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Traffic Jet By Semrush Review – Does It Really Work?

Update 5/20/2021: Traffic Jet is no longer active, but feel free to read my review below 😉

OK so I have been using SEMRUSH for hmm… it has to be at least 7 years? In fact I go over some cool outside the box ways to use Semrush in a post here: https://thedailysem.com/semrush/

So when I saw Traffic Jet I kind of just didn't pay attention to it… actually let me stop you here for a second… I literally just set up my first campaign and it is pending approval… so there will be more info here next week.

I also have to say I don't have my hopes up to high to be honest, but hey for a $150 test what the heck right?

You can see what I have going on as of today May 31, 2020


It is not much, but hey let's see what happens. I set it to do everything on auto.. I literally said I want to spend $150 listed my landing page and connected Google Analytics!

So stop by next week for a deeper review of Traffic Jet… hopefully lol


Sorry I am such a slacker!! So I ran the campaign! Got 1 lead and honestly forgot about it. Now these leads are for buying 100k rental properties so they are worth a good chunk of change!!

I will prob give it a test run again, sorry for the delay, but I would say it is worth throwing a few $100's at to test the waters!

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments section!




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