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Digital-altitude-reviewDigital Altitude is an e-learning and personal development program which focuses on boosting digital business. If you become an affiliate, you get access to a lot of resources from the best minds in the industry even though you will have to pay through the teeth for these.

You might have to end up spending around $25,000 on all these programs and digital retreats. However, you might actually end up doing well for yourself. It depends on you. I’m going to talk more about Digital Altitude and how their plans work.

The basic premise here is that they educate their sellers to promote their products, i.e.  provide valuable information which will help them become top sellers. There aren’t many analogue tasks here, which means that everything is on digital and you will have access to a bunch of learning equipment from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Digital Altitude has been hot on the market for now and might stay that way because of their in-depth lesson plans as well. While the initial spending can seem to be quite over the top, there is no doubt that the resources match the price.

My review will address the topics of whether Digital Altitude is legit or whether it’s just a scam soon. While I may not give you a direct answer, since the final decision will ultimately be made by you, my review will lay out their compensation policies and give you and idea of how they generally work.

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There are a lot of websites out there that are selling Digital Altitude as a scam website but pay no attention to them, because this review will explain everything you need to know.

Essentially, Digital Altitude is a top tier business system and both their learnings and payouts are done on three different levels. This is a classic MLM setup in which you get paid when you bring people in, and then also receive commissions when your team brings more people in.

The three levels vary according to prices and compensation plans and that’s where the true choice lies. The three membership levels are called Aspire Walker, Aspire Hiker and Aspire Climber. All of them carry different sorts of training and know-how for each affiliate’s package.

The way these work is that you get compensated on different levels as well. So for example, in the Walker level, you will receive commissions for members you bring in yourself, i.e. your personally chosen resources.

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If you’re at the Climber level, you will receive deeper compensation, which goes to 2 levels. This means you will get commission on your own sales, your personally recommended members’ sales and also on the sales from the members your members have brought in.

Let’s talk a bit about the different tier levels. The Aspire Walker package will set you back by $37 a month and it includes a lot of goodies. You will receive the following:

  • 40% commission on all the sales that you and your team mate make. This also includes any sales made by your sales team
  • You get 1 Tier payout here, which means you will only get rewarded for sales you yourself make or someone you have personally recommended
  • You also get free access to all the members areas and digital hangout spaces
  • As an affiliate you also get full access to all start up training videos and other digital learning resources

The second level is called Aspire Hiker and this costs around $67 per month. This obviously has more rewards than the previous tier. You receive the following:

  • You will get around or up to 50% commission on all sales made by your team members
  • There is also a 2 Tier payout system to match. This means you get rewarded for all team sales as well
  • There is also access to the members area and digital hangout spaces
  • You will receive access to all start up training videos
  • There will also be a weekly training that you can attend
  • There will be conference calls to ensure you’re all caught up. These happen monthly and are usually beneficial to new members
  • You will also have access to additional sales funnels
  • There will also be coaches available to you to help you across different hurdles
  • Other tools and resources are available to you

The last tier is called Aspire Climber and you have to pay out $127 per month. Here’s what you receive once you sign up for this one:

  • Up to and above 60% Digital Altitude Commissions on all sales you or your team members make
  • You have 3 Tiers of payout – in this system you get rewarded for all team sales across 3 levels
  • Access to the members area and digital hangout spaces
  • Start up training videos
  • Weekly trainings
  • Monthly conference calls to assess performance
  • Additional sales funnels
  • Coaches to guide you when making sales
  • Other tools and resources


Digital Altitude is good if you want to grow your personal learning and brand. But if you want to make serious money, there may be other, better ways to do so.

There are other ways to get rid of your 9-5 and make money online without MLM's, bother your family/friends, ponzi schemes and recruiting people!

Without sounding mean, you would probably like this system because it gives you a “blueprint” that grows without 3 way calls or spamming your facebook friends!

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