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Toosii Net Worth

toosii net worth
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Nau’Jour Grainger, also known as Toosii, is a well-known rapper who has a net worth of 1 million dollars. Do you want to know how he made this much money? Keep on reading to find out the secret behind Toosii’s success at such a young age in the music world.

  • Toosi was born on January 9, 2000, in Syracuse, New York, however, he moved to North Carolina later. Like most kids, Toosii used to play football in his school as slotback and quarterback. At the age of 13, he started rapping to release his stress.

Both his father and brother were into music, which inspired him a lot, as he didn’t look up to anyone in the music industry. At 16, he went to the studio for the first time ever to sign a deal to become a hip-hop artist. 

  • In the year 2019, Toosii dropped his first single called “Red Lights”, which got praised by millions of people online in just a few months. The success of his first-ever single helped him land a record deal with Soth Coast Music Group.

DaBaby was also originally signed by this record deal, which is why a lot of people mistake Toosii as DaBaby’s brother. 

  • So, how did Toosii get his name? His mother always used to call him “Toota Butt”, and when his childhood football friends got to know about it, they jokingly started to call him “Tootsie”, and it eventually turned into “Toosii”. 

According to Toosii, he isn’t making music of a single genre, and is dabbling in rock and pop, and would be interested in composing country songs in the future as well.

He has often stated his interest to collaborate with other music icons including John Legend, Adele, Billie Elish, and Adele in the future. 

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