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Craig Ballantyne Net Worth

Craig Ballantyne net worth

Craig Ballantyne has an approximate net worth of $15 million, and is a personal trainer, knowledge marketer, publisher and now mentor to 7-figure businessmen.

Ballantyne was born on a farm just outside of Toronto. He loved to play both football and hockey when he was a teenager. He then started bodybuilding at 16. His exercise obsession led to a degree in Kinesiology where he learned the importance of exercising at intervals.

Ballantyne started preparing clients for both weight loss and athletic success after University. And the Internet also took off around this time. Craig took full advantage of this and started to publish as much as he could. Articles, blogs, you name it. He wrote and published them all.

Then, his hit book, “Turbulence Learning” was born in '03. This e-book put him on the map because it had short, interval-based exercises that anybody could do to train their body from the comfort of their own homes.

Craig then wrote another book called “The Recipe of a Good Day.” In this one, he shared his “5 pillars of success” for more money, better health and stronger relationships. These are the same Craig ideals used to motivate himself, conquer his face, and create a handful of companies that now produce one million or more a year.

Today, he teaches Instagram to CEOs, businessmen, artists, writers, and execs and offers them a range of coaching and training programs tailored to help them maximize their influence and profits while enjoying their best lives.

His clients have collectively made over $250million using his business ideas!

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