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Tim Ferriss Net Worth

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Everything you need to know about Tim Ferriss Net Worth

Tim Ferris is an author, speaker, motivator, investor, social media star, and lifestyle guru. He gained fame from the self-book series that he launched titled “4-Hour” He wrote this a while ago and has three sets of books. These include different lifestyle optimizations but he says that his views have changed about lifestyle since then. He has reconsidered his approach to lifestyle. Tim has an estimated net worth of $53 million as of 2021. Here are some interesting facts about him and his life.

 Early Life and Career

  • Timothy Ferris was born on July 20, 1977. Ferris belonged to a poor family and strived to be better ever since he was a very young boy. There was a sense of self-improvement in him. 
  • Tim grew up in East Hampton, New York surrounded by his family. 
  • He went to high school there and completed his education with good grades after which he got a place in Princeton University and graduated from there in 2000 with a degree in Asian Studies. 
  • After he graduated from university he didn't get a job related to his field yet he got a job in the sales department of a data storage company. He needed the money and had a hunger in him to learn new things so he took the job. 
  • In 2001 he founded his own company which would sell nutritional supplements. This was an online business that he started while working at his previous job. He didn't want to give in to the business just yet. 
  • He sold the company to a London-based equity company in 2010 to earn some money and in the meantime, he started on his 4-Hour series

Noticeable investments

He has made several noticeable investments which included startups-like Shopify, StumbleUpon, EverNote, and daily burn. These investments proved to be fruitful for him and his career. He continued his investment spree and by the end of 2013, he had raised more than $250,000 dollars to invest in another startup.  

  • Along with his investments, he made sure that he was making a sound life and career for himself. Sometime in 2013, he started his own audiobook venture called Tim Ferriss Publishing. It started off with publishing one book and then later on multiple books were published on it. 
  • In 2015 he was noticed by multiple magazines and news channels who named him as a noticeable angel investor. He got all of this from his expertise in technology and how he started off at a database company. 
  • His fame multiplied day by day and soon enough he was on a stage giving a TED talk about how to define fears instead of goals. Many young individuals look up to him and strive to be someone like him. 
  • He started from starch and built an empire for himself. 
  • Tim has had multiple interviews with well-reputed magazines that have a huge fan following. GQ magazine interviewed him in 2020 in which he told that he had reconsidered his lifestyle and the things that he has said in his books. 

Lessons learned 

  • Apart from the money and fame, he has got from his career there are a number of lessons that he has learned and has never hesitated from sharing them with the world. 
  • He advises youngsters to focus on work that they think is important and not become a part of those meetings that have no clear agenda or timings. Someone who wants to meet with you should have a clear and plain view of what they want to present to you. 
  • He further says that don't try to please people and do business with those people who are high maintenance. People pleasers don't go a long way. Quote your price and those who want to work with you will work with you. 

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