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Usana MLM Review: A Pyramid Scheme? Scam? No … But

In 1992, Dr. Myron Wentz founded Usana Health Sciences, a company that sells nutritional and health related products. But guess what, it not only sells products; it's also a multi-level marketing company. In this Usana MLM review, we will dig deep to determine whether it's a scam or a legit earning opportunity. Some people say that Usana MLM is actually a pyramid scheme; we will also look into that. But do you know the difference between Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and Pyramid Schemes?

Usana MLM
Usana MLM

Multi-Level Marketing vs Pyramid Schemes:

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is also called network marketing. It's a controversial but legit marketing method, where the company earns revenue in two ways, either by selling actual products via distributors or by recruiting more and more distributors. On the other hand, a pyramid scheme has no products to sell and earns revenue only through recruitments; it is, however, illegal. Almost all of the MLMs emphasize more on recruitment and less on selling products. Most of them also create products just to give the impression of an MLM while actually working as pyramid schemes.

Because of its sales practices, Usana also remained the subject of a probe by the Security and Exchange Commission and a subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI, according to Forbes. But the probe ended without any action.

Usana sells products about nutrition, food, energy, skincare, health care, and personal care. Their most popular products are vitamins. They tout their products as science-based and transformational.

As with all the other MLMs, Usana also has an affiliate program, which is the main focus of this review. I will try to answer all of your burning questions about the Usana MLM scheme.

But before jumping on the review, first, let me tell you why I'm writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Usana MLM Review?

  • My primary purpose in creating this website is to gather the best earning opportunities around the internet and present them in real light to my readers. Another reason for running this website is to caution them about the scams hidden in the guises of courses, schemes, programs, and websites. In reality, they are blood-sucking leeches.
  • I'm doing digital marketing since 2006, so you can guess just how many summers and winters I have spent on the battlefield. I got scammed multiple times and dumped a lot of money down the drain in pursuing my quest for availing of earning opportunities.
  • Down the road, I have spotted patterns in the operations of these scams. Now, it's not difficult for me to smell the rotten parts of these pipedreams. They are there waiting for you.
  • I feel it's my responsibility to warn you, while on the other hand also recommend you some of the best earning opportunities.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest, unbiased, and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with Usana Health Sciences in any way. I will get no benefit if you join this scheme or don't give a hoot. My only purpose is to guide you to make a prudent choice and save you from scams.

All the money-making schemes paint a pretty picture of the future of you enjoying riches after joining. But in most cases, that's not how the world works. Unless you have been extremely lucky, these schemes give you nothing.

Let's kick off the review with an overview.

A Complete Overview Of Usana MLM:

  • Usana Health Science is an MLM company; selling products related to health and personal care.
  • They claim that their products are backed by science. They have employed 60 scientists, nutritional experts, cellular and molecular biologists, sports science experts, and pharmacists to research and develop the products based on the latest discoveries in science & technology.
  • Other than recruiting, which is the primary function of an MLM, they also sell these products to consumers.
  • Other than selling products, Usana also has an affiliate program. They advertise to ‘Become an Independent Associate' by joining their program. For that, you have to pay ‘very low start-up costs,' learn about the benefits of the products, and then sell the products.
  • Beware! They don't advertise that you have to recruit other members to earn commissions because it gives a bad name to the business. But, in actuality, they do exactly like that, which made it an MLM company.
  • So, after joining Usana, you can make money either by selling their products or luring other persons to join the program.
  • For earning more money, you have to recruit downline distributors. The more downline distributors you recruit, the more money you make. You can't make much money by selling their products.
  • Usana devised a compensation plan for its associates. You will earn commissions from selling products, lifetime matching bonus, leadership bonus, and elite bonus.

Usana claimed to sell products via direct selling method. But how much this method is useful in this day and age is an open question. They also live stream their products through social media. It begs the question, do their products work?

The Truth About The Usana's Products:

  • The founder of Usana is Dr. Myron Wentz, and he's a known microbiologist and immunologist. This fact has given some credibility to its products.
  • They claim that all their products are natural and science-based and that they have employed 60 scientists to create these products.
  • As mentioned above, they have multiple health products ranging over many categories.
  • Many athletes are also associated with Usana, and they promote its products.
  • Their products got quite a number of good reviews at Google and Amazon.

However, while navigating Usana's website, I came across a disclaimer about the use and claims of the health benefits of Usana products by the FDA, written in a tiny hard-to-read font, which is worth considering.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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How Much Does It Cost To Join Usana MLM?

  • You have to buy a welcome kit, which costs $29.95, to start with Usana MLM.
  • The shocking thing is that the welcome kit does not include any product. Yes, you heard it right. It only contains documents such as Get Started Checklist, Policy and Procedures, Online Resource Guides, information about compensation, and building a network like goodies to clarify what you have to do as an associate.
  • But things do not end here, and you have to keep your status of associate active. For that purpose, you will sell $200 worth of products every month. It means you've to pay $200 monthly to the company; whether the products are sold or not.
  • Honestly, it's very hard to sell Usana products door to door. They are very expensive, and usually, people order the products online.

Other than money, you have to put in active effort over a long period to get some bucks out of this program. Most of the Usana products buyers are its associates, which creates doubt whether it's a pyramid scheme or a scam?

Usana MLM: Scam Or Not?

  • Here comes the juicy part. You have read all the details above. And we do not doubt that Usana is an MLM company.
  • But it's not a pyramid scheme. Why? Because it actually sells its products and has been selling them for years. Some of its products, though expensive, are quite popular with the users.
  • They have invested a lot of money and employed experts to create these products. So, we can't say that these products are just a front for recruiting.
  • Usana is also not a scam. They have been in the field since 1992, and despite the FBI and Security and Exchange Commission probe, nothing illegal came to the surface.
  • Also, I didn't see that many people out there claiming that Usana scammed them.

So, in my unbiased humble opinion, Usana Health Sciences is not a pyramid scheme, and it's not a scam, but it is an MLM company. They made a procedure and compensation plan for the persons who want to join them as associates. They laid out their fees and costs. They communicate beforehand their policies and procedures for clarity. So, they come clean with what they offer and what not.

But a question that begs to be answered is, would you make any money by joining the Usana MLM associate scheme.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Usana MLM Scheme?

  • According to a Federal Trade Commission report of 2017, 99% of the people who join MLM schemes lose money. The report is based on 15 years of research and analysis of the compensation plans and earning data of the top 350 MLM companies.
  • The report indicates that chances of earning money by joining not just the Usana scheme but with any MLM are grim.
  • Honestly, the time of door to door selling has gone. Ecommerce is just crushing it.
  • Products of Usana are expensive, and it's hard to sell expensive items in direct selling.
  • Also, the main business of any MLM is recruiting more and more downline distributors. Your earnings are directly depending on how many persons you included in the system.

Now think about your capacity and skill of convincing people to join the Usana MLM scheme. It's harder than selling products because people are now more aware of these useless and scammy-looking opportunities.

After making these arguments, it's my opinion that you're not going to make any money by joining this scheme. Actually, there's more probability of losing money, time, and effort.

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Do I Recommend Usana MLM Scheme?

  • Nope, I wouldn't recommend you to join Usana MLM as an associate. I don't have any doubts about it, and I do not hate the team behind Usana. I just can't see any value or benefit of joining this scheme for an average Joe.
  • I regard it as a waste of money to pursue this scheme.
  • Besides the starting costs, you also have to sell $200 worth of products monthly to keep your active status, which looks quite challenging for a student or other person who has just started selling without proper training.

Also, generally, people have a negative opinion about MLM companies, making it difficult to either sell the products or convince them to join the program.

But there's not all doom and gloom. Keep your head high and your hopes alive, as I'm going to recommend what you should have to do to earn legit and consistent money. And for that purpose, you don't have to bang your head against the wall.

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