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Cutco Scheme Review: Is It A Pyramid Scheme or Not?

Do you know that before writing his world-famous book “The Miracle Morning,” Hal Elrod was a Cutco sales representative? Yes! He was also inducted in the Cutco hall of fame latterly. This fact emphasizes that Cutco is a legit Company, selling cutlery and cookware all over America and Canada.

Cutco, formerly Alcas Corporation, was founded by Alcas and Case Cutlery in 1949. It is selling cutlery, especially knives, since 1949. Their most popular product is the kitchen knives set. They give a lifetime guarantee of their products. The guarantee exudes extreme confidence in the quality of their products.

Cutco sells its products through multi-level marketing (MLM) and direct sales. Cutco's subsidiary, Vector Marketing, handles all the marketing operations.

With this scheme, they target college students, stay at home parents, and people looking for side hustles to become their sales representative and earn a 10% commission on their sales. They also promise that you will make $15 an hour by selling their products.

In this review, we're going to reveal, is it a pyramid scheme or not? Or is it a scam, or its legit? And are you going to earn $15 an hour easily by selling Cutco knives, or it’s just a pipe dream?

But before jumping on the review, I want to clarify why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Cutco Scheme Review?

  • I’ve dedicated myself to bring forth the best earning opportunities for my readers and also to provide you with the real picture of a scheme, program, course, or app, etc. So, you will make a truckload of money while also saving yourself from becoming prey to scams.
  • I started my career in digital marketing in 2006. Since that, I have tried a number of methods and programs to earn money. Many were scams, and I lost a lot of money and time pursuing these fantasies.
  • Now, I'm a successful marketer and making 4-5 figures monthly income with local lead generation. So, I take this responsibility to guide people to make wise choices and don't waste their lives pursuing useless scams.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest and unbiased, professional opinion. I’m not affiliated with Cutco in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this scheme or not. My only purpose is to guide you to make a prudent choice and save you from scams.

With this in mind, let's start with an overview of the Cutco scheme.

A Comprehensive Overview Of Cutco Scheme:

  • There are no fees for joining Cutco; it's completely free. Previously, it was required to buy the ‘knife kit' for presentations, but now they provide you one for free if you're an active sales representative.
  • For becoming an active sales representative in the eyes of the company, you have to sell at least $100 worth of Cutco products. But if you fail to do so, either you've to return the knife kit or buy it at half of the price.
  • For joining Cutco as a sales representative, you've to go through a lengthy interview process.
  • If you got succeeded in the interview, you would do a three-day training course.
  • You will also provide referrals.
  • They will provide you with sales scripts and presentations for approaching and convincing the potential clients to buy the Cutco products.
  • The company targets college students, stay-at-home moms, and side hustlers to become their sales representatives, so it's straightforward for them to join Cutco. It's also a smart way to save money on marketing and advertising.
  • After joining the scheme, you would sell the products door to door.
  • If you get any face to face appointment, they will pay you $15.
  • According to Cutco's basic compensation plan, you will earn a 10% commission if you sell $1000 of merchandise. Your commission will increase if the sales increase. They provide a compensation table.
  • According to Cutco At Home compensation plan, you will receive a 20% commission if you sell $0-2000 of products according to your membership level. They also provide a compensation table for Cutco At Home program.

Besides reading this review, you should also take a look at these compensation tables to know what you're going to get in return for your hard work.

In Cutco At Home program, you also receive a monthly bonus along with a commission according to the number of your sales and according to your membership level.

The training they provide is not going to make you a champion seller. You have to put hours of effort into selling the products. You’ve to evaluate yourself before joining the Cutco scheme that you can do door to door sales or not and what it’s going to cost you.

What Can You Learn From This Program?

Selling Skill:

Cutco acquired the MLM Company Vector Marketing in 1985. Since that Vector Marketing is handling all of its marketing and selling. If they hire you as a sales representative, they will also train you. Initially, you will go through a three-day training course. In training and after that you will learn how to sell products to people. You will learn how to hook them, how to present the benefits of your products, how to eliminate their objections, and how to close the deal. If you learn it properly and put time, effort, and dedication into it, this skill will prove very valuable to your life.

Presentation Skill:

You will also learn the art of presentation. Cutco has 70 years of experience in selling door to door cutlery and cookware. They know how to present products to the people so that they would buy them instantly. They will provide you with the training to make a presentation. And in most cases, your presentation will decide the result of your deal. Even if you don't want to sell knives for long, you should still learn this art from these experts.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Cutco Scheme?

  • It will cost you blood, sweat, and tears. Door to door selling is that hard.
  • But the program is free to join. There's no setup fee or other hidden fees. Once, you were required to buy your knife kit for presentations, but not anymore. Now, the company provides it.
  • Also, you're required, after selection, to take the three-days training course.

Joining the Cutco scheme costs you time and energy but not money. After entering the program, you will quickly learn that it is your cup of tea or not, but first, you've to go through the training and field experience.

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  • One thing common in all of the scams is that their product, service, or course doesn’t do its job well because it is created with the sole purpose of deceiving people.
  • But I can't say this in the case of Cutco. They're selling these products for 70 years. And, certainly, you can't sell a crappy product for that long.
  • Cutco products are made with expensive material and are of the finest quality. That's why they are so popular all over America, and Cutco is recognized as a world-famous brand. It is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the US. In 2018 alone, Cutco earned a revenue of $226 million.
  • People, especially professional chefs and housewives, pay high regard to Cutco products, especially Cutco kitchen knives, which are very popular.

But it is also true that these products are costly. A person with an average income can’t afford to buy these products.

Will You Be Able TO Sell Cutco Products Easily?

  • Here's the point where things get hard. If you think that Cutco products are very popular with the people and the company's goodwill is behind them, so you will sell them easily then think twice.
  • The biggest demerit of Cutco products is that they are very expensive. No doubt, they're quality products, but still, the prices are unreasonable. The price of a knife is $40 – $250. The knife includes a table knife, French knife, trimmer, cleaver, etc. They charge $90 – $120 for Cutco Shears. Cutco knife set is the most popular and flagship product of Cutco, and they're selling it at $280 – $1212. Because of their prices, people see them as luxury products and not products of need.
  • The expensiveness of the products proves a big hurdle in selling the items. No matter how much good you're a seller or how much effort you put, if the persons you're selling can't afford to buy these products, they will not buy them, especially in this day when the Covid-19 is already ruined many businesses, and more are shutting down, the buying capacity of people affected severely.
  • Another hurdle is the out-dated sales techniques and the absence of proper training. A three-day training course does not provide much value to a beginner who is just entering into the field of selling.
  • It would be hard to earn a steady and consistent income by selling Cutco products.

You have to book appointments with the people and then make an excellent presentation to convince them to buy these products; it’s a lot of work.

This all confirms my assertion that selling Cutco products will not be a piece of cake for you. Don't think that by joining the Cutco scheme, you will start to make money instantly.

Cutco Scheme: Legit Or Just Another Scam?

  • There are so many scams in the online world that most of the time, it's hard to differentiate between a legit scheme and a scam.
  • Most of the scams have some standard features such as a hidden or unknown founder, shortest contact details, tall claims of making money, setup and hidden fees, and promise of making money easily and instantly without putting much effort. I didn't find anyone in the case of the Cutco scheme.
  • So, I can say with 100% surety that the Cutco scheme is NOT a scam.

They don't require any money of yours, but you have to put effort to get succeed in this scheme. You can genuinely make money as a Cutco sales representative, but it's not going to get easy.

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Do I Recommend Cutco Scheme?

  • I already told you my unbiased and honest opinion that the Cutco scheme is legit and not a scam, but I don't recommend you to join this scheme. Why? Because:
  • If you're a student, stay at home parent, or a side hustler, it would be tough for you to show that level of selling skill required to get success in the door to door selling.
  • They provide you with a quick training which is not going to do much for you.
  • Cutco products are costly, which makes it hard to sell.
  • The world has become digitalized and becomes a global village; online retail stores left little space for the door to door selling.
  • You will not be able to earn $15 an hour in the beginning months.

And also because there are more effective and easier options available to make money online.

Is There An Easier Way To Make Money?

  • It is possible in the long run that you start to make money by joining the Cutco scheme and selling knives door to door. But you have to work your fingers to the bone.
  • Instead, there’s an easier and more reliable way to make consistent money online.
  • In the last 15 years, I have tried every marketing and online earning method under the sun, but the method that helped me make 4-5 figures monthly income is local lead generation. It is the practice of generating leads for local businesses.
  • It’s an evergreen way of earning moolah. You see, local businesses are ever watching for new leads and customers. They give you a good commission. And if you provide them with good leads, they're not going to ditch you, ever.

I use Facebook ads to generate leads. You would say it’s not easy to create successful Facebook ad campaigns, which is true indeed, but you’ve to learn this skill as I have learned through Local Marketing Vault.

What Is Local Marketing Vault?

  • Local Marketing Vault is a Facebook ad, and sales funnel training program.
  • It provides advanced training in generating leads for local businesses using Facebook ads.
  • Free sales funnels are also provided to you. You can implement them to your client's business without changing them or modify them according to their requirements.
  • Advance knowledge in marketing or technology is not required to make money with this program. Even newbies and beginners are earning good income after taking the program.
  • You will also be invited to a Facebook community of over 5000 like-minded marketers. You can take full advantage of it by taking part actively in the conversations.

You will learn the practical and professional skill of local lead generation by taking the program of Local Marketing Vault.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Local Marketing Vault. Right now!







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