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Ambit Energy

ambit-energy-reviewAmbit Energy is a massive company that provides services all over the USA. They cater to Maryland, New Jesey, Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Their products are energy services and the company was launched in 2006 by two founders, Chris Chambles and Jere Thompson. They provide really reasonable prices for electricity and gas and have been growing like crazy. Back in 2008, they managed to get $200 million in revenue and then $325 million in 2009. They are now a Fortune 500 company and are worth more than $1 billion! Talk about excellent growth.

I am reviewing Ambit Energy and their compensation packages for affiliates. You can make an informed choice after reading my review as I will go into all the details necessary. Ambit Energy works hard to provide natural gas and power across the country and what’s great is that bigger corporations can’t keep their monopoly intact anymore. Ambit provides consumers with a solution to get competitive prices for their power needs. While their specific prices aren’t available to assess, they provide different prices across all states.

Even though Ambit is a big player in the energy sector, they still have competitors and run into the risk of crises like these. MLM companies that play in the energy sector don’t generally have a lot of competition but these are some of the companies that compete directly with them. These are:

  • Ampegy (Spark Energy)
  • Choice Consumer Marketing
  • Ignite Energy
  • ACN
  • Independent Energy (Energy Plus)
  • Dynastar energy
  • Momentis
  • Invado Energy
  • North American Power
  • Zurvita
  • Viridian Energy

Now this is as typical an MLM as they come, so keep in mind that you will get paid commissions when you recruit other people as either consumers or affiliates. Ambit has all this information up on their website where they detail how they want to help their consultants achieve ‘financial freedom.’ They seem to provide a lot of learning resources for affiliates as well. Of course none of these are free but they will help you learn to sell. Ambit insists that because there is a deregulation of the energy markets, it’s the perfect time to actually sign up with them. According to their business model, an affiliate gets paid every time someone uses gas or electricity, which are basic necessities and therefore shouldn’t be too difficult to sell.

The key here is that you can even tell people how to get their power for free if you find the right consumers. This is how Ambit tells affiliates to rope in clients and more affiliates. There are bonuses for a lot of milestones and you can take advantage of these as you please. The risk factor is shown to be generally low since Ambit has been churning out a healthy profit over the last years. Their website shows that they have been placed on the DSN global 100 list.

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Ambit works by urging affiliates to tell consumers that they can save big on their energy and gas bills, if they refer Ambit to their friends and family. Within this lies the hidden opportunity where every consumer is also a potential affiliate-in-waiting. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would say no to getting free power forever and also earning income on top of that. Even though this seems like a great process, there is a warning sign which is that you would have to constantly recruit people and would not be able to hit any sort of stability mark early on.

How Ambit works is that once you’ve signed up, you get a title called ‘Ambit Marketing Consultant.’ As a fresh consultant, you won’t be eligible for the leadership income perk because you need to get promoted and reach much higher levels for that. This can easily be done once you get 5 customer points which you would have already done if you’ve earned Jump Start 1. After this step, you’ll need to find other dedicated people and build a team. This needs to have 6 people in it but here’s the catch: you’ll need to have recruited two of them yourself. Once you check all these boxes, you will become an Ambit Regional Consultant.

This can continue all the way up till you become National Consultant where you would start earning top dollar, or so Ambit claims. The only con I see here is that you’d be earning promotions based on constant recruitment and not really on how much you or they are selling. It starts to sound and look a lot like a pyramid scheme if you see this perspective. There’s not doubt that Ambit is a legitimate business but there are some red flags which appear to be concerning.

Overall Ambit could be profitable if you wanted to sign up and recruit people for a living. But there are still better ways to make money out there!

There are other ways to get rid of your 9-5 and make money online without MLM's, bother your family/friends, ponzi schemes and recruiting people!

Without sounding mean, you would probably like this system because it gives you a “blueprint” that grows without 3 way calls or spamming your facebook friends!

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