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Is 7 Figure Franchise Really The Last Course You Need To Get Rich?

7 figure franchise review

7 Figure Franchise promises you that you’ll make money and be a millionaire by the year’s end. All they are asking for is an investment of 1,997$. Can 7 Figure Franchise really help you achieve your dreams of being rich or is it just another scam? Read my review to find out more. 


This review is my honest, professional and unbiased opinion. I am not related in any way with Michael Cheney, or with any of his products. I won’t get even a single cent if you decide to invest your hard-earned money in one of Michael’s programs. 

An Overview Of  The 7 Figure Franchise

7 Figure Franchise is a traffic generation training course by Michael Cheney. I’ve discussed Michael in one of my previous reviews and today we’re gonna be looking at the 7 Figure Franchise which he claims is his ultimate course. 

  • Michael is known for sales pitches, and for being an internet marketer. If you do a basic Google search, you’ll find a lot of his courses. You’ll also find many people promoting and selling his courses, by being Michael’s affiliates. Michael is definitely serious about making money and has set up various revenue streams for himself. 

7 Figure Franchise asks you to invest a whopping amount of 1,997$ and in return, you get the training course and commissions that promise you to make money. Personally, I felt that this course wasn’t right and I’ll be talking more about this in the review below. 

What Is The 7 Figure Franchise?

7 Figure Franchise is an online operation and operates similar to traditional franchising. 7 Figure Franchise is 100% online-based and has no physical presence anywhere in the world. 

To understand what 7 Figure Franchise actually is, I’ve broken down the entire course as a few simple steps: 

  1. Purchase ‘7 Figure Franchise’ for 1,997$ and you are automatically made a franchisee. 
  2. The training program will begin and teach you how to attract traffic to sell affiliate products to them.
  3. You’ll be given a sales funnel. You’ll be asked to bring online visitors to the main landing page of The Commission Machine. It is Michael’s main course and the first product of the sales funnel. 
  4. You’ll be contacted by Michael via email about your referral. 
  5. Being an online marketer and a sales pitch expert, he’ll try to upsell some of his other products to you. The upsells are going to be extremely pricey
  6. If someone purchases Michaels products, you’re rewarded with a commission

Sounds simple right? It actually isn’t that simple. There is a question of the high upfront fee that you have to invest and then hope everything works according to plan for you to at least recover your investment. 

The 7 Figure Franchise Sales Funnel Explained

At JVZoo, there is a description and information about the 7 Figure Franchise’s sales funnel. The sale price is ridiculously high, about 4,997$, and supposedly includes about 121 products by Michael. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then this is something that should scare you. 

  • What's even more surprising is that the majority of the 121 products in the sales funnel are similar. They are similar not only in terms of name but also in terms of what they are. 

A few of Michael’s other products included in this sales funnel are: 

  • Commissionology
  • 7 Figure Franchise
  • Commission Cartel
  • Commission Black Ops
  • How To Scope For Cash
  • List Building Black Ops
  • Email Black Ops
  • Email Black Ops
  • The Commission Machine
  • Fan Page Money Method
  • Fast-Track Facebook Traffic

As you can clearly see above, these products are extremely similar. Any experienced marketer would not resort to this strategy to make money. They would stick to only one or at max keep two products that are totally unrelated to each other. 

  • There is a reason for the similarity in Michael’s products. It is because he only knows one thing and it is affiliate marketing. So he created hundreds of products that are similar, with the hope that he’ll be able to attract people to them and earn big returns for himself. 

The commission structure states that you can make up to a 100% commission on the front-end items. If your referral buys the 7 Figure Franchise, you get a 50% commission valued at 1,000$

How Is The Course Structured? 

The course has 8 main modules, out of which only 3 are related to your training. Out of the remaining 5, one is an upsell while the rest 4 are bonus materials. Let's take a look at the course structure below: 

Module 1 Welcome: 

This is the first thing that you’ll see when you log in to the member's area. Michael basically describes what the training program is about and what you will gain out of it. 

Module 2 Approval and Links: 

In this module, you get to register as a JVZoo affiliate. After registering, you ask for approval to market The Commission Machine which is another course by Michael. 

  • You’re asked to promote Michael’s other products and sales funnels, although this is entirely optional. Module 2 helps you get your affiliate links

Module 3 Traffic Generation: 

This module is all about teaching you about successful traffic generation. There are two types of traffic generation models; free and paid. 

Michael focuses most of the time talking about free traffic generation models which include: 

  • Guest Posting
  • Twitter & Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram & Pinterest Marketing
  • Forum Marketing

Michael will also talk about Solo Ads for generating paid traffic. He will take you to Igor Kheifets’ website for Solo Ads as Igor is one expert in Solo Ads. 

  • Even here, Michael is going to make money off you. If you decide to buy Solo Ads from Igor, Michael gets affiliate commissions because the link he’ll give to you is his own affiliate link. 

Module 4 Done-For-You Affiliate Programs (Bonus): 

This module is offered as a bonus, which gives you some email content available as copy-paste. You can use this content for your list while promoting your affiliate links. 

Module 5 The 7 Figure Seminar (Bonus):

This module is approximately 2 hours long and includes recordings of various seminars and sessions. You’ll also access live event recordings of Michaels's events, where he is talking to people in the real live world. I felt that this section presented some value. 

Module 6 Free Products (Bonus): 

There is nothing new in this module. The free products mentioned here are basically access to all of Michael’s products that you automatically get when you buy the 7 Figure Franchise. You also gain the right to resell them, which results in more commissions for you. 

Module 7 Screenshot Consultancy (Bonus): 

This is basically a one-on-one support service offered by Michael, as part of your purchase of the 7 Figure Franchise. It lasts for 30 days only. During these 30 days you can get exclusive consultation with Michael, but when these 30 days are over you don’t get any more support from Michael. This is something that concerns me and should concern you too. 

Module 8 Insiders (Upsell of 4,997$) 

Up till this point, I had assumed that the 7 Figure Franchise was an upsell but I was wrong. Insiders is a 4,997$ worth upsell from the 7 Figure Franchise. Insiders is basically like a membership program that grants you exclusive benefits and support from Michael. 

Some of these benefits include: 

  • To help you generate instant traffic, you’ll get access to Michael’s Facebook and Twitter. He’ll post your affiliate link twice to help you get visitors on your affiliate links. 
  • While there is 30-day limited support at 7 Figure Franchise, being a part of the insiders gets you 180-day call phone support from Michael himself. 
  • As an insider, you earn more commission, equal to 2,500$
  • Michael has a high profile and high traffic blog, and for a year he will give you a space to promote your affiliate links. In this way, you can benefit from Michael’s visitor traffic. 

Insider offers a payment plan, where you need to pay a deposit of 997$ and within seven days pay the remaining 4,000$

How Much Does The 7 Figure Franchise Cost?

As I have discussed above, 7 Figure Franchise originally costs you around 1,997$ and if you consider purchasing the upsell then it will cost you an extra 4,997$

How Easy Is It To Make Money With This System?

It is extremely difficult to make money with the 7 Figure Franchise. I’m not saying it's impossible, but it is going to be very difficult.

  • It’s because the majority of Michaels's products in the sales funnel are highly similar, and the fact that you’re supposed to be a pro in affiliate marketing to be able to make this system work for you. Otherwise, you’d be simply wasting money and not getting anything in return. 

As with the majority of the online courses that I’ve reviewed online, this one is no different when it comes to making exaggerated claims about earnings.

  • Michael’s pitch about becoming a millionaire before the end of the year has got me thinking that if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. We’re living in the digital age, and information is widely available to everyone. 

Is It A Scam?

The training program has many shortfalls and problems, but in spite of everything, it is not a scam

  • Michael is a real guy, and he has a real history with affiliate marketing. The program isn’t suited for novices. Even experts should stay away from spending such an exorbitant amount for an affiliate marketing spamming program. It is simply not worth it

My Recommendation?

I am going to list some reasons as to why I don’t recommend you or anyone to invest their hard-earned cash in this course:

Exaggerated Claims and Hype

The course has unrealistic hype and over-exaggerated claims when it comes to making real money out of this system. I have yet to find a legitimate program that offers the same returns like this one. 

Limited Training

This training course offers very limited knowledge and training about being an expert in traffic generation. The program should have taught you how to create traffic from scratch and should’ve enabled you to become a better affiliate marketer. 

You Cannot Replicate It Again

If this program goes out of business one day, you are literally left with nothing. You don’t have the skills nor the expertise to replicate this on your own. Thus there is a huge risk of losing all of your money. 

Unrealistic Testimonials

As with many other online courses, there are a lot of testimonials that seem unrealistic to me. 

Long Term Support Unavailable

If the training program is asking for 2k $ of your hard-earned cash, the least they can do is offer basic support for at least a year. 

Michael & Spamming

Unfortunately, Michael is also famous as a spammer. He attempts to promote his affiliate links everywhere and encourages you to do the same. Some of his strategies don’t work anymore, such as sending repeated emails of offers to people. 

  • If you are truly interested in making a 4-5 figure income monthly, then read about my experience with local lead generation below.  

My Experience with Local Lead Generation

I have 15 years' worth of experience with internet marketing, PPC, and local lead generation. In all my years, I have never come across a more rewarding way of a money-making method than local lead generation. 

  • Local lead generation basically means bringing traffic to local businesses in return for commissions. 
  • I utilize Facebook Ads and PPC for my local lead generation. Each visitor and lead conversion helps me earn commissions. Thus I am able to make a 4-5 figure monthly income. 
  • Local lead generation helps local businesses and thus helps boost your local economy. 

I owe all my success to Local Marketing Vault and I learned everything about local lead generation from them. 

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

Local Marketing Vault

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in the world of PPC, local lead generation, and internet-based marketing.

  • Local Marketing Vault will start you from scratch and enable you to be a pro.
  • Local Marketing Vault is better than many other courses because they have an active community of 5500 Facebook members who offer advice and support.
  • Local Marketing Vault also utilizes a practical approach, helping you to learn the most by doing it yourself.
  • They utilize the latest trends and practices in the industry, thus you are learning what is most relevant to today’s market.

If you are interested in a legitimate way of earning money and helping your local businesses, then check out Local Marketing Vault today. 

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