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TJ Hunt Net Worth

tj hunt networth
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Everything you need to know about TJ Hunt Net Worth

TJ Hunt is a vehicle fanatic with a devoted interest in automotive culture. He launched his youtube channel at a very young age but stopped making videos late when he got back to youtube he discussed all things automotive, his expertise in automobiles led him to become one of the Internet's most famous automotive influencers. TJ Hunt has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2021. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about the life of TJ Hunt.

Early Life and Career

  • TJ Hunt was born in Canada on December 28, 1994. He grew up in Montreal but later moved to San Diego, California. Moreover, despite being a famous celebrity he hasn’t shared much about his family background.
  • There is not much known about his childhood but he got his primary education from Del Norte High School and after graduating from high school he got enrolled at California State University. 
  • TJ started making videos as a kid, on his Macbook with his friends which did not last for a long time. After finishing his freshman year in college he faced a heartbreak which led him to youtube again and in an attempt to lift himself up he picked his camera up and started filming cars.  

TJ stated that making videos was therapeutic for him so he kept making them and 1.88 million subscribers later he felt as if that breakup was a blessing in disguise and if that hadn't happened he wouldn't have been here. 

More about TJ Hunts’ youtube journey 

  • Over time, TJ realized that as much as people liked the videos he made of cars, they stayed for the stories. They could live vicariously through his vlogs, join in on banter with TJ’s buddies by leaving them; and keep coming back for the next new chapter of his life.
  • Transparency was a major thing too, from the very start he decided not to filter himself in his videos. For example, he’d yell instead of censoring himself to appease the more prim and proper crowd.  
  • A driving force in TJ’s success was Reverse motivation. He didn't set out to make millions or own a fleet of exotics neither did he ever plan to, his thought was that he needed to work hard at the whole youtube thing so he didn't have to go back to college again, he hated studying in college and also the rigorous life.  

It felt like he was living in a box and didn't want to live the life of a robot. He wanted to make enough money off youtube to avoid going to college.

 TJ’s recent endeavors

  • In 2016 TJ launched his own clothing brand Hunt & Company. They sell T-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweats, stickers, posters, and pins. Slowly but surely they have built the brand and scaled it up to where they are processing at least 10,000 per month currently. 
  • More recently, TJ has gotten into the car parts game where he has started dealing with body kits to brakes, wheels to grills, he's got his hands in all of it. 
  • There are a few brand deals as well, the most impressive of which is sponsorship by Monster energy. Meguiar’s car care products are a close second, and how can we forget AdSense income. TJ gets a share of the Ad revenue generated when people watch his videos.   

Speaking about his success TJ has some advice for all the young people out there “ You will only succeed if you are 100% truly passionate about it. You cannot guarantee success if it's not your obsession. So for me, I knew that there was no area of failure because I was obsessed.” 

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