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Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch Review

Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch is a 60-day course that teaches you how to create an online course from scratch and sell it crazy to your target audience and make money passively while basking on the beach.Danielle Leslie course

Online learning is a huge industry. It is projected that the worth of the global e-learning market in 2025 will be $325 billion (with a B). Moreover, $25.33 billion worth is projected for the market of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) by 2025.

These hard-hitting stats prove that this industry is booming and growing rapidly. Flocks and flocks of people are turning towards online sources for learning new skills and increasing their knowledge from the comfort of their homes. The world has become a global village, at least online.

Mammoth brands such as Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning have spent billions of worth in the online learning industry.

That created enormous opportunities for teachers to sell their services and for learners to learn new skills online.

Seeing this demand and business opportunities, many gurus out there teach people about how to benefit from this boom in the e-learning market. Danielle Leslie is one of them.

In this Danielle Leslie: course from scratch review, we will look into the usefulness and ROI of this course; should you jump on it at the first chance or don’t give a hoot and save your money?

Stay with me!

Why Am I Writing This Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch Review?

  • You see, a lot of people are struggling to make money. They take course after course and follow one guru after the other while spending thousands of hard-earned dollars, but remain empty-handed in the end.
  • I have over a decade of experience in online earning and digital marketing. In the start, I was like you, eager to learn and unfortunately, a perfect target audience for scammers who promise an abundance of knowledge but deliver nothing. I learned the hard way and that knowledge has helped me in making a 6-figure monthly income.
  • I want to save you not only from scammers but also from useless expensive courses and fake gurus.

Disclaimer: These reviews you read on this site are my honest and 100% unbiased opinions. I do not take any money for recommending a program/course or not recommending it. I call a spade a spade and do not hesitate to declare a program a scam if, in fact, it is a scam!

I did comprehensive research about Danielle Leslie’s course from scratch to know about this course's creator, the amount of money required to take the course, the pros, and cons, etc. In the end, I will reveal whether it's legit or a scam, and whether you should invest in it or not.

Let's start with the overview of Danielle Leslie: Course from Scratch.

A Complete Overview Of Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch:

  • Danielle Leslie offered her first course at Udemy. Since then, she has gathered a lot of following on Instagram and other channels.
  • She's an entrepreneur, and she will teach you how to create a course and then sell it.
  • The promise she made in ads is that she had made millions by selling courses and you can do it too if you take her course.
  • You have to pay approx. $2,000 to join this course. It's quite a price for beginners.
  • It’s a 60-day course. After completing this 60-day course, you have to pay more money for bonuses.
  • The content of the training course has six modules:
  • First Module: Related to welcome and a small introduction.
  • Second Module: This module is about the minimum viable course.
  • Third Module: What should be the topic of your course, and who's your target audience.
  • Fourth Module: She will teach you about creating quality content that provides massive value to your customers in this module.
  • Fifth Module: This module is all about selling your course.
  • Sixth Module: Launching your course.
  • Buying this course makes you eligible to have a live conversation with Danielle Leslie.
  • There's a free webinar of her available on Instagram, a 15-minute free video about creating courses and selling it. It's also a sales pitch for selling this course. You can watch that video and decide whether to go for this course or not.
  • They also provide a 30-days money-back guarantee.

They created a sparkling website and gathered some testimonials of people who got success after taking the course from scratch to lure you in. They try hard to prove that they are a trusted source, and you will get great value by taking this course.

What Can You Learn From Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch?

  • According to the courses' modules, they will teach you how you can create your course and sell it on Udemy or by yourself through a personal website.
  • You will learn about targeting the right audience and creating quality content that will provide massive value to your customers.
  • Then they will teach you about how to sell or market your course. They teach the method of using Facebook and Instagram ads to sell your course.
  • Some information about writing copy for your course is also included.

You should ask yourself whether you can get this information/learning from free or cheap sources without compromising value.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Danielle Leslie’s Course From Scratch?

  • An arm and a leg! You've to pay $2,000 to join this course. After completing this course, you have to pay more if you want to receive bonuses.
  • It will also require 60 days of your time to complete this course.

A big question mark is about the value you’re getting in a hefty fee of two grand. From the name of it, you can know that this course is targeting beginners. How many beginners can afford this kind of money to spend to get this information? Are there any other authentic but less expensive sources to learn about course creation and course selling? If yes, then why not choose them over this course? Are you paying just for a brand name and forgetting value? Do you care for ROI?

Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  • I have done hundreds of reviews of different programs, money-making schemes, courses, apps, etc. I know that there are some apparent signs shared among all the scams.
  • I can’t call this course a scam, and there are reasons for that. The creator of this course is a well-known person, and scams usually don't reveal their founders. Also, there are some testimonials of the people which we have no reason to call fake. Moreover, Danielle Leslie's brand is here for quite some time.
  • They also provide a 30-days money-back guarantee, and I didn't find any person who complained about not getting their money back.
  • But I disagree with their aggressive pricing and course material, which does not contain much value.

So, in my honest and unbiased opinion, this course is not a scam. By joining this course, you will get some value, though not the kind of value they advertise, and you will not be able to start making money instantly.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It to Make Money with Danielle Leslie’s Course?

  • They want you to believe through advertisements and testimonials that by just taking this course, you will earn a massive amount of money at the very launch of your course and continue to do so well after the launch.
  • But that's not true. This course teaches you how to advertise your course through Facebook and Instagram ads to attract people into your funnel. This advertisement campaign also requires an additional $2,000 or more. And the success of your course is dependent on the success of these ad campaigns.
  • They don't teach you anything in-depth about creating successful Facebook ad campaigns, but you can learn this skill with Local Marketing Vault.
  • It requires a lot of effort, time, and investment to make your name a brand. And without becoming a trusted brand name, people will not buy your course if you're selling them independently and it doesn't matter what platform you use. But if you choose any platform to sell your courses such as Udemy or Skillshare, you have to keep your price very low.

The truth is that this claim is false. You will not be able to make money easily or instantly just by taking this course.

This course is legit, but the big question you have to ask yourself whether it is useful? Will you get good value for your money? And do I recommend it?

Do I Recommend Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch?

No! I do not recommend this course. And if you're a beginner and not an entrepreneur, I urge you to stay away from this Danielle Leslie: Course from Scratch. I've no problem if you join this program or not; I just can't see any value in it. Here are some reasons why I'm not recommending this course:

  • Obviously, the biggest reason is the price of the course. $2,000 for this course is absolutely criminal.
  • You will not get much value from the content of the course. You can easily get this information on YouTube or the internet for free.
  • At the e-learning platforms such as Udemy, you can get the same type or better information and content about creating and selling courses in just 10/12 bucks. In the presence of these excellent and cheap alternatives, paying your hard-earned money for this course is not a wise choice.
  • Danielle Leslie’s course does not adequately teach you the skill of running successful ads on Instagram or other social media platforms, which is vital for selling your courses.
  • I can’t see you will get a good ROI in this course.

In light of the above arguments, my opinion is clear… stay away from this course. It's a legit course but not useful. Don't waste your hard-earned cash, and instead choose your options wisely.

People who are pumped up to do something and to make money online often fall for these types of poor choices to make money online. Instead, there are better options available.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

An Easier And Surer Way To Make Money Online:

  • Creating online courses and selling them is not the only way to make money online, and it's also not an easier way because you need a brand name, quality content, investment, and a lot of time to profit from it.
  • Instead, you can choose the way of lead generation to earn handsome money online easily and quickly.
  • I'm doing digital marketing since 2006, and I know the pros and cons of all forms of digital marketing. In my humble opinion, lead generation is the easier, surer, and evergreen way to make a lot of money. I'm making a 6 figure income out of lead generation, and with a small effort, you can also do this.
  • In lead generation, you will acquire leads for the local businesses, and they will pay you a good commission for that. Think about which local business doesn't need leads and customers? It's an evergreen demand. You will never get out of work ever.
  • This is helping local businesses make more money, which will consequently make you rich.
  • I use Facebook ads to generate leads for my clients.

I know that not everybody can run successful Facebook ad campaigns, but you can learn this skill. And the best way to learn this skill is by Local Marketing Vault.

What Is Local Marketing Vault?

  • It's a Facebook ads and sales funnels training program. You will learn to create an attention-grabbing ad, Copywrite, target the right audience, creating hooks, creating sales funnels, etc. in this program.
  • This program also contains pre-built sales funnels, and you can use them as they are for your clients or customize them according to your needs.
  • For getting massive benefits out of this program, you do not need to be a computer champ or an experienced marketer. It just required your passion and dedication.
  • By taking this program, you will also be eligible to join a private Facebook community of over 5000 digital marketers who help each other get ahead in marketing.

The crux of the matter is if you genuinely want to start your online earnings and make your mark online, then join Local Marketing Vault right now!

2 thoughts on “Danielle Leslie: Course From Scratch Review”

  1. Course From Scratch is all hype and borderline scammy. There are BBB complaints filed on this business under pseudo name Culture Add Labs, Inc in NYC.

  2. Thank you for this review. I came to similar conclusions but was wondering if anyone else had actually paid the $ and found it worth the price. I don’t believe it’s a scam, either. Just wondering how the value stacks up.


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