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AMZScout Review 2021: Can You Really Make Money on Amazon?

To remain competitive on Amazon, you must know. As the leading online marketplace, $476 billion worth of gross merchandise was sold in 2020. Without the right product research tools, you aren’t going to be able to compete.

One of those research tools is AMZScout. But does AMZScout have good enough information to remain competitive on Amazon? Find out the answer in this review.

AMZScout Features – What You Need To Know

AMZScout has a wide range of features in an attempt to be helpful. Here’s a quick run-through:

  • Multiple browser extensions
  • Supporting tools for product and keyword research
  • An Amazon product tracker to provide you information on potentially profitable products
  • Coursework to provide you with beginner information on using Amazon

After you sign up for their services, you can access these tools.

Product Research

AMZScout offers product research tools that you can access through their PRO Chrome extension. You can sort your search results by these priorities:

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Keywords
  • Product categories (i.e., baby products, appliances, etc.)
  • Weight
  • Type of seller
  • New products
  • Trending products
  • Estimated sales
  • Oversize or standard product
  • Number of sellers
  • Availability dates
  • Listing quality (Based on a combination of reviews, brand length, product descriptions, etc.)
  • Profit potential (net)


The product research section allows you to cross-section this information against Alibaba right from the extension.

Product Analysis

The AMZScout Pro Tool provides you detailed information on whether you should enter a niche. It gives you options on the most profitable product options available on Amazon.

Their niche score combines three different areas:

  • Potential profit
  • Product demand
  • Competition

Higher scores mean lower barriers to entry. That means it’s easier for you to compete as a small provider.


AMZScout’s analysis tool also provides you with details on product history. This information is vital if your target product is known for fluctuations.

Keyword Research

The Reverse ASIN Lookup and Amazon Keyword Research tools provide you with a more comprehensive data set. The reverse ASIN lookup allows you to scope out what keywords your competitors are using.


This data can be beneficial when determining important information like keyword gaps, competitive targets, and appropriate keywords on products.


You can utilize this information for your Amazon SEO, but it’s also handy for PPC campaigns. Both can assist you with gaining reviews to increase your seller rank.

Free FBA Fees Calculator

The Amazon FBA Fee Calculator is a tool you can use to estimate your FBA costs. The tool takes some getting used to, given the large amount of numbers that pop up, but it has important data.


FBA Sellers who want to remain competitive receive constant pressure to drop prices. The FBA Fee Calculator allows you to determine a break-even point. This break-even point is the area where your costs equal your earnings.


Ideally, you’ll want to be well above your break-even spot to earn a significant profit. With combined data from product analysis tools, you’ve got a good idea of what combination of products to use.

AMZScout Pricing Plans

AMZScout’s pricing options come in four levels. Each of those pricing levels comes with different features.


Pricing Options Cost Features
Free $0 One user, limited searches, Includes Amazon crash course
Light $197.99 annually (or $45 monthly) One user, three devices, more searches, enhanced Amazon course
Full $349.99 annually (or $49.99 monthly) Unlimited product database and keyword searches. Exclusive niche information in an annual plan.
Lifetime $1499.99 once Unlimited access, two years of trend reports, and niche information.


Overall, the best value is the full plan, as it provides detailed niche information. This information is perfect for new sellers trying to break into the Amazon marketplace.

What Do AMZScout Users Say?

We’ve mentioned a large number of powerful tools, but what about the customer experience? To get a good look at the experience, it’s best to go to trusted resources.

Trustpilot indicates that AMZScout has a 4.4 out of 5 stars. This means the majority of their customers are happy with AMZScout.


Looking through those reviews will reveal that they appreciate the simplicity of the tool. This bodes well, as the tool should be geared towards sellers at all levels. New sellers often struggle with some of the more complex tools out there.

AMZScout also has a handful of success stories. Customer reviews and personal experiences provide meat to these claims. AMZScout wins on the word-of-mouth advertising front.

Can I Recommend It? (Pros and Cons)

AMZScout has a wide variety of powerful tools perfect for many sellers. While it is more beneficial for new sellers given their provided coursework, veterans can take advantage of the powerful data tools.

The one area that AMZScout needs improvement on is its lack of product launch features. While you can research products, search keywords, and see what listings work, there are less advanced features available for your product launch.

AMZScout could also work on beefing up its free trial offering. There are not enough searches available for you to get any use out of the tool.

Regardless, this Amazon product research tool provides ample resources for any type of Amazon seller. If you are looking for a tool to complete your research process, check it out.

Here’s a list of pros and cons I have on the product.


Pros Cons 
Accurate estimates Free trial is minimal
Informative blog posts and webinars Missing advanced features for product launch
Includes tips and tricks for beginners Video tutorials are mainly for beginners
Great for new product research
Affordable price
Large product database



From our review, you can see that AMZScout has a wide range of benefits for those willing to take advantage of the company. While AMZScout’s services are geared towards new sellers, the data behind them is still handy. Even an experienced seller can make use of much of this.


We recommend you give their free trial a test to see if you like their interface. Try out all the tools to be sure you have an ample understanding of AMZScout’s offering.

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