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Billy Gene Networth

billy gene networth
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Everything you need to know about Billy Gene networth

Billy Gene is a renowned internet marketer and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of 9 Million dollars. He is the owner of the company Billy Gene Marketing which fuels businesses to stand out from their competitors’ crowd. Keep reading to find out more about Gene’s success story. 

  • Billy Gene Shaw III was raised in San Diego, CA, and studied in private Catholic schools his entire life. Soon after high school, he got into the University of San Diego. However, he never completed his graduation and ended up as the CEO of a Marketing giant. 

But it wasn’t so easy; Gene had his fair share of ups and downs. He started working with an online school where he had to make over 100 cold calls a day, convincing people to sign up. It was a tough job, but he needed the money. 

  • He started an online program back in 2011 dedicated to people who wanted to quit smoking. The struggle was real as he was not getting any customers in the beginning. He was determined as he noticed the uprise in online businesses. He learned about Facebook ads, and that is where the light bulb moment happened. Initially, he only made $5, which might seem a small amount, but he quickly got a grip on it. 

When he had learned enough, he began to approach businesses offering to help with advertising. In 2013, Billy Gene Marketing was established. And before anyone could say Gene was making millions a month. It wasn’t much later that the establishment grew to hit its first thousand clients. 

  • There is no success where there isn’t a failure. Gene mentioned in his interview one of his biggest regrets when he lost a client who paid 25,000 dollars straight in a month. It was a devastating downfall for him, but he learned his lesson, picked himself up, and continued to work with one of the most prominent multi-nationals in the world. 

In 2019 Gene bought the ravishing Lamborghini Huracan, which starts just from $203,000, and he already owned a Mercedes G-wagon costing $100,000, and he also has a matte blue Ferrari as well as a White Betley costing upto $200,00 each, which in total are just about $700,000 spent on these dream cars. 

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  1. I just watched the entire horrific & thoroughly confusing to me debate between Steven “Coffeezilla” & Billy Gene. Wow!! I really need to reanalyze my belief system regarding online entrepreneurs. The information presented to me & others by both sides was compelling to me.


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