.

  • They have a minimal joining fee, although you also have to pay for the kit, and they don't charge monthly fees.
  • After paying this small fee, the possibility of making money mostly depends on you.
  • They would not take your money and run away as most of the scams do.
  • I have not seen people complaining that Farmasi has done any scam with them.

So, I can say that it is a legit company. But the most important question is, would you make any money by joining Farmasi?

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How Easy Is It To Make Money By Joining Farmasi?

  • Honestly, it would not be easy for you to make money by joining this company.
  • If you're thinking of joining this MLM as a salesperson, you're probably new in sales, which makes your success hard.
  • They don't provide any sales training, and you're dependent only on yourself to make sales and recruit downline.
  • Door-to-door selling is a tricky thing. Digitalization of societies, ecommerce, and Covid made it hard to do door-to-door sales.
  • To get success online, you should know about digital marketing, SEO, and creating and maintaining websites. It also needs investment.

I don't want to discourage you, but, indeed, making money would not be an easy task after joining Farmasi.

Do I Recommend It?

If you’re only interested in selling door-to-door and you have a good level of selling skill, then I would say go ahead and join Farmasi. But if you're after a good and easy money-making opportunity, then I DON’T RECOMMEND IT.

  • You see, I review MLMs regularly, and I'm tired of linking to a report of the Federal Trade Commission where they say that 99% of people who join MLMs as distributors lose money. Only 1% of top-of-the-line people make any money. That's it.
  • You have just a 1% chance to make any money by joining any MLM, including Farmasi.

So, I can't recommend my readers go on an endeavor that has a higher probability of losing money and wasting time.

But STOP! There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

What Do I Recommend For Making A Hell Of A Lot Of Money?

  • I recommend you start the lead generation business as soon as possible.
  • It requires little investment but the benefits and profits are enormous. I'm making 4-5 figures monthly income out of it.
  • Local businesses are always hungry for new leads and pay you a good commission if you provide them with some.
  • I use Facebook ads for generating leads. It's a cost-effective, easy, and useful way to generate leads.

I didn't know a damn thing about Facebook ads, but fortunately, a friend told me about Local Marketing Vault. I took the advice, and it made me what I'm now; a successful digital entrepreneur.

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

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  • Complete Facebook ads training. You learn to create, run, and manage successful ad campaigns for lead generation.
  • Pre-built sales funnels. You can implement them as-they-are to your client's business or modify them accordingly. They significantly increase conversions.
  • 4-5 figures monthly income. Even beginners are making that kind of money and loving it.
  • Facebook private community. It comes with a private Facebook group of over 5000 marketers. You learn the latest hacks and pro tips in the group.

The choice is yours. Either to pursue pipe dreams such as Farmasi or to start the journey of making your life a dream and join Local Marketing Vault.

2 thoughts on “Farmasi Review: Is Farmasi A Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. Not a bad review. However as an update there is so much training it’s almost hard to see them all. The company provides a Glow Academy for courses free of charge, and in addition there are different live trainings almost every day of the week. It’s still not easy doing network marketing, you definitely have to put in the work.

  2. Thank you for this article. I do with more people checked it out. Please read~~
    The girl above named Jenn, She is so right!!! Farmasi trains and trains and trains until your head hurts with all the online seminars and coaching. The BI’s and their uplines trains as well and there are so many group chats that are aimed at uplifting and coaching new BI’s. When I was working on selling for the company I was making a decent amount for the amount of work I was putting into it which wasn’t much really. I get tons of Graphics that are created by either Farmasi or from Bi’s or their uplines and they all make it so easy to share and use them for online advertising. We have the most amazing catalogues..

    The other thing I would like to point out is that the Starter kit and the Fee to join are one and the same. It is a one time purchase of 19.99 to join which includes the starter kit. They have also run special promotions of just $9.99 as well. The makeup and skin care is phenomenal! They really do put a lot into this company! Their time and efforts are always front and center and their independent contractors feel so appreciated. They rarely ever question a BI. If she says she didn’t get a product in their order; farmasi will refund and send the item to you free of charge. Farmasi is a very well put together company.. It is difficult to get people to change from their store bought items and trust another brand but for the affordable prices and quality of the products, Farmasi really can’t be beat!


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