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Sara Finance Net Worth

sara finance net worth 2021
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Everything you need to know about Sara Finance net worth

Sara Finance is an extremely successful entrepreneur, investor, and creator.  She is a successful YouTuber and an influential creator on the app Tik Tok as well. Sara Finance is a teacher of investing, and her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Let us delve into her success story and see how she got to where she is today.

  • She was born in Canada on July 18, 2001. She teaches individuals worldwide about her experience with dropshipping, making money online, and hustling many different sides. On Tik Tok, she also posts e-commerce advice and business tips.

Sara Finance’s story to success is certainly an inspiring journey. A single mother raised her and lived in a relatively poor household. She got her first job working for Tim Horton’s at the age of 15. She was tired of school stress and working at Tim Horton’s, so she decided to earn money online.

  • Sara Finance went through many different business models; however, dropshipping interested her the most. It wasn’t as easy as many videos showed, but she began to profit greatly after around two years. By age 18, she had saved around $80,000. She continued to invest in the stock market.

Her mother still convinced her to try college; however, Sara quit after a semester. She began working at a bank as a backup source of money, but her main priority was her dropshipping business. She has opened a YouTube channel where she gives tips and her journey to success. She helps many young entrepreneurs all over the world. Along with YouTube, she also has a presence on Tik Tok, having over 500 thousand followers.

  • At age 19, she was earning around $50,000 a month. Her Shopify store brings around $30,000, and the ads on her social media websites earning her the rest. Once free traffic has run its course, she will try Facebook ads to bring more customers to her store. Sara has also added learning programs and a dropshipping course. This will certainly increase her monthly income.

Sara Finance is an inspiration to all young women and entrepreneurs. All over the world, people tune in to her advice and business tips to increase income. She proves that even if you do not come from wealth, you can become wealthy. She continues to help people all over the globe, and the future seems bright for Sara Finance.

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